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All abstracts by Munir Humayun in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) In situ Imaging of Ra-226 Carriers in Phosphogypsum Waste from the Phosphate Industry
Wadhams JA, Yang S, Albrecht-Schoenzart T & Humayun M

(2022) Olivine Phenocrysts Reveal Evidence of Core-Mantle Interaction in Hawaiian Mantle Sources
Humayun M & Yang S

(2020) HIMU Signature Trapped in a Diamond from the Mantle Transition Zone
Huang S, Tschauner O, Yang S & Humayun M

(2019) Molecular Signatures of Dissolved Organic Matter in a Changing Arctic
Kellerman A, Vonk J, Humayun M, McColaugh S, Winden E, Hawkings J & Spencer R

(2017) The Enigma of Large-Scale Os Isotopic Homogeneity Across the Solar System
Goderis S, Brandon AD, Mayer B & Humayun M

(2017) The Effects of Supergene Weathering on the Mobility of Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements: A Case Study of Peridotite-Hosted Base Metal Sulphides from Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico, USA
Harvey J, Warren J, Humayun M & Walshaw R

(2017) How Recently did Fluid Flow Occur on CV and CM Chondrites?
Turner S, McGee L & Humayun M

(2016) Systematic Differences in Ge/Si between Enriched and Depleted MORB
Yang S, Humayun M & Salters V

(2016) Iron Isotope Contraints on Mantle Lithological Heterogeneity beneath the Azores
Williams H, Turner S, Humayun M, Widom E & Millet M-A

(2015) Nucleosynthetic Os Isotope Anomalies Expressed by Melting in Ureilites
Goderis S, Brandon A, Mayer B & Humayun M

(2015) Correlated Pd-Ru-Mo Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Meteorites Reflect Nebular Processing
Mayer B & Humayun M

(2015) Global Variations in Redox at Oceanic Ridges Inferred from V/Sc Ratios
Yang S, Humayun M & Salters V

(2014) Northern Gulf of Mexico Speleothem Climate Record from 4 kyr to Present
Tremaine D, Humayun M, Salters V, Wang Y & Means H

(2014) Elemental Discrimination between Peridotite and Pyroxenite Melting in MORB and Hawaiian Glasses
Yang S, Humayun M, Salters V, Clague D & Perfit M

(2014) The Differentiation of the Martian Highlands from NWA 7533
Humayun M, Nemchin A, Zanda B & Hewins R

(2014) High-Precision Os Isotopes of CV-CK Carbonaceous Chondrites
Goderis S, Brandon AD & Humayun M

(2013) Peridotite-Derived Sulfides in Pyroxenites from the Lanzo and the Lherz Ultramafic Massifs?
Gawronski T, Becker H & Humayun M

(2012) Tungsten Isotopic Evolution of the Earliest Terrestrial Mantle
Humayun M, Brandon A & Righter K

(2011) W-Os Isotope Systematics in IVB Iron Meteorites
Wittig N & Humayun M

(2011) Partitioning of First-Row Transition Elements between Peridotite and Melt
Davis F, Humayun M, Hirschmann M & Cooper R

(2008) Impactor Metal in Gabbroic Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 5000
Humayun M & Irving A

(2008) Transition Metal Geochemistry of Hawaiian Magmas
Huang S & Humayun M

(2006) Basal differentiation of the mantle
Humayun M

(2006) Deformation-assisted core formation
Rushmer T, Petford N & Humayun M

(2002) Platinum Group Elements in Sulfides from Yangliuping Cu-Ni-Pt-Pd Deposit in Sichuan, China
Deng H, Campbell AJ & Humayun M

(2002) Siderophile Elements in Dynamically Segregated Metallic Liquids
Rushmer T, Humayun M & Campbell A

(2002) PGEs in Abitibi Komatiites
Puchtel IS, Humayun M, Campbell AJ, Sproule RA & Lesher CM

(2002) Diffusion in Metal: Application to Zoned Metal Grains in Chondrites
Righter K, Campbell AJ & Humayun M

(2002) The Relationship between Volatile Element Patterns and Chondrule Textures in CRs and OCs
Zanda B, Humayun M, Hewins RH, Bourot-Denise M & Campbell AJ

(2002) Partial Condensation of Volatile Elements in Renazzo Chondrules
Campbell AJ, Humayun M & Zanda B

(2002) PGEs in Icelandic Picrites
Humayun M, Puchtel IS & Brandon AD

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