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All abstracts by Jung-Hyun Kim in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) The C32 Alkane-1, 15-Diol as a Tracer for Riverine Input in Coastal Seas
Lattaud J, De Jonge C, Kim J-H, Zell C, Sinninghe-Damste J & Schouten S

(2016) Impact of the Fish Farming on Sedimentary Organic Matter Composion in Lake Soyang (South Korea)
Kang SJ, Kim J-H, Gal J-K, Lee DH & Shin K-H

(2016) Comparison of Organic Temperature Proxies (UK’37, LDI) in the East Sea (Sea of Japan)
Gal J-K, Kim J-H, Lee D-H, Kang SJ, Hwang J & Shin K-H

(2015) Applicability of the Long Chain Diol Index in the East Sea (Sea of Japan)
Gal J-K, Kang S-J, Lee DH, Kim J-H & Shin K-H

(2015) Impacts of the Soyang Dam on Sedimentary Organic Matter Composition in its Reservoir (South Korea)
Kang S-J, Kim J-H, Damste´ JSS, Gal J-K, Lee D, Kim B & Shin K-H

(2012) Comparison of Three Organic Geochemical Proxies for Sea-Surface Temperatures in a Four Year Sediment Trap Record
Mollenhauer G, Uliana E, Basse A, Kim J-H, Romero O, Schefub E, Hefter J & Fischer G

(2008) Tracking Soil Organic Matter Export Across the Continent-Ocean Interface: A Case Study of the NW Mediterranean Using the BIT Index
Kim J-H, Buscail R, Bzarzycka B, Kerhervé P, Peterse F, Schouten S, Ludwig W & Sinninghe Damsté JS

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