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All abstracts by Fumio Inagaki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Iron Isotope Signals: Use and Limitations in Natural Marine Sediments
Henkel S, Köster M, Liu B, Staubwasser M, Meixner A, Kasemann SA, Manners HR, Heuer VB, Morono Y, Inagaki F & Kasten S

(2022) Different Depths of Sedimentary and Fluid Origins in Submarine Mud Volcanoes off Tanegashima Island, Japan
Ijiri A, Setoguchi R, Hamada Y, Mitsutome Y, Toki T, Hagino K, Murayama M & Inagaki F

(2021) Volcanic Ash Alteration as Driver of (Bio-)geochemical Iron Cycling in Deep Marine Sediments of the Nankai Trough
Köster M, Manners HR, Meixner A, Kasemann SA, Staubwasser M, Morono Y, Inagaki F, Heuer VB, Kasten S & Henkel S

(2018) Exploring Deep Microbial Life In The Planetary Interior: What Are The Limits of Habitability?
Inagaki F

(2018) The Dormant Deep Biosphere: Assessing Global Abundance of Bacterial Endospores and their Response to Burial and Aging in the Marine Subseafloor
Wörmer L, Hoshino T, Bowles M, Viehweger B, Morono Y, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U

(2018) Gas Hydrate Formation Assciated with Migration of Deep Sourced Fluid in the Krishna–Godavari Basin, Eastern Continental Margin of India
Ijiri A, Haraguchi S, Jiménez-Espejo F, Komai N, Suga H, Masataka M, Inagaki F & Yamada Y

(2018) Temperature Limits of the Deep Biosphere
Heuer V, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Viehweger B, Wörmer L & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) Metabolic Diversity of Hyperalkaliphilic Microbial Communities Associated with Serpentinization at The Cedars
Suzuki S, Ishii S, Hoshino T, Inagaki F, Kuenen JG & Nealson KH

(2017) Taking the Pulse of the Subseafloor Biosphere, Strategies for Studying Microbial Activity and Slow Growth
Orphan V, Trembath-Reichert E, Chadwick G, McGlynn S, Kopf S, Hatzenpichler R, Skennerton C, Morono Y & Inagaki F

(2017) The Global Survey of Subseafloor Sedimentary Microbiomes
Hoshino T, Doi H, Wömer L, Morono Y, D'Hondt S, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F

(2017) Temperature Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto (T-Limit)
Heuer VB, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Hinrichs K-U, Kubo Y, Maeda L & Expedition 370 Scientists T

(2017) Secondary Methanogenesis in Dormant Submarine Mud Volcano off Tanegashima Island, Japan
Ijiri A, Toki T, Agena K, Hoshino T, Hagino K, Hamada Y, Machiyama H, Ashi J & Inagaki F

(2017) The Deep Biosphere in Bengal Fan Sediments (IODP Exp. 354)
Adhikari RR, Heuer VB, Elvert M, Hoshino T, Inagaki F, Kallmeyer J, Kitte A, Wörmer L & Hinrichs K-U

(2016) Fungal Diversity in Baltic Sea Sediment
Xiao N, Hoshino T & Inagaki F

(2016) Detection of Deep Microbial Life in the Oceanic Crust Aged 13-100 Million Years
Suzuki Y, Kouduka M, Ao Y, Mitsunobu S & Inagaki F

(2016) Metabolic Diversity of Microorganisms Associated with Active Subsurface Serpentinization
Suzuki S, Ishii S, Hoshino T, Inagaki F, Marques J & Nealson K

(2016) IODP T-Limit Project: Constraining the Temperature Limit of Subseafloor Life in the Nankai Subduction Zone
Hinrichs K-U, Inagaki F, Heuer V, Morono Y, Konoshita M & Kubo Y

(2016) Identifying 2 Km-Deep Methanogenic Community Members Using a Long-Term Bioreactor Cultivation
Imachi H, Tasumi E, Tu T-H, Ijiri A, Morono Y, Ishii S, Methé B, Takai K & Inagaki F

(2016) Origin of Biogenic Methane in the Nankai Submarine Mud Volcano Based on Methane Stable Isotopologues
Ijiri A, Wang D, Ono S & Inagaki F

(2016) Isolation of Gram-Positive Spore-Forming Piezophilic Bacteria from 1.5 and 2.4 Km-Deep Subseafloor Sediment Core Samples
Fang J, Kato C, Runko G, Nogi Y, Hori T, Morono Y & Inagaki F

(2016) Assessing Abundance and Relevance of Bacterial Endospores in the Marine Subsurface
Wörmer L, Hoshino T, Viehweger B, Meador T, Gajendra N, Stern B, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U

(2016) Global Distribution Patterns of  aerobic and Anaerobic Microbial Communities in Deep Subseafloor Sediments
Hoshino T, Wömer L, Nan X, Morono Y, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F

(2016) NanoSIMS Reveals Activity in Deepest Samples Ever Collected by Marine Scientific Drilling
Trembath-Reichert E, Morono Y, Ijiri A, Dawson K, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F

(2016) Distribution of Aerobic Microbial Activities in Ultra-Oligotrophic Sediments of the South Pacific Gyre
Morono Y, Terada T, Ito M, Hoshino T, D'Hondt S & Inagaki F

(2016) Temperature Effects on Life in the Deep Subseafloor Biosphere
Heuer V, Gan S, Lipp J, Morono Y, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U

(2016) Calibrating Basin Models of the Rapidly Buried, Microbially Active, Shimokita Coalbeds to Model a Deep Biosphere over Deep Geological Time
Bowden S, Lin Y, Morono Y, Morita S, Tanikawa W, Yamada Y, Kubo Y, Inagaki F & Hinirchs K-U

(2015) Lithium Isotope Systematics of Forearc Mud Volcano Fluids
Nishio Y, Morono Y, Miyazaki J, Inagaki F & Takai K

(2015) Gram-Positive, Endospore-Forming Piezophilic Bacteria, the “Unseen Majority” in the Deep Biosphere?
Fang J, Kato C, Runko G, Zhang L, Hori T, Morono Y & Inagaki F

(2014) Piezophiles Isolated from Deep Marine Subsurface Sediment are all Gram-Positive Bacteria
Fang J, Kato C, Hori T, Morono Y, Inagaki F & IODP337 Scientists 

(2014) A Basidiomycete Fungus Isolated from a Lignite-Associated Sediment at 1, 929 M Below the Subseafloor
Liu C, Gong P, Zhao T, Xue Y, Lever MA, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F

(2014) Intact Polar Lipids in the Black Sea and its Sediments: Microbial Life Above and Below the Seafloor
Schröder J, Lipp J, Lazar C, Aiello I, Goldhammer T, Heuer V, Elvert M, Zabel M, Morono Y, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U

(2013) Hybrid Pressure Coring System of D/V Chikyu
Kubo Y, Mizuguchi Y & Inagaki F

(2013) Cell Alive System (CAS); A New Method of Core Sample Freezing for Shore-Based Biological Analyses and Sample Storage
Xiao N, Morono Y, Terada T, Yamamoto Y, Hihose T & Inagaki F

(2013) A Global Molecular Ecological Survery of Subseafloor Microbial Communities
Hoshino T, Tsutsumi M, Morono Y & Inagaki F

(2013) An Improved Hot-Alkaline DNA Extraction Method for High Cell-Lysis Efficiency of Subseafloor Microbial Communities
Terada T, Morono Y, Hoshino T & Inagaki F

(2013) A Molecular View of the Reductive Dehalogenase-Homologous Gene in Subseafloor Sediments
Kawai M, Futagami T, Toyoda A, Takaki Y, Uchiyama I, Fujiyama A, Itoh T, Inagaki F & Takami H

(2013) Technological Challenges for the Advanced Study of Subseafloor Life
Morono Y, Terada T, Ito M, Hoshino T & Inagaki F

(2013) Biogeochemistry of the Deep Mud-Volcano Biosphere in the Kumano Forearc Basin of the Nankai Trough
Ijiri A, Inagaki F & Kubo Y

(2013) Exploration of the Deep Coalbed Biosphere (IODP Expedition 337)
Inagaki F, Hinrichs K-U & Kubo Y

(2011) Biogeochemical Processes in Mud-Volcano Sediments from the Kumano Forearc Basin, Japan
Ijiri A, Toki T, Yamaguchi Y, Kawagucci S, Hattori S, Morono Y, Tsunogai U, Nakamura K, Takai K, Ashi J & Inagaki F

(2009) 129I Dating of Hydrocarbons in Gas Hydrate Deposit, off Shimokita Peninsula, Japan
Tomaru H, Fehn U, Lu Z, Takeuchi R, Inagaki F, Imachi H, Kotani R, Matsumoto R & Aoike K

(2009) Impact of High CO2 Concentrations on the Structure of Microbial Communities in Marine Sediments
Ufkes J, Ramette A, Haeckel M, de Beer D, Inagaki F & Boetius A

(2009) Distribution of Metabolically Active Microbial Communities in CO2-rich Marine Sediments
Yanagawa K, Sunamura M, Morono Y, Futagami T, DeBeer D, Urabe T, Boetius A & Inagaki F

(2009) CO2 Leakage in the Deep Ocean and its Effect on Benthic Fauna
Boetius A, De Beer D, Haeckel M, Mertens C, Inagaki F, Nakamura K & Rehder G

(2008) Ubiquitous Distribution of Methanogens and Anaerobic Methanotrophs in Subseafloor Sediments and Basalts
Lever M, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Masui N & Teske A

(2008) Coal-Based Subseafloor Seep Microbial Ecosystem
Inagaki F & Morono Y

(2008) Improved and Automated Cell Count System for Rapid Enumeration of Microbial Cells in Deep Subseafloor Sediments
Morono Y, Terada T, Masui N & Inagaki F

(2008) Microbiological Characteristics of Circulation Mud Fluids during the First Operation of Riser Drilling by the Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel “Chikyu”
Masui N, Morono Y & Inagaki F

(2008) Application of NMR to Characterize Intact Polar Lipids in Deep Biosphere
Takano Y, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Ogawa N, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

(2003) Subseafloor Microbial Diversity in the Peru Margin (ODP Leg. 201)
Inagaki F, Suzuki M, Nealson K, Horikoshi K, D’Hondt S & Jørgensen B

(2002) Endolithic Genetic Record of Ancient Microbes in Cretaceous Black Shale
Inagaki F, Okada H, Tsapin A, Nealson K & Horikoshi K

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