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All abstracts by Adam Kent in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Intermediate Arc Magmatism and Crustal Evolution: The View from Big(ger) Data
Kent A

(2016) Cold Storage in Massive Magma Chambers
Kent A, Bradshaw R, Cooper K, Rubin A, Shrecengost K, Huber C & Degruyter W

(2015) Effect of Episodic Recharge on the Evolution of Upper Crustal Magma Chambers
Degruyter W, Huber C, Cooper K, Kent A & Bachmann O

(2015) Mineral-Scale Magma Generation: Insights from Rhyolite Lavas Prior to Last Yellowstone Supereruption
Troch J, Ellis B, Mark D, Bindeman I, Kent A & Bachmann O

(2015) Thermal Histories of Magma Storage and Implications for Magma Mixing
Cooper K, Kent A, Huber C, Rubin A, Schrecengost K, Degruyter W & Ruprecht P

(2014) Bimodal Amphibole Populations in Arc Magmas
Kent A

(2014) Trace Element Characteristics of Deformed and Undeformed Olivine from Kilauea Iki
Bradshaw R, Kent A & Ruprecht P

(2013) Thermal Histories from Crystal Records
Cooper K & Kent A

(2011) Megacryst Compositional Heterogeneities in Plagioclase Ultraphyric Basalts (PUBs)
Tepley Iii F, Lange A, Burleigh A, Nielsen R & Kent A

(2011) Assimilation of Lithospheric Mantle Melts by West Greenland Tholeiitic Magmas Recorded by Melt Inclusions
Peate D, Ukstins Peate I, Kent A & Rowe M

(2009) Volatile Contents of Belingewe Komatiites: Mantle Volatile Contents and the Effects of Degassing
Kent A, Hauri E, Woodhead J & Janet H

(2009) Chlorine Isotopes as Tracers of Slab Fluxes in Arc Magmas
Layne G, Kent A & le Roex P

(2008) A Combined “Top Down” and “Bottom’s up” Approach to Crystal Records: Chemical and Textural Quantification of Crystal Populations at Mount Hood, Oregon
Darr C & Kent A

(2008) Heterogeneous Melt Inclusions from Heterogeneous Mantle: An Example from Baffin Island, Canada
Kent A

(2008) Chlorine Isotope Systematics of a Back-Arc Spreading System
Layne G, Kent A & Bach W

(2008) Melt Inclusions as a Recorder of Crustal Assimilation Processes
Peate DW, Thompson J, Ukstins Peate I, Rowe M & Kent A

(2008) Assessing Parent Magma Compositions and H2O Contents in the Central Oregon Cascades
Ruscitto D, Wallace P, Kent A & Bindeman I

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