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All abstracts by Teruhiko Kashiwabara in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Osmium Isotope Stratigraphy Age and Elemental Composition of Ferromanganese Crusts from Iwaki Seamount
Kobayashi E, Suzuki K, Usui A, Chang Q, Makabe A, Kashiwabara T & Orihashi Y

(2021) Experimental Constraints on the Origin of Analytical 183W Deficits
Enomoto H, Iizuka T, Homma Y, Kobayashi O, Suzuki K & Kashiwabara T

(2020) Modern Precipitation of Ferromanganese Oxides and Metal Accumulation during 12-15-Yr on-Site Experiment at NW Pacific Seamounts
Usui A, Hino H, Suzushima D, Kashiwabara T, Tomioka N & Yamaoka K

(2019) Tellurium Isotope Analysis for the Surface Layer of the Ferromanganese Crusts from Two Seamounts in Northwest Pacific
Fukami Y, Kashiwabara T, Amakawa H, Shibuya T, Usui A & Suzuki K

(2019) Geochemistry of REY Carriers within REY-Rich Muds in the Pacific Ocean
Kashiwabara T, Toda R, Nakamura K, Yasukawa K, Fujinaga K, Kubo S, Nozaki T, Takahashi Y, Suzuki K & Kato Y

(2017) Stable Isotope Variation of Tellurium in Surface Layer of Marine Ferromanganese Crusts
Fukami Y, Kashiwabara T, Usui A, Kimura J-I & Suzuki K

(2017) Stable Isotope Fractionation of Tungsten during Adsorption on Fe and Mn (Oxyhydr)oxides
Kashiwabara T, Kubo S, Tanaka M, Senda R, Iizuka T, Tanimizu M & Takahashi Y

(2017) Difference of Cesium and Selenium Adsorptions between Biogenic and Synthetic Ferrihydrite
Kikuchi S, Kashiwabara T & Takahashi Y

(2016) Speciation of Platinum in Marine Ferromanganese Oxides Using Wavelength-Dispersive XAFS
Kashiwabara T, Watanabe Y, Sekizawa O, Nitta K, Terada Y, Uruga T, Usui A, Hein J & Takahashi Y

(2016) Speciation of Molybdenum and Tungsten in Euxinic Sediment Using Wavelength Dispersive XAFS
Watanabe Y, Kashiwabara T, Sekizawa O, Nitta K, Terada Y, Uruga T & Takahashi Y

(2016) Fractionation of Zirconium-Hafnium in Ferromanganese Crusts
Inagaki J, Sakaguchi A, Inoue M, Usui A, Haba H, Kashiwabara T, Yamasaki S, Sueki K & Takahashi Y

(2015) Synchrotron X-Ray Perspective on Formation Mechanism of REY-Rich Mud in the Eastern South Pacific
Kashiwabara T, Toda R, Nakamura K, Yasukawa K, Fujinaga K, Nozaki T, Takahashi Y, Suzuki K & Kato Y

(2014) Chemical Processes for the Extreme Enrichment of Te into Marine Ferromanganese Oxides
Kashiwabara T, Oishi Y, Sakaguchi A, Sugiyama T, Usui A & Takahashi Y

(2014) Oxidation State of Magmas at an Immature Subduction Zone-Inferred from Sulfur Speciation of Boninitic and Tholeiitic Melt Inclusions
Shimizu K, Kashiwabara T & Tamenori Y

(2013) Systematic Understanding of Adsorption of Oxyanions of Cr, Mo, and W at Solid/Water Interfaces
Ariga D, Tanaka M, Kashiwabara T & Takahashi Y

(2013) Tungsten Species in Natural Ferromanganese Oxdies Related to its Different Behavior from Molybdenum in Oxic Ocean
Kashiwabara T & Takahashi Y

(2012) Mechanisms of Isotopic Fractionation of Mo on Ferromanganese Oxides Based on the Systematics of its Surface Complex Structures
Kashiwabara T & Takahashi Y

(2011) Molecular-Scale Mechanism of Mo Isotopic Fractionation during Adsorption on Ferromanganese Oxides
Kashiwabara T, Takahashi Y & Tanimizu M

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