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All abstracts by Takashi Kakegawa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Microbial Community Associated with 2.7 Ga Submarine Hydrothermal Activities: Geochemical and STEM Studies on Kerogen from Canadian Greenstone Belts
Kunitake Y, Kakegawa T & Watanabe Y

(2017) Significance of Cr-Rich Sedimentary Rocks in 3.2 Ga Fig Tree Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, S. Africa
Kakegawa T, Sakai T & Akihiro N

(2017) Origin and Significance of Neogene Manganese Ores in the Hokuroku District, Japan
Tsukamoto Y & Kakegawa T

(2017) Micro to Nanoscale Observations of Carbonaceous Matters in 3.2 Ga Banded Iron Formations, Sheba Gold Mine, Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt and >3.7 Ga Schist, Isua Supracrustal Belt
Ohtomo Y, Nakajima R, Otake T & Kakegawa T

(2016) Proto-Arc Model for Chemical Evolution: Constraints from Geological Information of Isua Supracrustal Belt
Kakegawa T

(2016) Formation of Life’s Building Blocks by Mteorite Impacts
Furukawa Y, Nakazawa H, Sekine T, Kobayashi T & Kakegawa T

(2016) Rb/Sr Ratio in Lake Baikal Sediment Core:the New Geochemical Proxy for East Asian Winter Monsoon Strength during Cool Climate Period
Nara F, Yamasaki S-I, Watanabe T, Tsuchiya N, Miyahara H, Kato T, Minoura K & Kakegawa T

(2016) The Millennium Scale Monsoon Cycles Recorded in a Sediment Core from Alpine Tibetan Lake
Watanabe T, Nara FW, Matsunaka T, Minoura K, Kakegawa T, Yamasaki S, Tsuchiya N, Nakamura T, Wang J & Zhu L

(2016) Effects of Serpentine on the Organic Synthesis in Impacts of Meteorites on the Early Ocean
Takeuchi Y, Furukawa Y, Kobayashi T, Nakazawa H, Sekine T & Kakegawa T

(2016) Effect of pH on Aspatric Acid Peptides Formations Under High Temperature and Pressure
Okada Y, Furukawa Y & Kakegawa T

(2016) Possible Fe(II) Fueled Microbial Ecosystem at the Carbonate Rich Hot Spring Okuoku-Hachikuro Onsen, a Possible Early Ocean Analog Site
Idei A, Kakegawa T & McGlynn S

(2016) Geological and Geochemical Study of Banded Iron Formation in the Fig Tree Group at Eureka Syncline Area, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
Sakai T & Kakegawa T

(2016) Geochemical Records of Microbial Activities in 2.7 Ga Volcanogenic Massive Sulfides at Potter Mine, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada
Odaka T & Kakegawa T

(2016) Biosignatures Recorded in Geochemical Correlations between Organic Matter and Fe-Bearing Minerals in 3.2Ga Banded Iron Formations, Barberton Green Stone Belt, South Africa
Nakajima R, Ohtomo Y, Otake T, Kakegawa T & Sato T

(2016) Bimodal Carbon Isotope Compositions of Organic Matter at ca. 2.7Ga Wawa Greenstone Belt, Schreiber, Canada
Kunitake Y & Kakegawa T

(2016) Geological and Geochemical Study of lower-Fig Tree Group in Josefsdal, South Africa
Akihiro N & Kakegawa T

(2015) Bromine, Iodine and Uranium as the Proxies of Past Biological Activity in the Lacustrine Sediment Core
Nara F, Watanabe T, Kakegawa T, Yamasaki S-I, Tsuchiya N, Nakamura T & Kawai T

(2015) Carbonate Vein Formation in Banded Iron Formations and Metabasalts Associated with CO2 Metasomatism, Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland
Ohtomo Y & Kakegawa T

(2015) Spatial Distribution of Chromium Enrichment in the 3.2 Ga Moodies BIF, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
Ishikawa K, Otake T, Sato T & Kakegawa T

(2014) Discovery of Boron-Rich Metasediments in Isua Supracrustal Belt: Window to RNA Genesis?
Kakegawa T

(2013) Millennial-Scale Wet and Dry Climate Changes during the Last Glacial Maximum in the South Siberia
Nara F, Watanabe T, Kakegawa T, Minoura K, Yamasaki S, Tsuchiya N, Nakamura T & Kawai T

(2013) Chromium Enrichment in Sedimentary Rocks Deposited in Shallow Water in the 3.2 Ga Moodies Group, South Africa
Otake T, Sakamoto Y, Itoh S, Yurimoto H & Kakegawa T

(2013) Effects of Oxide Ions on the Stabilization of Pentoses
Furukawa Y, Horiuchi M, Nitta S & Kakegawa T

(2013) Effects of Glycine on Oligomerization of Methionine Under High Temperature and High Pressure
Huang R, Furukawa Y & Kakegawa T

(2013) Formation of Glycine from Carboxylic Acid and Ammonia by Shock Conditions: Implication to Chemical Evolution in Primitive Oceans
Suzuki C, Furukawa Y, Kobayashi T, Sekine T & Kakegawa T

(2013) Applications of Neutron Beam Analysis to Study the Origins of Carboneceous Matter in Terrestrial and Planetary Rocks: A New Approach
Watanabe Y, Furukawa Y, Kakegawa T & Ohmoto H

(2011) Origins of Chromite found in Chemical and Clastic Sedimentary Rocks of the 3.2 Ga Moodies Group, South Afirica
Otake T, Sakamoto Y & Kakegawa T

(2010) Enhanced Biological Nitrogen and Sulfur Cycles in the Stratified 1.9 Ga Gunflint Ocean
Ishida A, Hashizume K, Oba M & Kakegawa T

(2010) Stability of Amino Acids and Peptides during Diagenesis on the Early Earth
Otake T, Taniguchi T, Furukawa Y, Nakazawa H & Kakegawa T

(2009) Contrast Ecosystem between Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria Recorded in 3.0 Ga Sedimentary Rocks of the Atikokan-Lumby Lake Area in Canada
Kakegawa T & Saito M

(2009) Synthesis of Organic Molecules by Ocean Impacts on the Early Earth
Furukawa Y, Sekine T, Oba M, Kakegawa T & Nakazawa H

(2009) Geochemistry of 1.9 Ga Gunflint Formation in Canada: Unique Oceanic Environments and Microbial Activities
Ishida A, Oba M & Kakegawa T

(2009) Weak Photic-Zone Euxinia at the End of the Permian in Central Pelagic Panthalassa as Recorded in Marine Organic Carbon Isotopes
Takahashi S, Kaiho K, Oba M & Kakegawa T

(2008) Contrast Compositions of Minerals, Kerogens and Lipid-Biomarkers in 1.9 Ga Shallow- and Deep-Water Sedimentary Rocks of the Gunflint Formation, Canada
Ishida A, Kakegawa T & Oba M

(2008) Prebiotic Polymerization of Amino Acids on the Early Earth: Chemical Evolution in the Hadean Oceanic Crusts
Kakegawa T, Ohara S, Ishiguro T, Abiko H & Nakazawa H

(2008) Impact Synthesis of Organic Compounds: Implication for their Mass Production on the Early Earth
Furukawa Y, Sekine T, Oba M, Kakegawa T & Nakazawa H

(2008) Contrast Occurrence of Banded Iron Formations in Western Part of Isua Spracrustal Belt, West Greenland
Ohtomo Y & Kakegawa T

(2007) Catalytic Potential of Sillicate, Oxide and Sulfide Minerals for the Abiotic Polymerization of Glycine Under High Pressure and Temperature Conditions
Ohara S, Kakegawa T & Nakazawa H

(2007) Impact-Generated Ultrafine Particles of Olivine and Serpentine Suggesting a Source of Aerogels in the Air of the Early Earth
Furukawa Y, Kakegawa T, Sekine T & Nakazawa H

(2007) Aerobic and Anaerobic Microbial Ecosystem Recorded in the Steep Rock Group, Ontario, Canada
Kakegawa T & Haikawa M

(2007) Geochemistry and TEM Observation of Graphite in 3.8 Ga Metasedimentary Rocks in Isua Supracrustal Belt
Ohtomo Y & Kakegawa T

(2004) Heavy Metal Enrichment in Archean Carbon-Rich Samples: Hint to Early Carbon-Metal Compounds for Enzime Formation?
Kakegawa T, Ohtomo Y, Nakazawa H & Rosing M

(2003) High Pressure and Temperature Polymerization of Amino Acids Suggesting a Role of Depth in the Crust for Chemical Evolution
Ohara S, Kakegawa T & Nakazawa H

(2003) Archaeal Community in the Hydrothermal System at Suiyo Seamount on the Izu- Ogasawara Arc
Kasai H, Hara K, Kakegawa T, Maruyama A, Ishibashi J & Marumo K

(2003) Establishment of the Phosphorous Cycle in Early Archean Oceans
Kakegawa T

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