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All abstracts by Ian D. Hutcheon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Composition and Redox Conditions in Historic Nuclear Fallout
Holliday K, Booth C, Pacold J, Dierken J, Monroe M, McClory J & Hutcheon I

(2013) Origin of Water on the Chondrite Asteroids: Evidence from Oxygen-Isotope Compositions of Aqueously-Formed Minerals
Krot A, Doyle P, Nagashima K, Jogo K, Wakita S, Ciesla F & Hutcheon I

(2013) Tracing the Movement and Fate of Injected CO2 in a Mature Oil Field Using Geochemical, Isotopic and Modeling Approaches
Mayer B, Johnson G, Dalkhaa C, Shevalier M, Nightingale M & Hutcheon I

(2012) Analysis of 33 Uranium Ore Concentrate Samples: A Case Study in Nuclear Forensics
Marks N, Hutcheon I, Robel M & Borg L

(2011) Diamond-Graphite Transformation: A NanoSIMS Isotope Study of Diamond-Graphite Inclusion in Zircon from the Kochetav Massif
Jacobsen B, Matzel J, Hutcheon I, Green H & Dobrzhinetskaya L

(2011) Forensic Analysis of Surface Fallout from Low Yield Surface Nuclear Tests
Gostic R, Knight K, Spriggs G & Hutcheon I

(2010) NanoSIMS Studies of ╬┤15N and ╬┤13C in Nitrides Inclusions in Coesite from a Tibetan Massive Chromitite Ore
Matzel J, Dobrzhinetskaya L, Weber P, Hutcheon I, Wirth R, Yang J & Green H

(2009) 53Mn-53Cr Evidence for Allende Chondrule Formation at 4567.6 Ma
Yin Q-Z, Yamashita K, Yamakawa A, Jacobsen B, Ebel D, Hutcheon I & Nakamura E

(2009) NanoSIMS Investigation of 36Cl-36S Systematics in the Early Solar System
Jacobsen B, Matzel J, Hutcheon I, Ramon E, Krot A, Ishii H, Nagashima K & Yin Q-Z

(2008) Ephemeral Evaporation History of the First Solids in the Early Solar System
Jacobsen B, Yin Q-Z, Moynier F, Amelin Y, Krot A, Nagashima K & Hutcheon I

(2008) Comparison of Isotopic Trends Revealing the Fate of Injected CO2 in Two Geological Storage Projects in Mature Oilfields in Canada
Mayer B, Raistrick M, Johnson G, Nightingale M, Shevalier M, Taylor S, Hutcheon I & Perkins E

(2008) Boron and Nitrogen in Ultrahigh-Pressure Terrestrial Rocks
Dobrzhinetskaya L, Wirth R, Yang J, Green H, Weber P & Hutcheon I

(2006) Submicron-Scale Isotopic Variations Within Biogenic ZnS Record the Mechanism and Kinetics of Extracellular Metal-Sulfide Biomineralization
Moreau J, Weber P, Martin M, Webb R, Gilbert B, Hutcheon I & Banfield J

(2005) NanoSIMS Mg Isotope Analyses of Refractory Inclusions in Metal-Rich CB Chondrites
Hutcheon I, Weber P, Fallon S & Krot A

(2002) Ion Microprobe Analysis of 87Sr/86Sr in CaCO3 and Application to Otoliths
Bacon CR, Weber PK, Larsen KA, Hutcheon ID, Ingram BL & Wooden JL

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