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All abstracts by Ilka C. Kleinhanns in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Single Pulse of Significant O2 Increase during the Great Oxidation Event – Geochemical, Isotopic and Stratigraphic Evidence from the Duitschland and Rooihoogte Formations (South Africa)
Havsteen JC, Kleinhanns IC, Eickmann B, Beukes N & Schoenberg R

(2021) Stratigraphic Correlation and Provenance of the Duitschland/Rooihoogte Formation(s) and its Implications for the Interpretation of the Great Oxidation Event
Havsteen J, Beukes N, Roué L, Kleinhanns IC & Schoenberg R

(2021) Stable Cr Isotope Compositions of Modern Silicate Mantle Reservoirs
Wagner LJ, Kleinhanns IC, König S, Bach W, Rouxel O, Wörner G & Schoenberg R

(2019) Novel Stable Isotope Systems Tracing Atmospheric O2: Progress, Caveats, and Outlook
Schoenberg R, Babechuk MG & Kleinhanns IC

(2019) Elements Behavior and Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Mafic Rocks Upon Evaporation Processes in a Redox-Controlled Atmosphere
Pons M-L, Pack A, Kleinhanns IC, Wenzel T & Schoenberg R

(2019) Continental Intra-Plate Basalt Genesis at the Chaîne des Puys (Massif Central, France)
Kleinhanns IC, Eichholz K & Schoenberg R

(2019) Stable Cr Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Differentiation of 2.7 Ga Komatiites from the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe
Wagner JL, Kleinhanns IC, Hofmann A & Schoenberg R

(2017) Kinetic Fractionation of Stable Cr Isotopes between Aqueous Cr(III) Species: Alternative Cr Fractionation Pathways in Archean Environments
Babechuk M, Kleinhanns I, Reitter E & Schoenberg R

(2017) Trace Element Distribution Patterns in Pyroxene of the UG2 Unit Crystal Mushes, Bushveld Complex
Brodbeck M, Kamber BS, Kleinhanns I & Schoenberg R

(2017) In situ Sr Isotope Data Evidences Mineral Mingling in the UG2 Unit of the Bushveld Complex (South Africa)
Kleinhanns IC, Brodbeck M, Drost K, Wenzel T & Schoenberg R

(2015) Geochemical Variation in Granitoids Induced Through Hot Fluid Transfer
Kleinhanns I, Engvik A, Corfu F & Schoenberg R

(2015) Do Cr Isotopes Really Fingerprint Precambrian Surface Oxidation?
Babechuk M, Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Swanner E, Webb S & Kamber B

(2015) No Evidence for Stable Cr Isotope Fractionation during Planetary Differentiation
Schoenberg R, Merdian A, Haßler K, Koch H, Holmden C, Kleinhanns IC & Wille M

(2013) Cr Isotopic Variations in Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic Near-Surface Chemical Sediments
Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Wille M, Van Zuilen M, Pedersen R-B, Melezhik V & Beukes N

(2013) Tracing Old SCLM in Pan-African Granitoids from Dronning Maud Land (East Antarctica) with Sr-Nd Isotope Signatures
Kleinhanns IC, Jacobs J, Engvik AK, Bingen B, Roland NW, Laeufer A & Schoenberg R

(2011) Geodynamic Implications of New U-Pb Zircon Ages for the Kamanjab Inlier (NW-Namibia)
Kleinhanns IC, Wilsky F, Nolte N, Becker T, Hansen BT, Klemd R & Fliegel D

(2009) Pan-African Granitoid Magmatism in Central Dronning Maud Land: Comparison of Two Contrasting Emplacement Models
Kleinhanns IC, Jacobs J & Roland NW

(2009) First Geochemical and Isotope Characteristics of Amphibolites of the Huab Metamorphic Complex (NW-Namibia)
Nolte N, Kleinhanns IC, Hansen BT & Füllgraf T

(2008) Hf, Nd, Sr Isotopic Insights into the Chaîne des Puys Magmatic System, France
Boettcher I, Mengel K & Kleinhanns IC

(2007) Is Dehydration Melting Responsible for the Evolution of high-K Granitic Melts throughout the Precambrian?
Kleinhanns IC, Nolte N, Baero W & Hansen BT

(2007) Nd Isotope Initials of Turku Migmatite Complex: Contemporaneous Production of Contrasting Felsic Melts
Boettcher I, Mengel K & Kleinhanns I

(2007) Stabilisation of Continental Crust by Dehydration Melting: An Example from the Västervik Area, SE-Sweden
Nolte N, Baero W, Hansen BT & Kleinhanns IC

(2004) High Hf- and Nd-Initials: Early Differentiation in Crust and Mantle or Metamorphic Overprint?
Kleinhanns I, Naegler T & Kramers J

(2004) Magma Generation at Nisyros and Yali Volcanoes (Greece): A Multi-Isotope Approach
Rufer D, Buettner A, Kleinhanns I & Villa I

(2002) What Controls Metamorphic De-Coupling of Lu-Hf from Sm-Nd?
Seth B, Meisel T, Kleinhanns IC, Kramers JD & Villa IM

(2002) H2O in the Mantle Drives Secular Change in Continetal Petrology
Kleinhanns I, Kramers J & Kamber B

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