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All abstracts by Rolf Kipfer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Real Time on-Site Gas Analysis – A Ballad of (Noble) Gases, Arsenic and Seismicity
Kipfer R, Lightfoot AK, Giroud S & Marion C

(2023) Tracking Fluids in Aquatic Systems by Monitoring Naturally Accumulating or Artificially Injected Gas Tracers with a Portable Mass Spectrometer (miniRUEDI)
Brennwald M, Marion C, Wang C, Newman CP, Humphrey EC, Peel M, Giroud S, Blanc T, Doda T & Kipfer R

(2023) First Application of 39Ar-Atta in Lake Water – Highly Enriched 39Ar Concentrations in Lake Kivu
Robertz J, Schmidt M, Wachs D, Bärenbold F, Arck Y, Ringena L, Schmid M, Kipfer R, Oberthaler M & Aeschbach W

(2023) Quantifying Carbon Cycling Across the Groundwater-Stream-Atmosphere Continuum Using High-Resolution Time Series of Multiple Dissolved Gases
Wang C, Brennwald M, Xie Y, McCallum J & Kipfer R

(2023) Using (Noble) Gases as Tracers to Assess Hydrology and Gas Dynamics in Trees
Marion C, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2023) Gases as Artificial Tracers to Study SW-Gw Interactions
Blanc T, Peel M, Brennwald M, Kipfer R & Brunner P

(2023) Excess Air in Noble Gas Data Sets: Systematics and Paleoclimatic Significance
Negele S, Aeschbach W, Seltzer AM, Ng J, Kulongoski JT, Severinghaus JP, Kipfer R & Stute M

(2023) Exploring the Potential Correlation between Fluid Evolution and Seismicity Through Dissolved Gas Monitoring in Thermal Water
Giroud S, Brennwald M, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2023) Groundwater Noble Gas Paleothermometry Record of 9℃ LGM Cooling in Eastern France
Bekaert DV, Blard P-H, Raoult Y, Pik R, Kipfer R, Seltzer AM, Legrain E & Marty B

(2023) Quantification of Residual DNAPL within Aquifer System Using Noble Gas and Radon
Kim YJ, Kipfer R, Kaown D, Kim J, Lee S-S, Kim J & Lee K-K

(2023) Noble Gases to Track Groundwater in Marine Sediments
Engelhardt E, Feldens P, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2022) Monitoring Dissolved Gases in Thermal Water to Assess the Potential Relation between Fluid Evolution and Seismicity
Giroud S, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2022) Aquitard Controls on Gaseous CH4 Production in an Arsenic Contaminated Aquifer
Lightfoot AK, Stopelli E, Berg M, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2022) Measuring Dissolved Gases in Trees
Marion C, Kipfer R, Brennwald M & Gharun M

(2022) The Ballad of Noble Gases, Paleoclimate and Groundwater in the Sea
Engelhardt E, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2022) Explicit Simulation of an Artificial Tracer Experiment: What Insights can be Gained by Assimilating Tracer Measurements in Physically-Based Numerical Models?
Peel M, Delottier H, Schilling OS, Blanc T, Brennwald M, Kipfer R & Brunner P

(2022) Buried Paleo-Channel Identification via Dissolved Atmospheric Noble Gases and Preferred Anisotropy Pilot Point Inversion
Schilling OS, Partington D, Doherty J, Kipfer R, Hunkeler D & Brunner P

(2021) Arsenic Mobilization by Anaerobic Iron-Dependent Methane Oxidation
Kappler A, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Schneider M, Rathi B, Straub D, Vu D, Pham T, Pham V, Lightfoot AK, Kipfer R, Berg M, Jetten M & Kleindienst S

(2021) Compensation of Mass Spectrometric Interferences with the miniRUEDI Portable Mass Spectrometer
Brennwald M, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2021) Hydrothermal Activity in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean – How Noble Gases Can Help to Identify Different Regimes of Hydrothermal Transport in Ocean Sediments
Horstmann E, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald M, Liebetrau V, Schmidt M & Kipfer R

(2021) Detection of a Previously Unknown Deep-Water Source for Mt. Fuji’s Freshwater Springs via Dissolved Noble Gases, Microbial DNA and Vanadium
Schilling OS, Nagaosa K, Brennwald M, Brunner P, Kipfer R & Kato K

(2021) How miniRUEDI Sniffs the World: Towards Real Time on-Site Analysis of (Noble) Gases in the Context of Fracking and Nuclear Waste Disposal
Kipfer R, Brennwald M & Tomonaga Y

(2021) Monitoring Dissolved Gases in Thermal Water to Assess the Potential Relation between Fluid Evolution and Seismicity
Giroud S, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2021) Aquitard Constraints on Degassing in an Arsenic Contaminated Aquifer
Lightfoot AK & Kipfer R

(2021) Geochemical Monitoring of a CO2 Injection into a Caprock Analogue
Weber U, Rinaldi AP, Roques C, Zappone A, Bernasconi SM, Jaggi M, Wenning Q, Schefer S, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2021) Using Helium as Artificial Tracer to Characterize Surface Water – Groundwater Interactions
Peel M, Blanc T, Brennwald M, Brunner P & Kipfer R

(2021) 4He/U-Th Dating of Pore Waters from Quaternary Sediments of the Swiss Midland
Tomonaga Y, Buechi M, Deplazes G & Kipfer R

(2020) Experiences from the ICO2P Project Applied to Migration Monitoring of Injected CO2
Weber UW, Sundal A, Hellevang H & Kipfer R

(2020) Gas and Groundwater Dynamics in an As Contaminated Aquifer
Lightfoot A, Brennwald M, Stopelli E & Kipfer R

(2020) 4He/U-Th Dating of Pore Waters from Quaternary Sediments of the Swiss Midland
Tomonaga Y, Horstmann E, Deplazes G & Kipfer R

(2020) To Towards Real Time Insitu (Noble) Gas Determination (or How mini-Ruedi Ruessel Sniffs the World)
Brennwald M, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2019) How mini-Ruedi Ruessel Sniffs the World – Towards Real-Time in situ Gas Determination in the Field
Brennwald M, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2019) Noble Gas Composition of Sediment Pore Water at a Hydrothermal Vent Site
Horstmann E, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald M, Schmidt M, Liebetrau V & Kipfer R

(2018) Microbial Arsenic Mobilization in Groundwater Aquifers of the Red River Delta, Vietnam
Patzner MS, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Kipfler R, Winkel L, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rhati B, Pommer H, Vu D, Tran M, Thrang P, Viet PH, Berg M, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2018) Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand As Mobilization in the Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam
Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Patzner M, Kipfer R, Winkel L, Berg M, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rathi B, Prommer H, Pham Hung V, Vu D, Vi Mai L, Pham T, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2018) From Quantum Mechanics to Molecular Diffusion and Climate Reconstruction
Tyroller L, Magalhaes HP, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2018) CO2 Capture Processes Monitored with Noble Gas Measurements
Weber UW, Sundal A, Brennwald M, Ringrose P, Aagaard P & Kipfer R

(2018) Quantifying Air/Water Exchange Using High-Resolution Time Series of Dissolved Atmospheric Ar, Kr, and N2 in Shallow Surface Waters
Brennwald MS, Weber UW, Cook P, Kipfer R & Stieglitz T

(2018) Tracing the Spatio-Temporal Variability of Hyporheic Exchange Flow
Popp A & Kipfer R

(2018) Quantifying the Contribution of Snowmelt to Groundwater Recharge with Portable Mass Spectrometry-Based Dissolved Gas Analysis
Schilling OS, Brennwald M, Kipfer R & Therrien R

(2018) Geogenic Arsenic and Manganese in Anoxic Riverbank Groundwater along the Amazon River
de Meyer C, Kipfer R, Wahnfried I, Roeser P, Rodriguez J & Berg M

(2017) Continuous on Site Air-Water Gas Exchange Measurements
Weber U & Kipfer R

(2017) On-Site Analysis of Gas Concentrations at Lake Kivu, Central Africa
Bärenbold F, Schmid M, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2017) Strange Isotopic Fractionation of Noble Gases Diffusing Through Water
Magalhães HP, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2017) Paleo-Temperature and Hydrological Signal from Water and Noble Gas Amounts of Swiss Stalagmite
Ghadiri E, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2017) High-Resolution (Noble) Gas Time Series for Environmental Research
Brennwald MS, Cook P, Stieglitz T, Banks E, Popp A, Weber U, Moeck C & Kipfer R

(2017) Noble Gas Analysis of Sediment Pore Fluids Near Black Smoker
Horstmann E, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald M, Schmidt M & Kipfer R

(2017) On-Line Monitoring of the Gas Composition in the Full-Scale Emplacement Experiment at Mt. Terri (Switzerland)
Tomonaga Y, Giroud N, Brennwald MS, Horstmann E, Kipfer R & Wersin P

(2017) A Multitracer Approach to Estimate Groundwater Mixing Ratios
Popp A, Brennwald M, Möck C, Radny D & Kipfer R

(2017) Apparent Heating of Groundwater in the Gardermoen Aquifer, Norway
Sundal A, Kipfer R & Brennwald M

(2016) Continuous Noble Gas Analysis to Estimate Artificial Groundwater Recharge for Drinking Water Production
Popp A, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2016) Noble-Gas Temperature Reconstructions on Swiss Stalagmite during the Last Glacial – Interglacial Transition
Ghadiri E, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2016) Detecting Inter-Aquifer Leakage and Recharge Using Multiple Environmental Tracers
Priestley SC, Love AJ, Wohling D, Post VEA, Shand P, Kipfer R, Payne TE, Stute M & Tyroller L

(2016) The Story of Real-Time Noble Gas Analysis in the Field, Black Smokers and the Paleocene-Eocene-Thermal Maximum
Brennwald MS, Schmidt M & Kipfer R

(2016) Advances in the on-Site and Remote-Controlled Analysis of Dissolved (Noble) Gases in Water Bodies
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS, Rüssel R & Kipfer R

(2016) Using Isotopic Data for the Calibration of a Coupled Surface Water-Groundwater Model
Schilling OS, Partington D, Gerber C, Purtschert R, Kipfer R, Hunkeler D & Brunner P

(2015) Landing (Noble) Gas Analytics in the Field: Towards Real Time Insitu Gas Determination
Brennwald MS, Rüssel R & Kipfer R

(2015) Investigation of Transform Type Plate Boundaries within the Project FLOWS: Seep Fluids and Gases in the Guaymas Basin
Geilert S, Hensen C, Schmidt M, Scholz F, Liebetrau V, Kipfer R & Lever M

(2015) Recent Advances in the on-Site Analysis and Process-Based Interpretation of Dissolved (Noble) Gases in Water Bodies
Brennwald MS, Rüssel R & Kipfer R

(2015) The Influence of Groundwater Abstraction on Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in the Emmental
Schilling O, Gerber C, Purtschert R, Kipfer R, Hunkeler D & Brunner P

(2015) Noble Gas Isotope Ratios as Tracer for Molecular Diffusion in Lake Sediments
Tyroller L, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2014) Dating Groundwater in the Western Great Artesain Basin, Australia
Love A, Purtschert R, Shand P, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Tosaki Y, Fulton S, Wohllng D, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Broder L & Kipfer R

(2013) Earthquake-Driven Noble-Gas Geochemistry in Lake Van (Turkey)
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS, Maden C, Meydan AF & Kipfer R

(2013) Linking Noble Gas and CH4 Concentrations in the Sediment Porewater of Lake Lungern, Switzerland
Tyroller L, Brennwald M, Ndayisaba C, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2013) 81Kr Concentrations in Deep Fracture Waters of the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa
Purtschert R, Onstott T, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Müller P, van Heerden E, Erasmus M, Borgonie G, Linage B, Kuloyo O, Kipfer R, Brennwald M, Visser B, Maphanga S & Joubert L

(2013) Recent Advances of Noble Gas Geochemistry in Aquatic Systems
Brennwald M, Maden C, Vogel N, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2013) Noble Gases as Physiological Tracers for Gas Dynamics in Human Blood
Brennwald M, Lundby C, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2013) Noble Gas Temperature Determination in Fluid Inclusions – Method, Tests, Future Applications
Vogel N, Brennwald M, Meckler N, Fleitmann D, Maden C, Wieler R & Kipfer R

(2013) Using Noble Gases for Real-Time Tracing of Oxygen Turnover in Aquatic Systems
Mächler L, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2012) Concentrations and Isotope Ratios of He and Other Noble Gases in the Atmosphere during 1978-2011
Brennwald MS, Vollmer MK, Vogel N, Figura S, North RP, Langenfelds R, Steele LP & Kipfer R

(2012) Noble Gases in the Sediment Pore Water as Proxies for Physical Transport Processes in Lake Van (Turkey)
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2012) Mechanisms of Subglacial Groundwater Recharge as Derived from Noble Gas, 14C, and Stable Isotopic Data
Grundl T, Magnusson N, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2012) Dating Old Groundwater by Multiple Tracers Including Krypton 81
Love A, Purtschert R, Lu Z-T, Fulton S, Shand P, Jiang W, Mueller P, Yang G-M, Wohling D, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Broder L, Kipfer R, Priestley S, Gueutin P & Tosaki Y

(2012) Origin and Evolution of Red Sea Brines – Insights from Noble Gases
Winckler G, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kipfer R, Botz R, Schmidt M & Bonatti E

(2012) Noble Gases in Geothermal Waters as Tracers for Deep Fluid Circulation
Klump S, Brennwald M, Morrison D & Kipfer R

(2011) Noble Gases in the Sediment Pore Water as Proxies for Physical Transport Processes and Past Environmental Conditions in Lake Van?
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2011) Noble Gases as Tracers to Determine the Effective Diffusivity in the Sediment Porewater of Lake Hallwil
Trösch M, Tomonaga Y, Holzner CP & Kipfer R

(2011) Simultaneous Analysis of Dissolved Noble Gases, SF6 and CFCs in Water
Brennwald MS, Hofer M & Kipfer R

(2011) Are Noble Gases in the Sediment Pore Water of Lake Van Promising Proxies for Paleoclimate Conditions?
Blaettler R, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS, Kwiecien O & Kipfer R

(2011) Comparison of 4He and 14C Dating, Noble-Gas Temperatures and Stable Isotope (δ2H, δ18O) Data for Groundwater in Stratified Aquifers (Tomsk-7, SE Siberia)
Tokarev I, Kipfer R, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald M & Vereschagina E

(2011) A Field Method for the in situ Determination of Excess Air and Oxygen Consumption in Groundwater
Mächler L, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2011) On the Fate of 220Rn in Partially Saturated Media
Huxol S, Brennwald MS, Hoehn E & Kipfer R

(2011) Growth Conditions of Stalagmites Derived from Noble Gas Concentrations in Fluid Inclusions
Scheidegger Y, Vogel N, Figura S, Brennwald M, Wieler R, Fleitmann D & Kipfer R

(2011) Noble Gas in Basin Centred Gas: Sampling Techniques and Preliminary Results
Pujol M, Van den Boorn S, Bourdon B, Kipfer R, Wieler R & Brennwald M

(2010) Noble Gas Composition and Reactive Gas Fluxes: Indicators for Natural Attenuation Processes in Contaminated Aquifers
Mayer KU, Jones K, Kipfer R, Sihota N & Singurindy O

(2009) Accurate Analysis of Noble Gas Concentrations in Water Samples of a few Milligrams
Scheidegger Y, Baur H, Trösch M, Wieler R, Fleitmann D & Kipfer R

(2009) He Characterisation Near the Active Methane Seepage Offshore the Eastern Edge of New Zealand
Tomonaga Y, Haeckel M & Kipfer R

(2009) Groundwater Recharge in the North China Plain Determined by Environmental Tracer Methods
von Rohden C, Kreuzer A, Chen Z, Kipfer R & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2009) Dissolved Atmospheric Noble Gases: Just Contamination? Yes, but with Potential...
Kipfer R, Brennwald MS & Ui Group, W+T, Eawag 

(2009) What do Noble Gases in Surface-Water Sediments Tell us?
Brennwald M, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2009) A New Analytical Field Method for the in situ Determination of the Oxygen Dynamics in Groundwater
Mächler L, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2009) On the Emanation of Thoron (220Rn) from Preciptiates
Huxol S, Höhn E, Surbeck H & Kipfer R

(2009) Vacuum Extraction of Volatile Organic Compounds from Water for Compound-Specific Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis at the sub-µg/L Level
Amaral HIF, Brennwald M, Hofer M, Berg M & Kipfer R

(2008) Assessing Natural Attenuation of a PCE-Contaminated Aquifer Using a Combined CSIA and Groundwater Dating Approach
Aeppli C, Amaral H, Berg M, Kipfer R, Hofstetter TB & Schwarzenbach RP

(2008) Excess Air as a Proxy for Hydrostatic Pressure?
Klump S, Cirpka OA & Kipfer R

(2007) Excess Air as a Potential Tracer for Paleohydrological Conditions
Klump S, Grundl T, Purtschert R & Kipfer R

(2007) Use of Multiple Tracers for Studying the Inter-Relationships between Climate and Recharge Conditions of Groundwater in a Region of France: The Past Half-Millennium
Corcho Alvarado J, Barbecot F, Purtschert R, Aeschbach-Hertig W & Kipfer R

(2007) Tracer Analyses as a Tool to Validate the Effectiveness of Pump-And-Treat Measures in the Field
Amaral H & Kipfer R

(2007) Combining CSIA with Ground Water Dating: A First Step Toward the Determination of in situ PCE Degradation Rates
Aeppli C, Amaral H, Berg M & Kipfer R

(2007) Noble Gases in Fluid Inclusions in Speleothems
Scheidegger Y, Kipfer R, Wieler R, Leuenberger M, Badertscher S & Fleitmann D

(2007) Bubble Gas-Exchange in an Artificially Aerated Lake Traced Using Noble Gases
Holzner CP, Graser N & Kipfer R

(2007) Unfractionated Excess Air: The Result of Incomplete Dissolution of Entrapped Air?
Klump S, Cirpka OA & Kipfer R

(2007) Spatial Variability in the Release of Terrigenic He from the Sediments of Lake Van (Turkey)
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2006) Noble gases as tracers for gas-exchange processes at bubble-streams in lakes and oceans
Holzner CP, Graser N, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2006) New applications of noble gases as environmental proxies in unusual aquatic environments
Brennwald MS, Scheidegger Y, Tomonaga Y, Holzner CP, Wieler R & Kipfer R

(2004) Radionuclides (3H, 85Kr) for Evaluation of Flow Dynamics and Temporal Chemical Trends in Groundwater and Surface Water
Hinsby K, Troldborg L, Purtschert R, Corcho Alvarado J, Hofer M & Kipfer R

(2004) Assessment of Methane Emission from Bubble Plumes in the Black Sea by Noble Gases
Holzner C, Amaral H, Brennwald M, Klump S & Kipfer R

(2004) Using Environmental Tracers to Develop a New Conceptual Groundwater Model in Southern Botswana
Klump S, Sanesi M, Hofer M & Kipfer R

(2004) A New Method for the Measurement of Air/Soil Sorption of CFCs
Hofer M, Klump S, Preuschoff P & Kipfer R

(2003) Paleosalinity Reconstruction of Lake Issyk-Kul Utilizing Dissolved Noble Gases in Sediment Pore Water
Brennwald M, Hofer M, Kipfer R & Imboden D

(2003) Reconstruction of Lake Levels and Recharge Altitude by Atmospheric Noble Gases
Kipfer R, Brennwald M, Löw S & Lützenkirchen V

(2003) Noble Gas Evidence for Gas Fractionation in Firn
Beyerle U, Leuenberger M, Schwander J & Kipfer R

(2002) Comparison of Residence Time Indicators (3H/3He, SF6, CFC-12 and 85Kr) in Shallow Groundwater: A Case Study in the Odense Aquifer, Denmark
Corcho Alvarado JA, Purtschert R, Hofer M, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kipfer R & Hinsby K

(2002) Excess Air Correction in Groundwater Dating with He Isotopes
Peeters F, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Holocher J & Kipfer R

(2002) Excess Air in Groundwater as a Proxy for Paleo-Humidity
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Beyerle U & Kipfer R

(2002) Gas Exchange in Quasi-Saturated Porous Media: Investigations on the Formation of Excess Air Using Noble Gases
Holocher J, Peeters F, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Hofer M & Kipfer R

(2002) Noble Gas Tracing of Coalbed Methane Generation and Biomodification
Zhou Z, Ballentine C, Kipfer R, Schoell M & Thibodeaux S

(2002) Noble Gases Dissolved in Porewater of Lacustrine Sediments
Brennwald MS, Kipfer R, Peeters F, Hofer M, Aeschbach W & Imboden D

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