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All abstracts by Kyung-Seok Ko in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Influences of Artificial Snow on the Quality of Nearby Groundwater
Jung H, Nyamgerel Y, Ko K-S, Koh D-C & Lee J

(2022) Variabilities in Soil Moisture and Temperature by Natural and Artificial Snow in Mt. Balwang Area, Gangwon-Do, South Korea
Nyamgerel Y, Jung H, Koh D-C, Ko K-S & Lee J

(2020) Hydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of CO2-rich Water and Groundwater from spa Areas in Granitic Aquifers in the North Central Part of South Korea
Choi H, Koh D-C, Lee J-M, Yoon YY & Ko K-S

(2019) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of CO2-rich Groundwater in Chungbuk Province, Korea
Choi H-B, Ryu J-S, Ko K-S, Koh D-C, Lee J & Lee K-S

(2018) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry of Hot Springs in South Korea
Choi H-B, Ryu J-S, Lee S-G & Ko K-S

(2017) Evaluation of the Effect of Soil Organic Matter on Groundwater Using Fluorescence of Water and Solvent Extractable Organic Matter
Ko K-S, Park YH, Ha K, Moon HS & Koh D-C

(2017) Characterizing Flow and Hydrogeochemistry of Groundwater Using a Multi-Isotope Approach in Basaltic Aquifers Affected by Magmatic CO2 (Jeju Island, Republic of Korea)
Koh D-C, Genereux DP, Koh G-W & Ko K-S

(2015) Assessment of Groundwater Environment at FMD Burial Sites
Ko K-S, Kim Y, Ha K, Koh D-C & Moon HS

(2011) Optimization of a Low-Background Liquid Scintillation Counter for the Determination of 222Rn and Uranium Isotopes in Ground Water
Cho S, Lee K, Yoon Y & Ko K

(2007) Assessment of Aquifer Vulnerability Using Statistical Methods and GIS
Ko K-S, Koh D-C, Lee J-S & Chae G

(2006) Stable isotopic evidence of biodegradation in a landfill site
Lee K-S & Ko K-S

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