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All abstracts by John Hughes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Camp Century Basal Sediment Revisited: A Multi-Parameter Geochemical Analysis, Northwest Greenland
Christ A, Perdrial N, Bierman P, Hughes J, Knutz P, Thomsen T, Hemming S, Fosdick J, Dahl-Jensen D & Steffensen J

(2017) High-Resolution Raman Spectroscopy of Apatite along the F-Oh, F-Cl, and Cl-Oh Binary Joins
Ashley K, Harlov D, Hughes J, Rakovan J, Balhouse B, Steele-MacInnis M & Bodnar R

(2014) Determination of Anion Order in F-Cl Apatite via Multinuclear Solid-State NMR & X-Ray Crystallography
Vaughn J, Lindsley D, Hughes J, Nekvasil H & Phillips B

(2010) Crystal Chemistry of Uranium and Thorium in Apatites
Luo Y, Rakovan J & Hughes J

(2005) Investigating the Site Preference of U and Th in Cl, F, Sr Apatites Using Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction
Luo Y, Rakovan J, Hughes J & Pan Y

(2005) Structural State of Th in Fluoroapatite Determined by Single Crystal XRD and EXAFS
Rakovan J, Luo Y, Elzinga E, Pan Y, Lupulescu M & Hughes J

(2001) Optimization of Spinel Site Occupancies and Derivation of Spinel Thermodynamic Data from Crystal Structure Studies
Foley JA, Wright SE & Hughes JM

(2001) Origin of the Serpent Mound Cryptoexplosion Structure, South-Central Ohio: XRD and Re-Os Isotope Evidence
Gaddis SJ, Angerman CE, Widom E & Hughes J

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