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All abstracts by Hiroshi Kitagawa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Recycling of Hydrous Materials in the Source of Continental Basalts
Li Y, Kitagawa H & Ma C

(2023) Constraining the Processes Responsible for the Origin and Evolution of Extraterrestrial Organic Matter: Evidence from the Asteroid Ryugu
Potiszil C, Kobayashi K, Tanaka R, Kunihiro T, Kitagawa H, Ota T, Yamanaka M, Sakaguchi C & Nakamura E

(2023) Aqueous Alteration on the Progenitor Body of the Asteroid Ryugu Revealed Through H-C-N-O Isotope Systematics
Tanaka R, Potiszil C, Ota T, Kunihiro T, Sakaguchi C, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H, Yamanaka M & Nakamura E

(2020) Various Ages of Recycled Material in the Source of Cenozoic Basalts in Southeast China: Implications for the Role of the Hainan Plume
Li Y, Kitagawa H, Nakamura E & Hu X

(2019) Slab Controlled Petrogenesis of High-Sr Intermediate and Felsic (Adakitic) as a Result of the Propagating Slab Tear in a Hot Subduction System
Pineda-Velasco I, Kitagawa H, Nguyen TT, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2019) Slab Morphological Evolution Underlying Volcanic Arc: Implications from Geochemistry and Geochronology of Late Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks in SW Japan
Nguyen TT, Kitagawa H, Pineda-Velasco I & Nakamura E

(2019) The Melt Inclusion Record of Mantle Source Heterogeneity Under Iceland
Maclennan J, Hauri E, Shimizu N, McKenzie D, Gronvold K, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H & Nakamura E

(2017) Characteristics and the Distribution of Source Materials for OIB at the West African Passive Margin
Belay IG, Tanaka R, Kitagawa H, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2016) Geochemistry of Cenozoic Basalts in Northern Kyushu
Kitagawa H, Sakaguchi C, Tokeshi S & Nakamura E

(2016) Geochronological Constrains on the Evolution of Late Cenozoic Volcanism in the Chugoku Area, SW Japan
Nguyen TT, Pineda-Velasco I, Kitagawa H, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2016) Geochemical and Geochronological Exploration of Multiple Plutons in Southwest Japan
Yemer T, Kitagawa H, Ota T, Tokeshi S & Nakamura E

(2016) Spatial and Temporal Variation of Adakitic Magmatism in SW Japan
Pineda-Velasco I, Kitagawa H, Nguyen TT, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2016) A Freeze-Drying Technique Applied to the Analysis of Hot-Spring Waters: Implications for the Origin of Hot-Spring Waters from SW Japan
Hoang QD, Sakaguchi C, Kitagawa H & Nakamura E

(2016) Petrological and Geochronological Study of Plume and Rift-Related Magmatism, at Afar and Northernmost Main Ethiopian Rift
Feyissa DH, Kitagawa H & Nakamura E

(2015) The Origin and Dynamics of Mantle Sources beneath the Cameroon Volcanic Line
Belay I, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H, Tanaka R, Aka F & Nakamura E

(2015) Fractionation Behavior of 238U-Series Nuclides during Acid Leaching of Basaltic Samples
Tanaka R, Yokoyama T, Kitagawa H, Tesfaye DB & Nakamura E

(2011) Pb Isotopes and the Origin of the ‘ghost Plagioclase’ Signature in Melt Inclusions from the Galapagos Archipelago
Peterson M, Saal A, Nakamura E, Burgess K & Kitagawa H

(2004) Processes of Fractional Crystallization with Minor Crustal Assimilation: The Kutsugata and Tanetomi Lavas, Rishiri Volcano, Japan
Kuritani T, Kitagawa H & Nakamura E

(2003) Suppression of Zr, Nb, Hf, and Ta Co-precipitation during HF Digestion of Ca-Rich Geological Materials
Tanaka R, Kitagawa H, Makishima A & Nakamura E

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