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All abstracts by Dirk Kirste in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Trace Metal Mobility during CO2-SO2-NO-O2 Storage
Kirste D, Pearce JK, Dawson G & Golding SD

(2020) Geochemical Modelling from Benchtop to Field Scale
Kirste D, Volden L, Pearce J, Dawson G & Golding S

(2020) A Sequential Extraction Method for Evaluating Rock-Hosted Elements at Conditions Relevant to CO2 Geo-Sequestration
Dawson G, Pearce J, Kirste D & Golding S

(2019) Investigating the Geochemistry of Selenium in the Residual from Biologically Treated Mine-Impacted Waters
Volden L, Kirste D, Gordon R & Bianchin M

(2019) The Geochemical Characterization of Shallow Groundwater Flow Systems for Identifying Fugitive Methane and Potential Water Quality Impacts
Kirste D, Cahill A, Allen A, Goetz M & Beckie R

(2018) Reactive Transport Modelling Predicting Trace Metal Mobility during CO2-SO2-NO-O2 Storage
Kirste D, Pearce J, Dawson G & Golding S

(2017) Reactive Transport Modelling Predicting Trace Metal Mobility during CO2-SO2-O2 Storage
Kirste D, Pearce J & Golding S

(2016) Reaction of SO2 and SO2 with O2 after Dissolution during Benchtop Experiments of CO2 Storage at Elevated Temperature and Pressure
Kirste D, Pearce J & Golding S

(2016) Metal and Metalloid Mobilisation and Sequestration during CO2-SO2 and CO2-SO2-O2 Reaction of Reservoir and Cap-Rock Cores
Pearce J, Dawson G, Golding S & Kirste D

(2016) Predicting the Geochemical Impact of SO2 Impurities on Carbon Storage
Frank AB & Kirste D

(2015) Reactive Transport Modelling of CO2 with SO2 and O2 as Impurities for Geological Storage: Upscaling from the Benchtop to the Reservoir
Kirste D, Pearce J, Golding S & Frank A

(2014) An Experimental and Modelling Study on H2SO4-Rock-Brine Reactions Under Varying Conditions
Frank AB & Kirste D

(2013) Reaction Path Geochemical Modelling of CO2-SO2-Water-Rock Experiments
Kirste D, Pearce J, Golding S & Frank A

(2012) Mineral, Fluid and Gas Interactions Under CO2 Storage Conditions – The Role of SO2, NOX, and O2
Pearce J, Biddle D, Golding S, Rudolph V & Kirste D

(2011) Monitoring CO2-H2O Interactions Using δ13C and δ18O at the CO2CRC Otway Project CO2 Storage Pilot
Kirste D, Boreham C, Stalker L & Underschultz J

(2010) Geochemical Monitoring and Geochemical Modeling of the CO2CRC Otway Project CO2 Storage Pilot, Victoria, Australia
Kirste D, Perkins E, Boreham C, Stalker L, Schacht U & Underschultz J

(2008) Chemical Evolution of Groundwater in the Unsaturated Zone
Lenahan M, Kirste D, Cresswell R, McPhail B & Welch S

(2008) Jarosite Reactivity and Trace Metal Geochemistry in Acid Sulfate Soils
Welch SA, Kirste D, Christy AG, Beavis FR & Beavis SG

(2006) Characterising geochemical processes using the δ34S and δ18O of sulfate in groundwater
Kirste D, De Caritat P & Welch S

(2006) High resolution Cl- and 36Cl profiles: Physiochemical mechanisms in the unsaturated zone
Lenahan M, Kirste D, Creswell R, Mcphail DC & Fifeld LK

(2006) Geochemistry of Sulfur in an inland acid sulfate soil system
Welch S, Kirste D, Beavis S, Yates G, Beavis F & Wallace L

(2006) Groundwater composition in the Cannington region, Australia: Mixing, water-rock interaction and applications to mineral exploration
De Caritat P, Lavitt N, Kirste D & Grimley M

(2006) Spatial heterogeneity of S and C stores in an inland acid sulfate soil
Wallace L, McPhail DC, Welch S, Kirste D, Beavis S, Lamontagne S & Fitzpatrick R

(2006) Iron formations at Lake Tyrrell, Victoria, Australia: microbially-mediated redox chemistry
Jones CM, Allen EE, Giska JR, Welch SA, Kirste D & Banfield JF

(2006) Sources, sinks, and fluxes of acidity in a coastal acid sulfate soils site
Beavis S, Somerville P, Isaacson L, Kehoe M, Beavis F, Kirste D & Welch S

(2004) Hydrogeochemistry and Transport of Weathering/Oxidation Products of Buried Mineralisation
Kirste D, de Caritat P & McPhail B

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