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All abstracts by Benjamin Jacobsen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Timing of Early Solar System Reservoir Separation
Jacobsen B, Liu M-C, Hertwig A, Marks N, McKeegan K, Kruijer T & Borg L

(2018) Remnant Impactor Traces in Micro-Scale Deposition Layers in Australasian Microtektites
Weisz D, Jacobsen B, Weber P & Koeberl C

(2016) Accurate Self-Diffusion Coefficients of Hydrogen in Olivine and Implications for Mantle Electrical Conductivity
Novella D, Du Frane W, Jacobsen B, Weber P, Ryerson F & Tyburczy J

(2016) U-Pb Dating of Zircon Shock Microstructures with NanoSIMS
Crow C, Jacobsen B, Moser D & McKeegan K

(2011) Diamond-Graphite Transformation: A NanoSIMS Isotope Study of Diamond-Graphite Inclusion in Zircon from the Kochetav Massif
Jacobsen B, Matzel J, Hutcheon I, Green H & Dobrzhinetskaya L

(2009) Quantifying the Roles of Igneous Differentiation and Chemical Weathering on the Formation of Continental Crust
Lee C-T, Shen B, Jacobsen B, Yin Q-Z, Morton D, Horodyskyj U, Little M & Leeman W

(2009) 53Mn-53Cr Evidence for Allende Chondrule Formation at 4567.6 Ma
Yin Q-Z, Yamashita K, Yamakawa A, Jacobsen B, Ebel D, Hutcheon I & Nakamura E

(2009) NanoSIMS Investigation of 36Cl-36S Systematics in the Early Solar System
Jacobsen B, Matzel J, Hutcheon I, Ramon E, Krot A, Ishii H, Nagashima K & Yin Q-Z

(2008) Ephemeral Evaporation History of the First Solids in the Early Solar System
Jacobsen B, Yin Q-Z, Moynier F, Amelin Y, Krot A, Nagashima K & Hutcheon I

(2008) Dating the First Stage of Planet Formation via Mn-Cr Chronometry
Moynier F, Yin Q-Z & Jacobsen B

(2008) The Age, Duration, and Depth of a Turbulent Magma Ocean in Mars
Debaille V, Brandon AD, Yin Q-Z & Jacobsen B

(2007) Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Isotopic Study of Martian Meteorites: Implications for Early Differentiation on Mars
Debaille V, Yin Q-Z, Brandon AD & Jacobsen B

(2005) Tungsten Self-Diffusion: Constraints on the Core Formation Timescale
Jacobsen B, Yin Q, Tinker D & Lesher C

(2002) Comparison of Isotope Dilution and Laser Ablation REE Measurement of Geochemical Standards Reference Materials
Jacobsen B, Baker J, Kent A, Peate D, Bernstein S & Stecher O

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