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All abstracts by Jannick Ingrin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Wet Mantle Plume Account for the Genesis of the Alkaline Basalts in French Massif Central
Chen H, Ingrin J, Deloule E, Bi Y & Xia Q-K

(2022) Chemical Diffusion of Fluorine in Phlogopite
Zhang K, Liu H, Ingrin J, Zhang B & Yang X

(2021) Transformation of a Hybrid Journal into a Gold Open Access Journal: Example of the European Journal of Mineralogy
Ingrin J

(2021) OH Signature of Pyroxenes: A New Probe for Studying Lithospheric Processes?
Ingrin J

(2021) Hydrogen Isotopic Exchange Experiments in Mantle Xenoliths Indicate Rapid δD Equilibrium with Magma
Thomaidis K, Ingrin J & Hirel P

(2021) Mantle Metasomatism Influence on Water Contents in Continental Lithosphere: New Constraints from Garnet Pyroxenite Xenoliths (France & Cameroon Volcanic Provinces)
Azevedo-Vannson S, France L, Ingrin J & Chazot G

(2019) Extremely Low Structural Hydroxyl Contents in Upper Mantle Xenoliths from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)
Patkó L, Liptai N, Kovács IJ, Aradi LE, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Mihály J, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Wesztergom V & Szabó C

(2018) Mantle Transition Zone Source of Cenozoic Water-Rich Intraplate Magmatism in Eastern China
Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Kuritani T, Hanski E, Liu J, Liu S-C & Wang Q-Y

(2017) Do We Really Know When Water Profiles are Produced in Xenoliths? Example of Xenoliths from Tianchang Volcano (East China)
Liu J, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J & Hao Y-T

(2016) Diffusion-Driven D/H Fractionation in Silicates during Hydration, Dehydration and Degassing
Roskosz M, Laporte D, Deloule E, Ingrin J, Remusat L, Depecker C & Leroux H

(2016) Effect of Iron and Trivalent Cations on OH-Defects in Olivine
Blanchard M, Ingrin J, Balan E, Kovács I & Withers A

(2016) Temporal and Spatial Variation of Source Components for Intraplate Basalts from North China
Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J & Deloule E

(2015) The Two-Stage Melt Metasomatism Revealed by Lithium Isotopes Distribution in Peridotite Xenoliths from Allegre (French Massif Central)
Gu X, Deloule E, France L & Ingrin J

(2015) Magma Water Content of the Cenozoic Basalts in the North China Craton
Liu J, Chen H, Xia Q-K & Ingrin J

(2015) Effect of Fe on the Nature of OH-Defects in Olivine
Ingrin J, Blanchard M, Balan E & Kovács I

(2013) Mecanisms and Kinetics of Hydrogen Exchange in Olivine: A Review from Experimental and Computational Studies
Ingrin J

(2013) Hydrogen Mobility in Wadsleyite at Low Temperatures
Vigouroux E, Ingrin J, Depecker C, Bolfan-Casanova N & Frost D

(2013) Fluid-Mediated Re-equilibration and Self-Irradiation in Complex U-Th-Rich Assemblages of Pegmatites: A Case from Norway and Implications for U-Th-Pb Dating of Ore Deposits
Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Bingen B, Duran C, Bosse V, Paquette J-L, Guillaume D, de Parseval P & Ingrin J

(2012) Li Isotopes Fractionation during Lower Crustal Magmatic Segragation
Deloule E, Ettori I, Ingrin J & Gregoire M

(2011) FTIR Study of OH-Od Exchange in Fe-Free Ringwoodite-Wadsleyite Samples
Vigouroux E, Ingrin J, Bolfan-Casanova N & Frost DJ

(2011) Water Content of Lithospheres Deduced from Xenoliths: The Example of Kerguelen Islands and South African Craton
Ingrin J, Liu J, Xia QK, Deloule E & Grégoire M

(2011) Li Content and Isotopic Distributions in Granulite of Kerguelen Plateau
Deloule E, Ingrin J, Xia Q & Gregoire M

(2008) Water Diffusion in Forsterite Revisited
Ingrin J & Kohn SC

(2006) H profiles in mantle xenoliths: constraints from diffusion data
Ingrin J & Grant KJ

(2004) Hydrogen-Mobility in Grossular-Andradite Solid Solution
Kurka A, Ingrin J, Forneris J & Skogby H

(2004) Hydrogen Incorporation in Mg2GeO4 Spinel
Hertweck B & Ingrin J

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