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All abstracts by Thomas M. Johnson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Se Isotope Signature of Paleoarchean and Paleoproterozoic Banded Iron Formations
Schilling K, Basu A, Johnson TM, Mason PRD, Tsikos H & Mondal SK

(2014) Cenozoic Seawater Uranium Isotopic Composition Recorded in Mn-Fe Crusts
Wang X, Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Hein J, Lyons T & Johnson T

(2014) 238U/235U Changes in Groundwater Associated with Re-oxidation of Reductively Immobilized Uranium
Shiel A, Lundstrom C, Johnson T, Long P & Williams K

(2014) Uranium Remediation at an in situ Recovery (ISR) Site: Isotope Ratios as Indicators of Reducing Enviroments
Basu A, Brown ST, Christensen JN, DePaolo DJ, Reimus PW, Heikoop JM, Schilling K & Johnson TM

(2014) Cr, Se, and U Isotopic Fractionation Induced by Oxidation: A Synthesis
Johnson T, Wang X, Ellis A & Lundstrom C

(2013) Earth Surface Redox Constraints from the Ancient Cr Cycle
Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Wang X, Fischer W, Johnson T & Lyons T

(2013) Hydrological Change in the Turkana Basin Through the Termination of the African Humid Period: The Lacustrine Sr-Isotope Record
Vonhof H, Krause-Nehring J, Junginger A, Johnson T, van der Lubbe J & Joordens J

(2013) The Isotopic Composition of Selenium in Chinese Coals
Zhu J-M, Johnson TM, Liang L, Wang X-L, Qin H-B & Yin Z-Y

(2013) Changes in 238U/235U Associated with Reductive Immobilization of Uranium in Groundwater
Shiel A, Lundstrom C, Johnson T, Laubach P, Long P & Williams K

(2012) Isotopic Fractionation of Selenium in Higher Plants
Zhu J, Johnson TM, Qin H, Wang X & Yuan Y

(2012) Microbially-Mediated Isotopic Fractionation of Selenium: Relevance for Biogeochemical Processes in the Geological Record
Schilling K, Johnson T, Sanford R & Mason P

(2012) Cr Isotopes in a Ferruginous Lake
Crowe S, Basu A, Doessing L, Ellis A, Fowle D, Mucci A, Johnson T & Canfield D

(2012) Microbial Uranium Reduction Monitoring: Linking Isotopic Fractionation Factors with Microbial Metabolism
Basu A, Johnson T, Sanford R & Lundstrom C

(2012) Isotope Exchange Rates and Equilibrium Fractionation between Cr(III) and Cr(VI)
Wang X & Johnson TM

(2012) Transformations of Mercury, Arsenic and Selenium in River Sediments Contaminated with Coal Ash: Field and Laboratory Studies
Schwartz G, Deonarine A, Ruhl L, Vengosh A, Bartov G, Johnson T & Hsu-Kim H

(2012) Mercury Stable Isotopes in Fish Tissue as Indicators of Photochemical Transformations
Bartov G & Johnson T

(2012) Isotope Fractionation of Selenium during Sorption to Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide Minerals
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason PRD & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Uranium Isotope Fractionation Associated with Biostimulation Experiments at the Old Rifle Mill Site
Shiel A, Laubach P, Johnson T, Lundstrom C, Williams K & Long P

(2011) Selenium Adsorption and Associated Selenium Isotope Fractionation
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason P & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Mass-Independent Fractionation of Hg Isotopes Resulting from Photochemical Self-Shielding
Mead C, Anbar A & Johnson T

(2010) Isotope Fractionation by Biomethylation of Inorganic Se Species
Schilling K, Johnson T & Wilcke W

(2010) The Pathways of Selenium Poisoning in Enshi, China
Zhu J-M, Johnson TM, Qin H-B & Su H-C

(2010) Determination of Hexavalent Cr Reduction Using Cr Stable Isotopes: Isotopic Fractionation Factors for in situ Redox Manipulation Zones
Basu A & Johnson T

(2010) Mercury Stable Isotope Tracing of Multiple Mercury Sources in the Tennessee River System
Bartov G, Johnson T, Ruhl L, Vengosh A & Southworth G

(2010) Selenium Isotope Fractionation during Oceanic Anoxic Events
Mitchell K, Mason P, Johnson T, Lyons T & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Geomicrobiological Control of Selenium Solubility in Subsurface Phosphate Overburden Deposits
Kirk LB, Childers SE, Peyton B, McDermott T, Gerlach R & Johnson TM

(2008) Cr Isotopes Reveal Progress of Natural Reduction of Contaminant Cr(VI) in a Groundwater System
Johnson T & Berna E

(2008) Selenium Isotope Variations in Weathering Zones of Se-Rich Carbonaceous Rocks at Yutangba, China
Zhu J, Johnson TM & Clark SK

(2008) Selenium Isotopes: A New Oceanic Paleoredox Proxy?
Shore A, Jenkin G & Johnson T

(2008) Per mil 238U/235U Variations in Uranium Ores: Evidence of Fractionation by Nuclear Field Shift?
Bopp C, Lundstrom C, Johnson T & Glessner J

(2007) A 23, 000 Year Molecular Isotopic Record of Variability in SE African Vegetation and Hydrology from Lake Malawi
Castaneda I, Werne J, Johnson T & Filley T

(2005) The Development of TEX86 for Continental Paleotemperature Reconstruction: Problems and Promise
Powers L, Werne J, Johnson T, Hopmans E, Sinninghe Damst├ę J & Schouten S

(2005) Tracing Sources, Movement, and Fate of Hexavalent Cr in Ground Water Using Cr Stable Isotope Variations
Ball J, Izbicki J, Bullen T & Johnson T

(2005) Cr Isotopes as Indicators of Cr(VI) Reduction and Contaminant Sources
Johnson T, Bullen T, Ellis A, Sikora E & Kitchen J

(2005) Distribution of Native Selenium in Yutangba of China and its Environmental Implications
Zhu J, Zheng G, Johnson TM & Li S

(2003) Oxyanion Stable Isotopes and Ocean Paleoredox
Anbar A & Johnson T

(2002) Cr Stable Isotopes: Measurement, Systematics and Applications
Johnson TM, Ellis AS & Bullen TD

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