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All abstracts by Ryan Ickert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Diagenesis of Fossil gar Fish Scales with Implications for Geochronological and Paleoenvironmental Applications
Fink J, Tremblay MM, Tobin T, Stockli LD, Stockli DF & Ickert R

(2022) Multidynamic Mass Spectrometer Measurements Revisited
McLean NM & Ickert R

(2017) Extending the Utility of Multidynamic MC-Tims by Optimal Use of Redundant Data
Ickert R, Mahajan R, Carter J, Gallagher V, Kelley A & Mark D

(2017) Interrogation of ‘apparent’ Age Dispersion in 40Ar/39Ar Neutron Fluence Moniotor Minerals
Mark D, Ickert R, Mahajan R, Dymock R & Imlach J

(2017) Assembly of the British Tertiary Igneous Province
Mahajan R, Ickert R & Mark D

(2014) U-Th-Pb Systematics of Bishop Tuff Zircon
Ickert R, Mundil R, Magee C & Mulcahy S

(2014) Rapid and Precise Pb Isotope Analysis of K-Feldspar: A New Tool for Tephrochronology
Ickert R, Renne P, Deino A & Sharp W

(2014) Integrated Chronostratigraphy from Outcrop and Drill Core Samples (Late Triassic, Colorado Plateau)
Mundil R, Irmis RB & Ickert RB

(2012) Global Oxygen Isotope Survey of Lithospheric Mantle: Implications for the Evolution of Cratonic Roots
Miskovic A, Ickert RB, Pearson DG, Stern RA, Kopylova M & Kjarsgaard B

(2012) Diamond Growth from Organic Carbon Suggested by Coupled delta18O-Delta13C Variations in Diamonds and Garnet Inclusions
Ickert R, Stachel T, Stern R & Harris J

(2012) Formation of Eclogites and Pyroxenites Below Attawapiskat, Superior Craton (Canada)
Smit KV, Stachel T, Creaser RA, DuFrane SA, Ickert RB, Stern RA & Seller M

(2010) Zircon Oxygen Isotopes by SIMS: Performance Evaluation of the Canadian IMS1280
Stern R & Ickert R

(2010) MC-HR-SIMS Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Ferropericlase Inclusions in Diamond
Ickert R, Stern R & Stachel T

(2008) In situ U-Pb, O, and Hf Isotope Measurements in Zircon from I- and S-Type Granites from SE Australia
Ickert R, Williams I & Chappell B

(2008) Applications of SHRIMP II to O Isotopic Analysis of Granite Zircon and Conodont Apatite
Williams I, Trotter J, Ickert R & Chappell B

(2006) The current status of zircon oxygen micro-isotopic analysis using SHRIMP II
Williams IS, Holden P, Hiess J & Ickert R

(2005) The Relationship between Alumimium Contents and Cathodoluminescence in Hydrothermal Quartz Veins
Gleeson S & Ickert R

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