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All abstracts by Jonathan Icenhower in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Tracking Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation by Li Isotope Fractionation
Wanner C, Sonnenthal E, Nakagawa S, Brown S, Christensen J, Icenhower J & Nakashima S

(2013) Effect of Hafnium on Glass Structure and Dissolution
Pierce E, Kerisit S, Charpentier T, Angeli F & Icenhower J

(2013) Studies of Nuclear Waste Form Glasses with Synchrotron Radiation
Shuh D, Lukens W, Icenhower J, Darab J, Tyliszczak T, Bluhm H, McKeown D, Buechele A, Muller I & Pegg I

(2011) Reliance of the Rate of Dissolution of the SON68 Glass on SiO2(aq): New Quantification Using Interferometry
Icenhower J, Steefel C, Luttge A, Ryan J & Pierce E

(2008) Characterizing the Extent and Role of Natural Subsurface Bioreduction in a Uranium-Contaminated Aquifer
Campbell KM, Qafoku N, Kukkadapu R, Williams K, Lesher E, Figuera L, Peacock A, Davis J, Icenhower J & Long P

(2005) Effect of Al/B Ratio on the Dissolution of Nepheline Glass, Na3(Al, B)1-4Si4O16
Pierce E, Reed L, Shaw W & Icenhower J

(2005) The Role of Si˜O Bonds in Dissolution of Silicate Glasses: Inferences for Rate-Limiting Step
Icenhower J, McGrail P & Luttge A

(2002) Dissolution Kinetics of UO2 (cr)
Pierce E, Martin W, Serne RJ & Icenhower J

(2002) Origins of Deviations from Transition-State Theory: Effects of Ion-Exchange Kinetics in Glass
Icenhower J, McGrail P & Luttge A

(2002) Direct Synthesis of Na-Autunite
Wellman D & Icenhower J

(2001) Enrichment and Accommodation of Manganese in Granite-Pegmatite Systems
London D, Evensen JM, Fritz E, Icenhower JP, Morgan Vi GB & Wolf MB

(2001) Dissolution Kinetics of Sodium Borosilicate Glass: Deviations from TST Expectations
Icenhower JP, McGrail BP, Baer DR, Darab JG, Shutthanandan V, Thevuthasan S, Engelhard MH & Shuh DK

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