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All abstracts by Mary-Alix Kaczmarek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Magmatic and Plastic Processes in Primary Planetary Bodies: The Brachinite Meteorites as Witness of the Early Differentiation
Meunier-Mili N, Kaczmarek M-A & Bystricky M

(2023) Petrology and Microstructures of The Deep Crust from The North Patagonian Massif, Given By Meta-Igneous Granulite Xenoliths
Muckensturm N, Kaczmarek M-A & Grégoire M

(2017) Microstructural Investigations of Ureilite Meteorite Sayh Al Uhaymir 559
Kaczmarek M-A, Bouvier A, Shieh S & Withers T

(2017) The Unexplored Potential Impact of Pyroxenitic Layering on Upper Mantle Seismic Properties
Henry H, Afonso JC, Satsukawa T, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY, Kaczmarek M-A, Tilhac R, Gregoire M & Ceuleneer G

(2016) Petit-Spot Lavas as Test for Alkaline Magma Generation
Rochat L, Pilet S, Kaczmarek M-A, Müntener O, Abe N, Hirano N & Machida S

(2016) Shock Deformation of Major and Accessory Minerals in an Unbrecciated Lunar Basalt
Vonlanthen P, Kaczmarek M-A & Gillet P

(2016) How Petit-Spot Mantle Xenoliths Will Refine LAB Processes
Pilet S, Rochat L, Muntener O, Kaczmarek M-A, Duretz T, Abe N, Hirano N & Machida S

(2016) Chemical Variation and Deformation of the Upper Mantle Across an OCT
Kaczmarek M-A, Reddy S & Vonlanthen P

(2015) Is Metasomatism a Global Mechanism at the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary?
Rochat L, Pilet S, Abe N, Kaczmarek M-A, Baumgartner L & Müntener O

(2015) Evidence for Deep Metasomatic Enrichment in Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Pilet S, Rochat L, Abe N, Kaczmarek M-A & Muntener O

(2013) Deformation Mechanisms in Martian Shergottites
Kaczmarek M-A, Grange M, Reddy S & Nemchin A

(2009) Mantle Heterogeneity Records by Xenoliths beneath In Teria (SE Algeria)
Kaczmarek M-A, Alard O, Bodinier J-L, Bosch D, Dautria J-M & Tommasi A

(2008) Isotopic Systematic of the In’Teria Lithospheric Mantle (Hoggar, SE Algeria)
Kaczmarek M-A, Bosch D, Alard O, Dautria J-M & Bodinier J-L

(2004) Juxtaposition of Melt Migration and High-Temperature Shear Zones (Lanzo, Italy)
Kaczmarek M & Müntener O

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