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All abstracts by Tobias Kluge in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Is Zeolite 13X a Potential Sorbent for Direct Li Extraction?
Reich R, Danisi RM, Kluge T, Eiche E & Kolb J

(2023) Upper Rhine Graben: Understanding a Geothermal Fluid System as Basis for Raw Material Potential
Jungmann M, Walter BF, Kluge T, Eiche E & Kolb J

(2020) Ultramafic Rock Carbonation between 40° and 255° C
Oskierski HC, Kluge T, Beinlich A & Ashley PM

(2019) Reproducibility and Accuracy of Fluid Inclusion Isotope Studies Using the CRDS Technique
Weissbach T, Kluge T, Fohlmeister J, Riechelmann D & Vonhof H

(2019) Investigating Kinetic Effects on Clumped Isotopes during Formation of (Speleothem) Calcite: Insights from Cave Analogue Laboratory Experiments
Hansen M, Kluge T & Scholz D

(2017) Identification of Hydrological Extreme Events from High-Resolution Trace Element Distributions in Speleothems
Holz P, Hartmann A, Eiche E, Neumann T, Kluge T, Meyer G & Schuh M

(2017) Using Clumped Isotopes on Hydrothermal Carbonate Sequences for Assessing Thermal Water Flow and Fluid Mixing
Kluge T, Lütkes L, Kraml M & Neumann T

(2016) Paleoclimate Reconstruction from Speleothem Fluid Inclusions – Are Isotope Ratios Really Preserved?
Kluge T, Haderlein A & Weißbach T

(2016) Growth Dynamics of Geothermal Carbonate Scalings: Petrographic, Trace Element & Stable/Clumped Isotopic Studies
Boch R, Mindszenty A, Szanyi J, Kluge T, Leis A, Deák J, Demeny A & Dietzel M

(2015) Transformation of Mg Bearing ACC to Mg-Calcite Traced by 18/16O and Clumped Isotopes
Dietzel M, Purgstaller B, Mavromatis V, Immenhauser A, Leis A & Kluge T

(2015) Influence of Disequilibrium Effects on the Application of Clumped Isotopes
Kluge T, John C & Kele S

(2014) Clumped Isotopes in Speleothems: Accounting for Disequilibrium
Affek H, Kluge T & Zaarur S

(2014) Calibration of the ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometer on Natural Travertine Carbonates in the 5-95℃ Temperature Range
Kele S, Bernasconi S, Kluge T, John C, Deak J, Millan I, Meckler N, Ziegler M, Breitenbach S, Capezzuoli E, Ozkul M, Gokgoz A, Yan H & Liu Z

(2013) Clumped Isotope Thermometry on Ultramafic-Hosted Magnesium Carbonates
Garcia del Real P, Kluge T, John C, Johnson N, Maher K, Bird D & Brown G

(2013) Constraints for the Clumped Isotope Application in Diagnetic Environments Involving High Salt Concentrations
Kluge T, John C & Davis S

(2013) Clumped Isotope Geochemistry of Travertine Carbonates in the 22-95℃ Temperature Range
Kele S, Bernasconi S, Kluge T, John C, Millán I, Meckler N, Ziegler M, Breitenbach S, Capezzuoli E, Özkul M, Gökgöz A & Deák J

(2013) Establishing the Magnesium Isotope (δ<sup>26</sup>Mg) Signature of Early and Late Diagenetic Dolomite Types
Geske A, Goldstein R, Richter D, Buhl D, Kluge T, John C & Immenhauser A

(2012) Clumped Isotopes Role in a Multi-Proxy Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Dublyansky Y, Spoetl C, Douglas P, Ivany L, Saenger C & Zhang Y

(2011) Kinetic Isotopes Effects in Speleothems: Insight from Clumped Isotopes and Fluid Inclusions
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Matthews A, Burstein Y, Ayalon A & Bar-Matthews M

(2009) Noble Gas Temperatures from Speleothems
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kluge T, Marx T, Scholz D, Spötl C, Niggemann S & Mangini A

(2006) An automatic mass spectrometric system for determining noble gas concentrations in large and small water samples
Palcsu L, Friedrich R, Kluge T, Zimmek G, Träumner K & Aeschbach-Hertig W

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