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All abstracts by Wolfram Kloppmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Estimating Geochemical Background Values for Naturally-Occurring Constituents in Groundwater – A Case Study of Fluoride in Alberta Groundwater
Bondu R, Humez P, Kloppmann W, Naumenko-Dèzes MO & Mayer B

(2020) Isotope Effects of Radiation on Fossil Organic Matter
Naumenko-Dèzes M, Kloppmann W, Blessing M, Bondu R, Gaucher E & Vengosh A

(2019) Tracer Approaches for Identifying Potential Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Development
Mayer B, Humez P, Osselin F, Cheung T, Nightingale M, Clarkson C, Parker B, Cherry J, Millot R, Desaulty AM & Kloppmann W

(2017) Multi-Isotope Systematics on the Albian Groundwaters of the Paris Basin
Innocent C, Millot R & Kloppmann W

(2017) Untangling Past and Present Water and Salinity Flows in Coastal Wetlands (Marquenterre Area, N France)
Cary L, Bault V, Korotchansky A, Decouchon E & Kloppmann W

(2017) Establishing High Resolution Chemical and Isotopic Baseline Conditions in a Shallow Bedrock Aquifer in Southern Alberta, Canada
Cheung T, Mayer B, Parker B, Cherry J, Lerouge C, Blessing M, Kloppmann W & Lawton D

(2016) Tracing Fugitive Gas in Shallow Groundwater in Areas of Unconventional Energy Resource Development
Mayer B, Humez P, Nightingale M, Clarkson C, Cahill A, Parker B, Cherry J, Millot R, Kloppmann W, Osadetz K & Lawton D

(2014) The Isotopic Imprints of Effluents from an Oil Sand Tailing Pond in Alberta, Canada
Harkness J, Warner N, Ulrich A, Millot R, Kloppmann W, Ahad J, Savard M & Vengosh A

(2014) Geochemical and Isotopic Approaches for Monitoring CO2 Storage Sites: Applicability for Shale Gas Development
Humez P, Mayer B, Negrel P, Lions J, Lagneau V, Kloppmann W, Inj J & Nightingale M

(2014) The Geochemical and Isotopic Fingerprints of Fossil Fuels Associated Contaminants
Vengosh A, Warner NR, Ruhl L, Harkness J, Millot R & Kloppmann W

(2014) Nitrate Sources and Dynamics in Alluvial Aquifers Assessed Through Multi-Isotope Fingerprinting and Groundwater Dating
Kloppmann W & Gourcy L

(2014) New Proxies to Trace the Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
Warner N, Darrah T, Jackson R, Millot R, Kloppmann W & Vengosh A

(2012) Man Made Water Cycles: Isotope Tracing of Desalinated Seawater Through Water Supply, Sewage and Groundwater
Kloppmann W, Negev I, Guttman J, Catherine G, Christine F, Marie P, Goren O & Burg A

(2012) B-Sr-U Isotope Systematics and 14C Dating of Groundwaters from Southwestern France
Innocent C, Malcuit E, Flehoc C, Guerrot C, Kloppmann W, Petelet-Giraud E & Negrel P

(2011) Redox Conditions in Infiltration Basins of a Large Scale Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT) of Effluent
Goren O, Gavrieli I, Burg A, Negev I, Guttman J, Kraitzer T, Cikurel H, Kloppmann W, Guerrot C & Pettenati M

(2009) Effect of Wastewater Irrigation on Plants: Boron Uptake Investigated Through Boron Isotopes
Kloppmann W, Guerrot C, Yermiyahu U & Minz D

(2004) Boron Isotopes Behaviour during Weathering of Silicate Rocks
Casanova J, Négrel P, Petelet- Giraud E, Kloppmann W & Millot R

(2002) An Enigmatic Salinity Source in the Mediterranean Coastal Aquifer and Gaza Strip: Utilization of Isotopic (B, Sr, O) Constraints for Searching the Sources of Groundwater Contamination
Vengosh A, Marei A, Guerrot C, Pankratov I & Kloppmann W

(2000) Isotopic Tracers (Sr, C, B, S, O, H) Reflecting Flow Conditions in an Artesian Siliciclastic Aquifer
Kloppmann W, Schomburgk S & Elsass P

(2000) Chronology of Fluvial Sediments in the Loire River Valley over the Past 8500 Years:
Négrel P, Kloppmann W, Garcin M & Giot D

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