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All abstracts by Kyoung-Ho Kim in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) The Use of Support Vector Machine Technique to Evaluate Groundwater Contamination by Poultry Burial
Oh J, Kim K-H & Yun S-T

(2016) The Use of Stable O-H Isotope Data to Evaluate Groundwater Recharge in Jeju Volcanic Island, Korea
Ryuh Y-G, Kim K-H, Moon S-H & Yun S-T

(2015) Hydrochemistry and Quality of CO2-rich Springs in Gyeongsang Sedimentary Basin, South Korea, as a Natural Analogue of CO2 Leakage from Geologic Carbon Storage Sites
Do H-K, Kim K-H & Yun S-T

(2015) Hydrochemical Assessment of Saline Groundwater in an Alluvial Floodplain of Red River, Vietnam, Using PCA-Based End-Member Mixing Analysis
Kim J-H, Kim K-H, Nguyen TT & Yun S-T

(2015) Assessment of Background Quality of Groundwater in Agro-Livestock Farming Areas of South Korea
Kim H, Kim K-H, Oh J, Kim S-O, Kim T-S, Kim H-K & Yun S-T

(2015) Quantification of Hydrochemical Facies of Groundwater Using Model-Based and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
Choi S, Yun S-T & Kim K-H

(2014) Temporal and Spatial Variability of Groundwater Quality in Pyosun Watershed, Jeju Island, South Korea
Nguyen TK, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Moon S-H & Ko G-W

(2013) Geologic Control of Groundwater Contamination in a Basaltic Aquifer beneath an Agricultural Field, South Korea
Jung H-W, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Oh S-S & Kang K-G

(2013) Interpretation of Hydrochemistry Data Using Bayesian Statistical Approaches to Delineate Groundwater Contamination Vulnerability
Kim H-R, Kim K-H, Kang K-G, Moon S-H & Yun S-T

(2013) Hydrochemical and Isotopic Study of CO2 Rich Groundwater in the Gyeongsang Sedimentary Basin, South Korea
Do H-K, Yun S-T, Kim K-H & Mayer B

(2013) Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Urban Groundwater in Seoul (South Korea) Using Self-Organizing-Map Technique
Lee K-J, Kim K-H & Yun S-T

(2013) Delineation of Groundwater Zones Using Weighted Overlay Analysis of Hydrochemical and Multiple Isotopic Data, Ulaanbaatar, Mongoila
Batsaikhan B, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Mayer B & Kim S-T

(2013) Cokriging Estimation of Soil Heavy-Metal Data Obtained from Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
Wang X-H, Kim K-H, Kim H-R, Hwang S-I, Kim H-D & Yun S-T

(2012) Hydrochemistry of Shallow Groundwater in Areas Affected by Livestock Burial
Oh J-S, Yun S-T, Lee J-H, Kim K-H, Choi K-J, Kim D-H, Kim T-S, Han J-S & Mayer B

(2012) Hydrochemical and Multiple Isotopic Approach to Delineate the Contamination of Urban Groundwater in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Bayartungalag B, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Mayer B, Kim S-T, Nemer B, Lee Y-J & Jang E-S

(2012) Distribution of Vanadium in a Basaltic Aquifer of Jeju Island, Korea: Effects of Geochemical Reactions and Hydrological Mixing
Jung H-W, Yun S-T, Mayer B, Kim K-H, Go Y-H, Oh S-S & Kang K-G

(2012) Bayesian Statistical Interpretation of Hydrochemistry Data to Delineate the Groundwater Vulnerability to Nitrate Contamination
Kim H-R, Kim K-H, Yun S-T, Kang K-G, Kim HM, Go Y-H & Moon S-H

(2011) Land Use Control of Groundwater Chemistry in the Pyosun Watershed, Jeju Island, Korea
Go Y-H, Yun S-T, Kang K-G, Mayer B, Kim K-H & Hyun H-N

(2011) Evaluation of Anthropogenic Contamination of Bedrock Groundwater Using Hydrochemical Data: An Example from Suburban Areas in Korea
Park S-S, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Kim HM & Jang E-S

(2010) The Hydrochemical, Isotopic, and Multivariate Statistical Assessment of Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater in Rural Areas of Korea
Choi B-W, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Mayer B, Choi B-Y, Lee B-Y, Kim H-M & Ko Y-H

(2010) Identification of Natural Versus Anthropogenic Contributions to Groundwater Geochemistry Using an Integrated Hydrochemical, Statistical, and Mass Balance Modeling Approach
Kim K-H, Yun S-T, Mayer B, Kim H-M & Choi B-Y

(2010) Hydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Shallow Groundwater in Areas Affected by the Norovirus
Lee J-H, Yun S-T, Kim S-O, Jeong YS, Mayer B, Kim K-H, Jheong W-H & Kim TS

(2009) Hyporheic Exchange and Associated Nitrogen Transformation at Groundwater-Surface Water Interface in an Alluvial Aquifer Underneath Agricultural Field
Kim K-H, Yun S-T, Choi B-Y & Mayer B

(2009) Kohonen Self Organizing Map (KSOM) Approach for Assessing Hydrochemistry of Deep Thermal Groundwater in Korea
Kim M-J, Kim K-H, Oh S-J & Yun S-T

(2009) Multivariate Statistical Interpretation of Hydrochemistry Data of Bedrock Groundwaters: Evaluation of Geochemical Backgrounds and Anthropogenic Contamination
Park S-S, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Kwon J-S & Joo C-M

(2008) Groundwater Recharge and Redox Zoning in an Alluvial Aquifer, Cheonan, Korea
Kim K-H, Yun S-T, Mayer B, Kim K & Joo C

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