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All abstracts by Nefeli Kafousia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Environmental Reconstruction of the Saronikos Upper Pleistocene Paleolake, Central Greece; Preliminary Results
Kafousia N, Kaberi E, Rousakis G, Triantaphyllou M, Mavromatis V, Koutsopoulou E, Gogou A & Karageorgis A

(2014) An Emerging Link between Low Sulfate Oceans and Large Igneous Province Driven Mass Extinction?
Newton R, Witts J, Wignall P, Francis J, Bottrell S, Kafousia N & Reeves E

(2009) Indications for the Global Character of the Early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Evidence from the Pindos Zone, Western Greece
Kafousia N, Karakitsios V & Jenkyns H

(2008) The Marine Sulfate-Oxygen Isotope Record of the Early Toarcian Anoxic Event
Newton RJ, Kafousia N, Reeves E, Wignall P & Bottrell S

(2006) Questioning the global nature of the Toarcian carbon isotope excursions.
Newton R, Reeves E, Kafousia N, Wignall P & Bottrell S

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