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All abstracts by Richard Alan Ketcham in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Possible Influence of Alpha Recoil Track Percolation on Helium Diffusivity in Apatite
Ketcham R, Gautheron C, Recanti A & Rahn M

(2014) Percolation of Radiation Damage and its Implications for Diffusivity in Zircon
Ketcham R

(2014) Quantifying the Effects of Radiation Damage on Helium Diffusion in Damaged Zircon
Goldsmith AS, Stockli DF, Ketcham RA & Creason CG

(2014) (U-Th)/He Dating of Magnetites in Serpentinites
Hernandez Goldstein E, Stockli D, Ketcham R & Seman S

(2013) A New Radiation Damage Based Model for He Diffusion in Zircon
Guenthner W, Reiners P, Ketcham R, Nasdala L & Giester G

(2013) Chemical Influence on Recoil Damage Annealing and Impact on (U-Th)/He Age in Apatite
Gautheron C, Pinna R, Ketcham R, Tassan-Got L, Carter A & Pagel M

(2012) Kinetics of Garnet Nucleation: Inferences from Natural Occurrences
Carlson W, Kelly E & Ketcham R

(2012) Magnetite (U-Th)/He Dating Attractive Dates in Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks
Stockli DF, Taylor JL, Szymanski E & Ketcham RA

(2008) Reproducibility of Apatite Fission-Track Length Inversion Modeling
Ketcham R & Donelick R

(2006) Relative U and Th Concentrations from LA-ICP-MS for Apatite Fission-Track Grain-Age Dating
Donelick RA, O'Sullivan PB, Ketcham RA, Hendriks BWH & Redfield TF

(2006) Improved measurement and modeling of fission tracks in apatite
Ketcham R, Carter A, Donelick R, Barbarand J & Hurford A

(2005) Can Competitive Porphyroblast Growth Lead to Size-Time Correlation?
Ketcham R

(2003) Effects of Allowable Complexity and Multiple Thermochronometers on Thermal History Inversion
Ketcham R

(2003) High Resolution X-Ray Microtomography of Polycrystalline Diamond
Vicenzi E, Heaney P, Ketcham R & Rivers M

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