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All abstracts by Miranda J. Keith-Roach in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Rapid Weathering of Arsenopyrite in Agricultural Soils
Robson T, Braungardt C & Keith-Roach M

(2011) The Influence of Co-contaminant Complexing Agents on Radionuclide Environmental Behaviour
Keith-Roach M, Reinoso-Maset E, May C, Young L & Worsfold P

(2011) Effect of Climate Change-Driven Sea Water Intrusion on the Mobilisation of Tc(VI) from Reduced Sub-Surface Sediments
Eagling J, Worsfold P, O'Sullivan G & Keith-Roach M

(2009) Uranium Stability in Near-Surface Environments: Lessons from the Study of Depleted Uranium Munitions
Vaughan D, Alvarez R, Bryan N, Fomina M, Gadd G, Handley-Sidhu S, Keith-Roach M, Livens F & Lloyd J

(2008) Radionuclides, Organic Complexing Agents and Solid Phases: Exploring their Interactions
Reinoso-Maset E, Worsfold PJ & Keith-Roach MJ

(2008) The Corrosion of Depleted Uranium Penetrators in Grassland Soils
Handley-Sidhu S, Worsfold PJ & Keith-Roach MJ

(2008) Geochemical and Microbial Controls of the Decomposition and Dispersion of Depleted Uranium in the Environment: Experimental Studies
Vaughan D, Alvarez R, Bryan N, Fomina M, Gadd G, Handley-Sidhu S, Keith-Roach M, Livens F & Lloyd J

(2008) Impact of Organic Co-contaminant Complexation on Th Sorption to Sand
May C, Worsfold PJ & Keith-Roach M

(2007) Biogeochemistry of Plutonium and Uranium in Intertidal Sediments
Al-Bokari M, Lloyd J, Keith-Roach M & Livens F

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