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All abstracts by Matthew R. Kilburn in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Submicron Architecture of Bivalve Shells Revealed by Microbeam Techniques
Otter LM, Konsik MA, Kilburn MR, Sorowka A, Hoppe P, Williamson JE & Jacob DE

(2017) Zircon O Isotope (18O/16O) Single-Grain Mapping Using LG-Sims
Jeon H, Kilburn M & Martin L

(2017) Remarkably Preserved Tephra with Microfossil-Like Morphology from the ~3.43 Ga Strelley Pool Formation, Pilbara, Western Australia
Wacey D, Saunders M, Kong C & Kilburn M

(2017) Textural, Chemical and Isotopic Record of Fluid-Rock Interactions in Lawsonite-Eclogite from Port Macquarie (Australia)
Martin LAJ, Galtier A, Kilburn MR & Guagliardo P

(2017) Magnesium Facilitates Sulfate Incorporation into Carbonate
Fichtner V, Guagliardo P, Kilburn M, Mavromatis V, Immenhauser A & Strauss H

(2017) NanaoSIMS Mapping of 210RN and 226Ra in South Australian Copper Concentrates
Rollog M, Cook N, Guagliardo P, Kilburn M, Ehrig K & Ciobanu C

(2017) Rhenium and Os Spatial Distribution in Molybdenite Grains: Implications for Re-Os Geochronology
Barra F, Deditius A, Reich M & Kilburn M

(2016) Stable Isotope Labelling as a Tool to Investigate Mineral-Fluid Interaction
Kilburn M, Fiorentini M, Piazolo S, Rushmer T, Reddy S, Martin L & Jeon H

(2016) In situ Isotopic Analysis of Sulfides in High-Pressure Serpentinites
Crossley R, Evans K, Jeon H, Kilburn M, Roberts M & Reddy S

(2016) Rapid Crustal Recycling in the New England Orogen, Eastern Australia: Magma to Mud to Magma in < 20Ma
Jeon H, Kilburn M & Williams I

(2013) Geochemistry and Nano-Structure of Putative Filamentous Microbes from the 3.24 Ga Sulfur Springs Group, Pilbara, Western Australia
Wacey D, Saunders M, Kilburn M, Cliff J, Kong C, Barley M & McLoughlin N

(2013) High-Resolution Imaging and Quantification of Au in Sulphide Minerals Using NanoSIMS
Kilburn M & Liu R

(2011) Viruses: A Key Role in Microbial Mat Mineralization
Pacton M, Wacey D, Kilburn MR, Gorin GE & Vasconcelos C

(2011) Is the Oxygen Isotope Composition of Zircon Robust Against Aqueous Alteration?
Lenting C, Geisler T, Cliff JB, Kilburn MR & Nemchin AA

(2010) Biosignatures within Iron-Rich Concretions Originating in a Sandstone Paleoaquifer: Evidence of Microbial Oxidative Dissolution of Fe(II)-Carbonates
Weber KA, Spanbauer TL, Kettler RM, Loope D, Wacey D & Kilburn MR

(2009) A Combined SIMS and TEM Study of Potential Biosignals from Precambrian Rocks
Wacey D, Kilburn M & Saunders M

(2008) The Effect of QSA on S, C, O and Si Isotopic Ratio Measurements
Hillion F, Kilburn M, Hoppe P, Messenger S & Weber P

(2004) Submicron-Scale Coccolith Chemistry Revealed by NanoSIMS
Rickaby R, Belshaw N, Kilburn M, Taylor A, Grovenor C & Brownlee C

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