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All abstracts by William P. Inskeep in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Ferric Oxyhydroxide Microbial Mat Community Metabolic Model Based on Metagenome Sequence Analysis
Jennings R, Carlson R, Hunt K, Jay Z, Beam J, Kozubal M, Romine M & Inskeep W

(2011) Linking Geochemistry to Microbial Community Structure and Function in Sulfidic Geothermal Systems of Yellowstone National Park
Jay Z, Planer-Friedrich B, Rusch D & Inskeep W

(2011) Microbial Arsenic Transformation Associated with Soda Lake in Khovsgol, Mongolia
Hamamura N, Itai T, Damdinsuren N, Reysenbach A-L & Inskeep W

(2011) Diffusion and Microbial Consumption of Oxygen in an Acidic Geothermal Iron-Oxide Mat
Bernstein HC, Beam JP, Carlson RP & Inskeep WP

(2011) Distribution and Activity of Iron-Oxidizing Microorganisms in Acidic Geothermal Environments
Beam J, Berstein H, Kozubal M, Carlson R & Inskeep W

(2011) Comparative Genome Analysis of Metallosphaera Yellowstonensis and a Novel Iron-Oxidizing Sulfolobales from Yellowstone National Park
Kozubal M & Inskeep W

(2010) In situ Microbial Iron Oxidation in Acidic Geothermal Environments
Beam J, Kozubal M, Jay Z & Inskeep W

(2010) Microbially Mediated Sulfur Cycling in Chemotrophic Geothermal Systems of Yellowstone National Park
Jay ZJ, Kozubal MA, Macur RE, Four Colors J & Inskeep WP

(2010) Mechanisms of Iron Oxidation in the Thermoacidophilic Crenarchaeon Metallosphaera yellowstonii: Field and Laboratory Studies Suggest Possible Role of Novel Proteins
Kozubal M, Jay Z, Macur R & Inskeep W

(2009) Comparative Genome Analysis of M. yellowstoni: Diversity of O2 Reductases and Evolution Scenarios for Acidophilic Fe Oxidation
Kozubal M, Macur R & Inskeep W

(2008) Microbial Nanowires and their Possible Role in Metal Oxidation
Gorby Y, Burgos W & Inskeep W

(2005) Linking Microbial and Geochemcial Processes in Geothermal Habitats
Inskeep W, Macur R, Ackerman G, Kozubal M, Taylor W & Korf S

(2004) Iron (Hydr)oxides and Electron Shuttles Govern the Fate of 2.4.6- Trinitrotoluene by a Soil Bacterium
Borch T, Inskeep W & Gerlach R

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