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All abstracts by Daniel J. Jacob in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Quantifying the Environmental Exposure Pathway for Methylmercury
Sunderland E, Amos H, Corbitt E, Horowitz H, Qureshi A, Schartup A, Soerensen A, Zhang Y & Jacob D

(2010) Global Atmospheric Budget of Mercury Including Oxidation of Hg(0) by Bromine Atoms
Holmes C, Jacob D, Soerensen A & Corbitt E

(2010) Global Modeling of Mercury with Br as Atmospheric Oxidant
Jacob D, Holmes C, Soerensen A, Sturges E & Sunderland E

(2009) Aerosols over the United States: Space Observation, Source Characterization, and Climate Interactions
Jacob DJ, Drury EE, Fu T-M, Leibensperger EM, Mickley LJ & Tai A

(2006) Restoration of premetasomatic protolith compositions in mantle xenoliths
Rehfeldt T, Foley S & Jacob D

(2005) Radiometric Dating of Eclogite Xenoliths from Kimberlites
Jacob D

(2004) Dunite-Pyroxenite Xenoliths from South African Kimberlites: Former Cumulates of Archean Oceanic Crust?
Rehfeldt T, Foley S & Jacob D

(2003) Photochemistry of Ozone over the Western Pacific in Winter and Spring
Kondo Y, Chen G, Hudman R, Jacob D, Koike M & Nakamura K

(2000) Remobilization of Ancient Material within the Subcratonic Lithosphere
Jacob D, Viljoen F, Grassineau N & Jagoutz E

(2000) Sanidine and Orthopyroxene Bearing Eclogite Xenoliths from the Zero Kimberlite Pipe
Schmickler B, Jacob D & Foley S

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