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All abstracts by Balz Samuel Kamber in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Chemical and Textural Analysis of Rocks with the Scanning Electron Microscope
Stavropoulou A, Hiscock M, Kamber BS & Rodriguez-Blanco J-D

(2020) Probing the Evolution of the Lower Crust with Trace Element Geochemistry and U-Pb Geochronology of Lower Crustal Xenoliths from Queensland, Australia
Emo R, Deegan B, Murphy D, Allen C & Kamber B

(2020) Transient Ocean Oxygenation at 850Ma Recorded in δ98Mo of Microbial Carbonates
O'Sullivan E, Nägler T, Wille M, Kamber B & Turner E

(2020) Elevated 208, 207, 206Pb/204Pb by Volatile Degassing from Impact Melts
Kamber B, Schoenberg R, Murphy D, O'Neill H & Reimink J

(2020) Regional Chemostratigraphic Correlation of the Irish Pb-Zn Ore Field
Koch H, Chew D, Philcox M & Kamber BS

(2020) Redistribution of Rare Metal(loids) during Digenite Exsolution in Porphyry Copper Ores
Brodbeck M, McClenaghan SH, Kamber BS & Redmond P

(2017) LA-ICP-MS Elemental Maps of Putative Detrital Pyrite: Evidence for Absence of Atmospheric Oxygen Ahead of the GOE
Zhou L, McKenna C & Kamber B

(2017) A New Approach to Laser Ablation ICP-MS Using the Flexible Map Interrogation Tool 'Monocle'
Petrus J, Chew D, Leybourne M & Kamber B

(2017) Characterisation of the Deposition of Organolead Compounds in the Irish Peatlands by GC-MC-ICP-MS
Craig G, Rosca C, Tomlinson E, Kamber B, Lloyd N, Bouman C & Schwieters J

(2017) Zn Isotope Systematics in Contrasting Deccan Basalt Weathering Profiles
Suhr N, Kamber BS, Rosca C, Schoenberg R & Widdowson M

(2017) Combining Rapid 2D Elemental Imaging Using LA-Icptof with Flexible Interrogation Software for the in situ Chemical Analysis of Meteorites
Williams N, Stremtan C, Borovinskaya O, Bussweiler Y, Tanner M & Kamber B

(2017) Diffusion and Distribution of Rare Earth Elements in Olivine
Stead C, Tomlinson E, Kamber B & McKenna C

(2017) Increasing Zinc Pollution of the Earth Surface Environment? An Example from an Irish Peat Bog
Rosca C, Schoenberg R, Tomlinson EL & Kamber BS

(2017) Dating Impact Events with Shocked Zircon: Insights from the Sudbury Impact Crater, Ontario, Canada
Kenny G, Whitehouse M, Petrus J, Morales L & Kamber B

(2017) In situ Carbonate Micro-Sampling Informed by Laser ICP-MS Trace Element Maps
Koch H, Kamber BS & McKenna C

(2017) Probing PM2.5 Sources with Laser Ablation: A Case Study of Traffic Emissions in Dublin City, Ireland
Gallagher M, McNabola A, Kamber B, Gill L, Ghosh B & Alam MS

(2017) Why Archaean Cratons Differ from Younger Continental Lithosphere
Kamber B

(2017) Geobotanical Prospecting Around the Navan Zn-Pb Deposit, Ireland: Developing Geochemical Vectors for Mineral Exploration
Mavric D, Ashton JH, McClenaghan SH & Kamber BS

(2017) Trace Element Distribution Patterns in Pyroxene of the UG2 Unit Crystal Mushes, Bushveld Complex
Brodbeck M, Kamber BS, Kleinhanns I & Schoenberg R

(2017) Volatility-Related Element Loss during Large Impact Events: New Pb and Zn Insight from the Sudbury Basin
Kamber B, Guyett P, Schoenberg R, Kenny G, Petrus J & Ames D

(2017) An Exsolution Origin for Archaean Mantle Garnet
Tomlinson E, Kamber B, Hoare B, Stead C & Ildefonse B

(2016) U-Th-Pb Cycling from Ocean to Mantle and the HIMU Endmember Source
Pettke T, Kodolanyi J & Kamber BS

(2015) The Neoarchaean Surface Sulphur Cycle: New Solutions to Non-Zero Intercept Δ33S – δ34S Arrays
Gallagher M, Whitehouse M & Kamber B

(2015) Giant Submarine Impact Basins: Proliferation of Life after a Deadly Impact
O'Sullivan E, Goodhue R & Kamber B

(2015) Beyond Garnet: REEs in the Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle
Tomlinson E, Stead C & Kamber B

(2015) On the Track of the Elusive Sudbury Impactor
Petrus J, Ames D & Kamber B

(2015) Transition Metal Behaviour in a Deccan Basalt Weathering Profile
Suhr N, Babechuk M, Kamber B, Schoenberg R & Widdowson M

(2015) IsoNose – Isotopic Tools as Novel Sensors of Earth Surfaces Resources – A New Marie Curie Initial Training Network
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Bouman C, Gaillardet J, Gorbushina A, James R, Kamber B, Oelkers E, Tesmer M & Ashton J

(2015) Pushing the Limits of Atmospheric Trace Metal Detection in Peat Samples
Rosca C, Tomlinson E, Mitchell F, McGlynn G & Kamber B

(2015) Antecryst Trace Element Mapping: Solving Magma History Puzzles
Ubide T, McKenna C, Chew D & Kamber B

(2015) Covert Impact-Induced Heavy O in Zircon: Implications for the Hadean
Kenny G, Whitehouse M & Kamber B

(2015) Impact Triggered Mantle Melting? New Data from the Sudbury Basin
Guyett P, Kenny G, O'Sullivan E, Ubide T, Ames D & Kamber B

(2015) Geochemistry as a Tool for Mineral Exploration at Ballinalack, Ireland
Kalveram A-K, McClenaghan SH, Hewson CJ, Cook S & Kamber BS

(2015) Do Cr Isotopes Really Fingerprint Precambrian Surface Oxidation?
Babechuk M, Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Swanner E, Webb S & Kamber B

(2015) Geochemical Indicators in Higher Plants as an Exploration Tool
Mavrić D, Ashton JH, McClenaghan SH & Kamber B

(2015) Silicon Isotopic Sytemematics of Different Weathering Profiles, Deccan Traps, India
Wille M, Babechuk MG, Widdowson M, Kamber BS & Schoenberg R

(2015) REE Determination in Olivine by LA-ICP-MS: An Analytical Strategy and Applications
Stead C, Tomlinson E, Kamber B & Babechuk M

(2015) High-Resolution U-Pb LA-Q-ICPMS Age Mapping of Zircon
Chew D, Petrus J, Kamber B, Ubide T & McKenna C

(2015) The Beginning and End of Archaean-Style Continental Growth
Kamber BS

(2013) Carbonates of the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation: REE and Sr Isotopic Indications of their Origin
Crne AE, Lepland A, Kamber BS, Melezhik VA, Prave AR, Fallick AE, Brasier AT & Condon DJ

(2013) A Novel 2D LA-ICP-MS Data Analysis and Visualization Solution
Petrus J & Kamber B

(2013) Evaluating the Role of Microscopic Pyrite for Budgets of Vital Metals in Precambrian Carbonate
Gallagher M & Kamber BS

(2013) Submarine Meteorite Impact Craters as Potential Cradles of Life: Mineralogical Evidence from the Onaping Formation, Sudbury
Kenny G & Kamber B

(2013) A First-Order Deep Time Reconstruction of the Marine Sr/Ba Ratio from Microbial Carbonate
Kamber B, Naegler T, Turner E, Webb G & Pretet C

(2013) The Evolving Nature of Terrestrial Crust from the Hadean, Through the Archaean, into the Proterozoic
Kamber B

(2013) U-Pb LA-ICP-MS Dating of Common Pb-Bearing Accessory Minerals Using VizualAge/Iolite
Chew D, Petrus J & Kamber B

(2013) High-Precision Nd Isotope and HFSE Analysis of Deccan Traps Weathering Profiles
Babechuk M, Widdowson M, Murphy M & Kamber B

(2012) The Meso- and Early Neoproterozoic Deep Ocean REE Issue
Kamber B, Turner E, O'Hare S, Baldwin G & Hahn K

(2012) Yttrium Mobility during Weathering: Implications for Riverine Y/Ho
Babechuk M, Kamber B & Widdowson M

(2012) Ice, but no Fire: A New Depositional Age for the Rapitan Group, Canada
Baldwin GJ, Turner EC & Kamber BS

(2011) Micro-Xrd and ICP-MS Analysis of Sub-Milligram Sized Mineral Samples
Ross KC & Kamber BS

(2011) VisualAge: A Novel Approach to U-Pb LA-ICP-MS Geochronology
Petrus JA & Kamber BS

(2011) High-Resolution, Ultra-Trace and Major Element Chemical Stratigraphy of a New Paleoproterozoic Weathering Profile
Babechuk MG & Kamber BS

(2011) A Combined U/Pb and Hf-Isotope Study of up to 4.0 Ga Detrital Zircon from the Wyoming Province
Kamber B, Whitehouse M & Woodhead J

(2010) Evidence of a Redox Chemocline in post-Goe Oceans from the 1.9 Ga Gunflint Iron Formation
Hage M, Kamber B & Fedo C

(2010) Steady-State U-Series Systematics Recorded in Two Deep Weathering Profiles, India
Kamber B & Widdowson M

(2009) Oceanic Nickel Depletion and a Methanogen Famine Before the Great Oxidation Event
Konhauser K, Pecoits E, Lalonde S, Papineau D, Nisbet E, Barley M, Arndt N, Zahnle K & Kamber B

(2009) Trace Element Records of Hydration and Dehydration Reactions in Ultramafic Rocks
Kodolányi J, Pettke T, Spandler C, Scambelluri M, John T, Kamber B & Gméling K

(2009) An Empirical Comparison of Expected Versus Observed REE Distribution in Mantle Pyroxene
Ross KC & Kamber BS

(2009) The History of Open Ocean Seawater Stable Fe Isotopes from the Carbonate Record
von Blanckenburg F, Kamber B, Bau M & Webb G

(2009) The Compatibility of W during Silicate Differentiation
Babechuk MG & Kamber BS

(2009) Mantle-Atmosphere Interaction Through Time
Kamber BS

(2009) Detailed History of Holocene Climate Variability in Australia from Dust Records in Peat Cores
Marx S, Kamber B, McGowan H & Denholm J

(2009) Precambrian Nickel Sources and Sinks
Pecoits E, Lalonde S, Barley M, Kamber B & Konhauser K

(2008) Origin of High µ Isotope Signature in Late Archean Granitoids
Ulrich T, Kamber B, Mekala RM & Whitehouse M

(2008) Fluid-Mobile Elements in Evolved Archean Magmas: Implications for Archean Subduction Processes
Kamber B, Mohan R & Piercey S

(2008) In situ Dating of Metamorphic Zircon, Kapuskasing Structural Zone: Crustal Refinement of a Late Archean LIP
Benn K & Kamber B

(2008) Pb Purification by HBr-Hcl and HBr-Hno3 – A Comparison
Gladu A & Kamber B

(2008) REE and Y Compositions of Archean and Paleoproterozoic Banded Iron-Formations
Pecoits E, Lalonde S, Kamber B & Konhauser K

(2008) Identification of Palaeo-Drought Episodes in Eastern Australia: High Resolution Dust Flux Records as an Indicator of Teleconnections and Associated Drought in the Australian Region
Marx S, Kamber B & McGowan H

(2007) Establishing High Precision Trace Element Maps of the Main Dust Source Areas of Eastern and South-Central Australia
Kamber B, McGowan H, Marx S & Petherick L

(2007) Mantle and Crustal Processes in the Hadean and Archean: Evidence for the Onset of Subduction at 3.8 Ga
Shirey S, Kamber B, Whitehouse M, Mueller P & Basu A

(2006) Significance of the longevity of the marine rare earth pattern
Lawrence M, Collerson K & Kamber B

(2006) Primitive mantle source components with variable initial (U+Th)/He and U/Pb inferred from new data from Tristan da Cunha
Murphy D, Ballentine C, Burgess R & Kamber B

(2006) Micro-scale (SIMS) sulphur isotope evidence for late Archean rise in shallow oceanic free oxygen.
Whitehouse M & Kamber B

(2005) Comparative Stable Fe Isotope Systematics of Terrestrial and Meteoritic Materials
Schoenberg R, Kamber BS & von Blanckenburg F

(2004) Combined 34S/33S/32S, Pb-Isotope and Trace Element Data for a Pyritic Banded-Iron Formation from the 3.71 Ga Isua Greenstone Belt
Young E, Kamber B, Baublys K & Golding S

(2003) Geological Setting and Biogenicity of 3.45 Ga Stromatolitic Cherts, East Pilbara, Australia
Van Kranendonk M, Webb G, Kamber B & Pirajno F

(2002) Solution of the First Terrestrial Pb-Isotope Paradox by Garnetite Accumulation in the Transition Zone
Murphy D, Kamber B & Collerson K

(2002) How Unradiogenic is Pb in the Core? No Limits to Core-Mantle Exchange
Kamber B, Schoenberg R & Collerson K

(2002) Unradiogenic W in Kimberlites: Direct Evidence for Core-Mantle Interaction
Collerson K, Schoenberg R & Kamber B

(2002) H2O in the Mantle Drives Secular Change in Continetal Petrology
Kleinhanns I, Kramers J & Kamber B

(2002) Evidence for ~3.8 Ga Meteorite Bombardment of the Earth
Schoenberg R, Kamber BS, Collerson K & Moorbath S

(2000) Element Fractionation in Subduction Zones: An Eclogite, Adakite, and 3.7 Ga Tonalite Perspective
Kamber BS & Collerson KD

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