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All abstracts by Youngsook Huh in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Lithium Isotope Evidence for Enhanced Weathering during MDICE
Jeong J, Huh Y & Wilson DJ

(2022) Developing Rock Dissolution and Lithium Separation Method for Early Paleozoic Sedimentary Rocks of the Sino-Korean Block
Jeong J, Huh Y & Lee S

(2022) CO2 Exchange Episodes in the Last Deglaciation at Shatsky Rise, NW Pacific: Implications for Pacific Circulation
Bang S & Huh Y

(2020) Weathering of Granite and Biotite in Ice
Huh Y & Lee S

(2020) Factors Regulating the CO2 Storage and Emission in the Northwest Pacific: An Example of the post-Lgm Shatsky Rise
Bang S, Huh Y & Kang JO

(2017) Nd Isotopes of the Bering Sea Deep Water Recording Boundary Exchange over the Last 2.4 Myr
Jang K, Huh Y & Han Y

(2015) Ge/Si Ratios Indicating Hydrothermal and Sulfide Weathering Input to Rivers of the Eastern Tibetan Plateau and Mt. Baekdu
Han Y, Huh Y & Derry L

(2014) Changes in the Bottom Water Nd Isotope Composition on the Bering Slope over ~530 kyrs
Jang K & Huh Y

(2014) Changes in Provenance of Terrigenous Sediments on the Bering Slope over ~530 kyrs as Derived from Neodymium and Hafnium Isotopes
Jang K & Huh Y

(2013) Change in Water Circulation of the Bering Sea Recorded by Authigenic Neodymium Isotopes in Sediments from the Bering Slope over 500 ka BP
Jang K & Huh Y

(2012) Authigenic Neodymium Isotopes Recording Change in Arctic Ocean Circulation
Jang K, Han Y, Huh Y & Nam S-I

(2012) Seasonal and Interannual Change in Mercury Sequestration at Dome Fuji, Antarctica
Han Y, Huh Y, Hong S, Hur SD & Motoyama H

(2012) Dissolved Platinum in Major Rivers of East Asia
Huh Y & Soyol-Erdene T-O

(2011) Spatio-Temporal Variation of Total Mercury Concentrations in Antarctic Snowpack
Han Y, Huh Y, Hong S, Hur SD & Motoyama H

(2011) Rare Earth Elements in Pore Waters of the Bering Sea Sediments
Huh Y & Soyol-Erdene T-O

(2011) A 50-Year Record of PGEs in Antarctic Snow
Soyol-Erdene T-O, Huh Y, Hong S & Hur SD

(2009) The CO2 Sink Potential of the Indo-Tibetan Collision Zone
Huh Y

(2008) U-Series Isotope Data on Deception Island Volcanic Rocks
Huh Y, Lundstrom C & Park K-H

(2002) Lithium Isotopes as a Probe of Weathering Processes: Hawaiian Soil Climosequence
Huh Y, Chan L-H & Chadwick O

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