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All abstracts by Vadim S. Kamenetsky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) High Water in Meimechites of the Siberian Traps LIP
Ivanov A, Mukasa S, Kamenetsky V, Ackerson M, Demonterova E, Pokrovsky B & Vladykin N

(2017) Halogens and Water in MORB and OIB and the Origin of HIMU
Kendrick M, Hemond C, Kamenetsky V, Danyushevsky L, Devey C, Rodemann T, Jackson M & Perfit M

(2017) Isotope and Geochemical Characteristics of Native Gold from the Olympic Dam Deposit
Beznosikova J, Yakubovich O, Kamenetsky V, Ehrig K, Savatenkov V & Salnikova E

(2017) Southwestern Africa on the Burner: Pleistocene Carbonatite Volcanism Linked to Mantle Upwelling in Angola
Giuliani A, Campeny M, Kamenetsky VS, Maas R, Melgarejo JC, Kohn BP, Matchan EL, Mangas J, Goncalves AO & Manuel J

(2017) Origin of Volatiles Emitted by Plinian Basaltic Eruptions of the Chikurachki Volcano, Kurile Arc, Russia
Gurenko A, Belousov A, Kamenetsky V & Zelenski M

(2015) Geochemical Constraints on Kimberite Ascent Mechanisms Revealed by Phlogopite in Kimberlite and Mantle Xenoliths
Giuliani A, Phillips D, Kamenetsky VS & Goemann K

(2015) Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au Deposit: 87Sr/86Sr in Carbonate Gangue Documents Long Formation History
Maas R, Apukhtina O, Kamenetsky V & Ehrig K

(2015) Immiscibility of Silicate, Carbonate, Fluoride and Chloride Melt at Oldoinyo Lengai
Potter N, Kamenetsky V & Simonetti A

(2015) Alkali-Carbonate Rich Melt Inclusions in Magmatic Minerals of the Venetia Kimberlite, South Africa
Abersteiner A, Giuliani A, Kamenetsky V & Phillips D

(2015) Primitive Island Arc Ankaramite in the Urals: An Example of Primary Melt for the Ural-Alaskan Type Ultramafic Intrusions
Pushkarev E, Kamenetsky V, Gottman I, Ryazancev A & Yaxley G

(2015) Colloform Zn-S-O-Al-Pb-Si as a Precursor to Sphalerite in the Grieves Siding Peat, Tasmania
Awid-Pascual R, Kamenetsky V & Goemann K

(2015) The Role of Cr-Spinel Crystallization on Platinum Group Elememt Fractionation in Terrestrial Magmas
Park J-W, Kamenetsky V & Campbell I

(2015) Oxygen Isotopes in the Gorgona Komatiites: Confirmation of Magmatic Origin of H2O
Gurenko A, Kamenetsky V & Kerr A

(2014) The Abundance and Origin of Cl, Br and I in the Earth’s Mantle
Kendrick M, Kamenetsky V, Arculus R, Jackson M & Woodhead J

(2013) Volatile Element Content of the Mid-Ocean Ridge Mantle
Shimizu K, Saal A, Hauri E, Kamenetsky V & Hékinian R

(2013) Phosphorus-Bearing Pyroxenes in Flood Basalts with Native Iron, Khungtukun, Polar Siberia, Russia
Zhitova L, Sharygin V, Kamenetsky V, Karmanov N & Nigmatulina E

(2013) Tectonomagmatic Origin of the Late Jurassic Volcanism in the Patagonia Province, Argentina
Serrano L, Kamenetsky V, Marzoli A, Marquez M, Bellieni G, Bertrand H & Ballhaus C

(2013) Magnetite-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Phoscorites and Carbonatites (Kovdor, Kola): A Hydrous Analog of Oldoinyo Lengai Natrocarbonatites?
Zaitsev A & Kamenetsky V

(2013) The Olympic Dam Giant Ore Deposit – A Fossil Nuclear Reactor?
Kirchenbaur M, Ehrig K, Maas R, Kamenetsky V, Ballhaus C & Münker C

(2013) Sodium Rich Magmas Parental to Catanda Carbonatitic Lavas (Angola): Melt Inclusion Evidence
Campeny M, Kamenetsky V, Melgarejo JC, Mangas J, Bambi A & Manuel J

(2013) Dating Mantle Metasomatism: A New Tool (U/Pb LIMA Titanate) and an Impostor (40Ar/39Ar Phlogopite)
Giuliani A, Phillips D, Kendrick MA, Maas R, Greig A, Armstrong R, Felgate MR & Kamenetsky VS

(2013) Xenoliths, XANES and Redox-Related Processes in the Cratonic Lithosphere
Yaxley G, Berry A, Woodland A, Hanger B & Kamenetsky V

(2013) Oxygen Fugacity in the Kaapvaal Cratonic Lithosphere – Evidence from Fe XANES Measurements of Fe3+ in Garnet from the Kimberley Pipe
Hanger B, Yaxley G, Berry A, Kamenetsky V, Paterson D & Howard D

(2013) Zn-Pb-Fe Sulfide Formation in Grieves Siding Peat, Tasmania
Pascual R, Kamenetsky V, Goemann K, Noble T & Allen N

(2013) Paleoarchean Felsic Magmatism: A Melt Inclusion Study of 3.45 Ga Volcanic Rocks from the Barberton Greenstone Belt
Agangi A, Hofmann A & Kamenetsky VS

(2013) Carbonate Mineralisation in the Supergiant Olympic Dam Deposit
Apukhtina OB, Kamenetsky VS & Ehrig K

(2013) PGE-Au Potential of Sulphide-Saturated Melts from the Subcontinental Lithosphere
Kamenetsky V, Maas R, Fonseca R, Ballhaus C & Heuser A

(2012) Redox Conditions and Metasomatic Activity beneath the Wesselton Kimberlite, South Africa
Hanger B, Yaxley G, Berry A & Kamenetsky V

(2011) Volatiles in the Kimberlite Melt – What Drives Ascent and Causes Explosive Eruption?
Kamenetsky V

(2011) Halogens (Cl, Br, I) in Basalt Glasses
Kendrick M, Kamenetsky V, Woodhead J, Phillips D & Honda M

(2011) The Effect of Cl on the Solubilty of Au and Pd in Andesitic Melts
Botcharnikov R, Linnen R, Guillong M, Holtz F & Kamenetsky V

(2011) Redox Profile Through the Siberian Craton: Fe K-Edge XANES Determination of Fe3+/Fe2+ in Garnet from Peridotite Xenoliths of the Udachnaya Kimberlite
Yaxley G, Berry A, Kamenetsky V, Woodland A, Paterson D, de Jonge M & Howard D

(2011) Olympic Dam U-Cu-Au Deposit, Australia: New Age Constraints
Maas R, Kamenetsky V, Ehrig K, Meffre S, McPhie J & Diemar G

(2010) Origin of Quartz-Eyes from Porphyry-Type Deposits
Vasyukova O, Gömann K, MacRae C & Kamenetsky V

(2009) Mobility of Lithophile Trace Elements during the Late Magmatic Stage in the Felsic Gawler Range Volcanics, South Australia
Agangi A, Kamenetsky V, McPhie J, Allen S & Chambefort I

(2009) The Mantle Sources of Continental Flood Basalts from Oxygen Isotope Composition of Primitive Olivine Phenocrysts
Bindeman I & Kamenetsky V

(2009) B Isotope Composition of Gorgona Komatiites: Do Melt Inclusions Support a Subduction-Related Origin?
Gurenko A, Kamenetsky V, Sobolev A & Kerr A

(2009) Garnet Pyroxenite Melting at the Break-Up of Gondwana (Karoo LIP) to Present day (Bouvet TJ)
Kamenetsky V, Zellmer G, Kuzmin D, Maas R, Yaxley G & Sobolev A

(2009) Melting of Carbonated Eclogite at 3.5-5.5 GPa: An Experimental Study
Kiseeva E, Yaxley G & Kamenetsky V

(2008) Inclusions of Immiscible Sulfide Melts in Olivine Phenocrysts from Mantle-Derived Magmas
McNeill A, Danyushevsky L, Kamenetsky V, Feig S & Crawford T

(2008) Trace Element Geochemistry of Nyerereite and Gregoryite Phenocrysts from Oldoinyo Lengai Natrocarbonatite Lava
Mitchell R & Kamenetsky V

(2008) The Merits of “Recycled Oceanic Crust-Eclogite” Lineage in the Mantle Source of Group-I Kimberlite Melts
Kamenetsky V & Maas R

(2007) Recycled Oceanic Crust as a Possible Source of Kimberlites – Isotopic Evidence from Perovskite, Udachnaya-East Pipe, Siberia
Maas R, Kamenetsky V & Sharygin V

(2007) Trace Element and Volatile Signature of Etna Magma Source(s): A Melt Inclusion Approach
Metrich N, Kamenetsky V, Allard P & Pompilio M

(2007) Survival Times of Anomalous Melt Inclusions; Constraints from REE Diffusion in Olivine and Chromite
Spandler C, O'Neill H & Kamenetsky V

(2007) The Source and Fate of Silica in Mineralized Porphyries Revealed by SEM-Cl Textures of Quartz
Goemann K, Vasyukova O & Kamenetsky V

(2007) Dehydration Processes Determine fO2 of Arc and Intraplate Magmas
Elburg M & Kamenetsky V

(2007) The Speciation of Metals in Natural Fluid Inclusions at Temperatures up to 700 C
Berry A, Harris A, Kamenetsky V, Newville M & Sutton S

(2006) Exceptional mobility of Cu and Ag inferred from experiments with rhyolitic melt inclusions in quartz
Kamenetsky V & Danyushevsky L

(2006) Heterogeneous primary melts of the Emeishan picrites: contribution from eclogite to “plume” magmas
Kamenetsky M, Kamenetsky V, Chung S-L, Crawford A, Kuzmin D & Sobolev A

(2006) Alkali carbonates and sulfides in kimberlite-hosted chloride-carbonate nodules (Udachnaya pipe, Russia)
Sharygin V, Kamenetsky V & Kamenetsky M

(2006) Metals and chlorine in the evolution of convergent margin magmas
Sun W, Arculus R, Kamenetsky V, Binns R & Liang H-Y

(2006) Why are Udachnaya-East pipe kimberlites enriched in Cl and alkalis, but poor in H2O?
Kamenetsky VS, Kamenetsky MB, Sharygin VV, Maas R, Faure K & Sobolev V

(2006) Low-Calcium Olivine Crystals in Subduction-Related Magmas: Messengers From the Mantle or the Magma Chamber?
Elburg M, Kamenetsky VS, Arculus R & Thomas R

(2006) Apatite in Cu-sulfide ore from the Mount Polley alkalic porphyry, BC Canada
Bath AB, Logan JM & Kamenetsky VS

(2006) Source variability and crustal contamination of the Baffin Island picrites – coupled Sr isotope and trace element study of individual melt inclusions
Harlou R, Pearson DG, Davidson JP, Kamenetsky VS & Yaxley GM

(2006) Hydrosilicate liquids in late magmatic processes: experimental results and natural evidence
Smirnov S, Thomas V, Peretyazhko I, Zagorsky V, Kamenetsky V & Large R

(2005) Why Golden Fingers Point to the Arc?
Sun W, Arculus R, Kamenetsky V & Binns R

(2004) Evolution of the Mantle Source beneath Macquarie Ridge Revealed by Macquarie Island Glasses
Kamenetsky V & Maas R

(2004) Mixing of high-Ca Arc-Related Melts in Lombok (Indonesia)
Elburg M, Kamenetsky V, Sobolev A & Foden J

(2004) Extreme Compositional Variability of the Mantle-Plume Related Magmas from Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean
Debajyoti P, Kamenetsky V & Hofmann A

(2004) Alkali Chloride-Carbonate Mantle Component in the Uniquely Fresh Udachnaya Pipe Kimberlites
Kamenetsky M, Sobolev A, Maas R, Kamenetsky V & Sobolev N

(2004) Geochemical Characteristics of Basaltic Lavas from Lucky Strike Central Volcanic Complex
Ferreira P, Murton B, Kamenetsky V & Munha J

(2003) Mechanisms of Re Enrichment in Subduction Related Magmas
Sun W, Kamenetsky V & Bennett V

(2002) Chemistry of High-Temperature Fluids in Fe-Oxide Cu-Au Systems
Bastrakov E, Kamenetsky V, Skirrow R & Mernagh T

(2002) Magmatic Fluids Coexisting with Felsic Melts: An Example from Rio Blanco Rhyolite, Chile
Davidson P, Kamenetsky V, Hollings P, Cooke D & Frikken P

(2002) Melt Immiscibility in Granite: A "Missing Link" in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition
Kamenetsky V & Naumov V

(2002) Low H2O in the LOMU Source of Oceanic Magmas: Inferences from a South Atlantic Submarine Glass
Michael PJ & Kamenetsky VS

(2002) Rhenium Systematics in Submarine MORB, Arc and Back-Arc Basin Glasses by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Sun W, Bennett V, Eggins S, Arculus R, Kamenetsky V & Falloon T

(2002) A Melt Inclusion Study of Baffin Bay Picrites
Yaxley G, Kamenetsky V, Kamenetsky M & Francis D

(2000) Melt Inclusion Evidence for Komatiite Genesis in the Gorgona Plume
Sylvester PJ, Kamenetsky VS & McDonough WF

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