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All abstracts by Matthew Kirk in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) PH as a Control on Interactions of Methanogens and Iron Reducers
Marquart K, Paper J, Haller B, Shodunke G, Flynn T, Jin Q & Kirk M

(2016) Acetate Biogeochemistry of Methanogenic Coal Beds and Shales
Vinson D, McIntosh J, Martini A, Darrah T, Kirk M, Akob D & Blair N

(2015) Broad-Scale Evidence for pH as a Control on Interactions between Iron- and Sulfate-Reducing Microbes in Aquifer Systems
Kirk M, Jin Q & Haller B

(2015) Variation in Interactions between Iron Reducers, Sulfate Reducers, and Methanogens with Electron Donor Supply in Semi-Continous Bioreactor Experiments
Paper J, Haller B, Carrender S & Kirk M

(2014) Biogeochemical Controls on Methane Formation in Cherokee Basin Coalbeds
Kirk M, Wilson B, Marquart K, Villani G & Vinson D

(2014) Electron Shuttling Capacity of Humic Substances in Reducing Aquifers and their Potential Role in Arsenic Mobilization
Mladenov N, Kulkarni H, Kirk M & McKnight D

(2014) Relation between Microbiology, Hydrogeochemistry and Sediment Chemistry in Explaining Occurrences of High Groundwater Arsenic Sites in Matlab, SE Bangladesh
Kibria MG, Kirk MF, Hossain M, Bhattacharya P, Ahmed KMU, Bromssen MV, Jacks G & Datta S

(2013) Investigation of Sediment Geochemistry in Areas with Elevated Arsenic in Groundwater of Matlab, Bangladesh and Murshidabad, India
Kibria G, Hossain M, Bhattacharyya P, Ahmed K, Bromssen MV, Jacks G, Kirk M, Sankar MS, Telfeyan K, Ford S, Neal A, Haug TJ, Johannesson K & Datta S

(2011) Biogeochemistry of Devonian Shale Gas Resources of the Midwest USA: Antrim and New Albany Shales
Martini A, Petsch S, McIntosh J, Kirk M, Schlegel M, Damashek J & Miller S

(2010) Microbial Community Structure and Geochemistry of the New Albany Shale (Illinios Basin) and its Potential to Produce Biogenic Methane
Damashek J, Miller S, Kirk M, McIntosh J, Schlegel M, Petsch S & Martini A

(2010) Methanogen Variations Related to Hydrogeochemical Conditions in Organic-Rich Shales and Coals in the Illinois Basin, U.S.A
Schlegel M, McIntosh J, Bates B, Kirk M & Martini A

(2009) Effect of Natural Gas Production on Geochemistry and Microbiology in a Fractured Organic-Rich Shale
Kirk M, Martini A, McIntosh J, Petsch S & Takacs-Vesbach C

(2009) Hydrogeologic Controls on Microbial Methanogenesis in Shales and Coalbeds in the Illinois Basin
Schlegel M, McIntosh J, Bates B, Kirk M & Martini A

(2008) Experimental Analysis of Arsenic Mobility in Iron and Sulfate Reducing Environments
Kirk M, Roden E, Crossey L & Brearley A

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