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All abstracts by Sandra Kamo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Intensive Volcanic Eruptions Recorded in Black Shales within the Xiamaling Formation in the North China Craton
Zhang S-H, Kamo S, Ernst RE, Pei J, Hu G & Zhang Q-Q

(2020) U-Pb Geochronology of Two Devonian Large Igneous Provinces, Siberian Craton
Duckworth-Battye S, Kamo S & Ernst R

(2019) The Kalahari Craton in the Fiery Heart of Rodinia
Gumsley A, Sałacińska A, Knoper M, Mamuse A, Chew D, Söderlund U, Kamo S, Szopa K & Ernst R

(2015) High Resolution CA-ID-TIMS U-Pb Dating of the Rustenburg Layered Suite: Out of Sequence Layering in the Upper Critical Zone?
Mungall J, Kamo S & McQuade S

(2007) Towards Improved Accuracy of SHRIMP Zircon 207Pb-206Pb Measurements
Stern R, Kamo S, Bodorkos S, Hickman A & Corfu F

(2006) The Permian-Triassic boundary event and eruption of the Siberian flood basalts: an inter-laboratory U-Pb dating study
Kamo S, Crowley J & Bowring SA

(2005) The Role of U-Pb TIMS Dating in Resolving the Causes of Mass Extinction Events
Kamo S

(2002) An Isotope Dilution, Etch Abrasion Solution to the Akilia Island U-Pb Age Controversy
Krogh T, Kamo S & Kwok YY

(2000) U-Pb Zircon and Baddeleyite and U-Th-Pb Perovskite Ages for Siberian Flood Volcanism, Maymecha-Kotuy Area, Siberia
Kamo SL, Czamanske GK, Amelin Y, Fedorenko V & Trofimov V

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