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All abstracts by Michael Ketterer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Distrbution of Pu in the Coral of the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Hong GH, Kim SH, Lee H, Kawahata H, Siringan FP, Anderson DM, Ketterer ME & Baskaran M

(2014) Elemental, Isotopic, and Particle Fingerprinting of Dust Sources in the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona, USA
Saad E, Ketterer M & Tang Y

(2013) U Behaviour Under Acid Mine Drainage Conditions: Preliminary Results from an Experimental Approach in Río Tinto Area (Spain)
Barbero L, Ketterer M, Baskaran M, Hierro A, Bolívar JP & Casas-Ruiz M

(2011) 230Th-234U-238U Disequilibria along the River Catchments from the Iberian Belt (Spain) Affected by Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
Ketterer M, Hierro A, Barbero L, Olias M, Bolivar JP, Casas-Ruiz M & Baskaran M

(2010) Solute Transport and Bioturbation Models of the Downward Migration of Radionuclides in Soils
Matisoff G, Ketterer M, Rosen K, Mietelski W, Vitko L, Persson H & Lokas E

(2007) 236U Inventories, 236U/238U, and 236U/239Pu: The Stratospheric Fallout Signature
Ketterer M, Groves A & Strick B

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