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All abstracts by Emilie Janots in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) REE Microdistribution in Laterite from Madagascar
Janots E, Brunet F, Berger A, Bernier F, Munoz M, Lanson M, Trcera N & Gnos E

(2013) Nucleation and Growth of Chrysotile Nanotubes: Complementary Insight from Macroscopic to Nanoscopic Measurements
Lafay R, Montes-Hernandez G & Janots E

(2012) Disturbance of the U/Pb and Th/Pb Chronometers during Low-T Alteration of Monazite
Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Montel J-M, Bingen B, Bosse V, de Parseval P, Paquette J-L, Janots E & Wirth R

(2012) Experimental Study for Determination of Trace Element Sequestration in Chrysotile
Lafay R, Montes-Hernandez G, Janots E & Lemarchand D

(2011) The Evolution of a Serpentinizing Environment Inferred from Andradite Vein Networks
Plümper O, Beinlich A, Janots E & Austrheim H

(2011) Sequestration of Trace Elements during Nucleation and Growth of Serpentine Minerals Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Lafay R, Montes-Hernandez G & Janots E

(2011) Geochronological, Geochemical and Growth Constrains of Alpine Clefts from U-Th-Pb in Monazite
Janots E, Berger A, Gnos E, Whitehouse M & Lewin E

(2010) REE-Minerals Petrochronology in Metamorphic Rocks
Janots E

(2009) REE-Mineral Record of Fluid Circulations in Metasediments from the Swiss Central Alps
Janots E, Berger A & Engi M

(2009) Transport of Heat and Mass in a Barrovian Belt: What do We Know from Nature ?
Berger A, Bousquet R, Engi M, Janots E, Rubatto D, Schmid S & Wiederkehr M

(2008) Rates of Metamorphism in Collisional Orogeny
Engi M, Janots E, Rubatto D, Berger A, Gregory C, Allaz J & Schwarz J-O

(2007) Combining in situ Isotope Dating, Petrology, and Tectonic Observations to Infer Rates of Regional Metamorphism
Berger A, Janots E, Engi M & Rubatto D

(2006) Evolution of REE minerals from diagenetic to amphibolite facies conditions in the Central Alps, with implications to geochronology
Janots E, Engi M & Berger A

(2005) Natural and Thermochemical Stability of Monazite in Low-Grade Metapelites
Goffe B, Janots E, Brunet F, Bollinger L, Grevel K, Cemic L & Negro F

(2005) Thermochemical and Experimental Stability of Synthetic La-Bearing Minerals as Analogues to Nuclear-Waste Forms
Janots E, Brunet F, Goffé B & Poinssot C

(2003) Stability of La-Bearing Minerals in Metapelites from the Frederico Unit (Internal Rif, Morocco) and from the Lesser Himalayas (Western Nepal): Textural and Thermochemical Constraints
Janots E, Bollinger L, Brunet F, Burchard M, Goffe B & Bouybaouène M

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