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All abstracts by Shuh-Ji Kao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Diapycnal Fluxes of Nutrients and Carbon in an Oligotrophic Oceanic Regime: The South China Sea
Dai M, Du C, Liu Z & Kao S-J

(2017) Light Effect on N2 Fixation and Diazotroph Derived Nitrogen Net Release of Field Trichodesmium
Lu Y, Wen Z, Shi D, Chen M, Zhang Y, Li Y, Tian J & Kao S-J

(2016) The Accumulation of Nitrous Oxide in the Euphotic Zone
Wan X, Sheng H, Zhu Y, Xu M, Dai M & Kao SJ

(2016) Isotopic Insights for Sources and Export Behavior of Organic Carbon to Deep Ocean Through a Submarine Canyon in Active Margins
Zheng L-W, Ding X-D, Lee T-Y, Liu JT, Li D, Zheng X & Kao S-J

(2016) P Control on Millennial Scale Productivity in Subtropical North Pacific over the Past 92 kyr
Li D, Kao S-J, Fang T-H, Zheng L-W, Ding X-D, Chang Y-P & Chen M-T

(2016) Vertical Distribution and Controls of Nitrification in the Upper Ocean of Northwestern Pacific
Xu M, Wu Y, Wan X, Lu Y & Kao S

(2016) Radiogenic and Stable Sr Isotopic Compositions in Rivers from Choshui River during Typhoon Mindulle
You C-F, Liu H-C, Chung C-H, Kao S-J & Meyer K

(2015) Ammonium Utilization by Nitrifier and Phytoplankton in Photic Zone at Northwestern Pacific Ocean
Xu M, Wu Y, Wan XS & Kao S-J

(2015) Isotopic Composition of Water-Soluble Nitrate in Bulk Atmospheric Deposition at Dongsha Island: Sources and Implications of External N Supply to the Northern South China Sea
Yang J-YT, Hsu S-C, Dai M, Hsiao SS-Y & Kao S-J

(2015) Concentration Dependent Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation during Ammonium Uptake by Phytoplankton in a Highly Eutrophic Estuary and its Application to Determine the Phytoplankton Contribution to Particulate Organic Matter
Liu K-K, Wu P-C & Kao S-J

(2015) Isotope Constraints on Dynamic Nitrogen Transformations in a Nitrogen-Replete Coastal Bay in Southern China
Kao S-J, Wu Y, Xu M, Wan X & Sheng H

(2013) Efficient Preservation of Terrestrial Organic Carbon Offshore Taiwan: Implications for the Global Carbon Cycle
Hilton R & Kao S-J

(2012) Submarine Groundwater Discharge at an Active Margin: NE Taiwan Coast
Gattacceca JC, Hovius N, West AJ, Galy A, Hammond D, Liu JT & Kao S-J

(2012) Climatic and Geomorphic Controls on the Erosion of Carbon from Mountain Forest: Implications for Earth's Thermostat
Hilton R, Galy A, Hovius N, Kao S-J, Horng M-J & Chen H

(2011) Efficient Cycling of Particulate Organic Carbon Through Orogenic Systems
Hovius N, Galy A, Hilton R, Sparkes R, Kao S-J & Liu J

(2010) Chemical Weathering in the Central and Coastal Ranges of Taiwan
Goldsmith S, Kao S-J, Carey A, Lyons WB, Selveraj K & Lee TY

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