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All abstracts by Juergen Koepke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Origin of Massive Dunites of the Crust-Mantle Transition in the Oman Ophiolite at Wadi Zeeb (ICDP Oman Drilling Project)
Becker H, Weitkamp S, Fleming WL, Kaehne Z, Stammeier JA, Gleißner P, Hoffmann JE, Takazawa E & Koepke J

(2022) Metal Migration Through an Oceanic Crust-Mantle Transition Zone (ICDP OmanDP Holes CM1A and CM2B)
Marciniak D, Ciążela J, Jesus AP, Koepke J, Pieterek B, Strauss H, Lazarov M, Horn I, Kuhn T, Czupyt Z, Panczyk M, Slaby E & Prell M

(2022) Felsic Veins in Gabbros of the Lower Crust from Slow-Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridges – Evidence for Deep Percolating of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Magmatic Regime
Koepke J, Engelhardt A & France L

(2022) Shallow Recycling of Lower Continental Crust: The Mahoney Seamount at the Southwest Indian Ridge
Wölki D, Salters V, Beier C, Dick HJB, Koepke J & Romer RHW

(2021) Quantifying the Axial Magma Lens Dynamics at the Roof of Oceanic Magma Reservoirs (Dike / Gabbro Transition): Oman Drilling Project GT3 Site Survey
France L, Lombard M, Nicollet C, Berthod C, Debret B, Koepke J, Ildefonse B & Toussaint A

(2020) Processes in Crystal Mushes Under Fast-Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridges
Koepke J, Mock D & Zhang C

(2019) Melt-Rock Interaction during Fast-Spreading Oceanic Crust Accretion: Processes at the Top and Bottom of Mush Zone: Experimental Constraints
Koepke J & Zhang C

(2019) Melt Migration and Interactions in the Lower Oceanic Crust: Insights from Atlantis Bank Interlayered Series at IODP Hole U1473A (Southwest Indian Ridge)
France L, Boulanger M, Ferrando C, Ildefonse B, Sanfilippo A, Ghosh B, Morishita T, Liu C-Z, Koepke J & Bruguier O

(2019) Electron Probe Microanalysis of Fe2+/ΣFe Ratios in Calcic and Sodic-Calcic Amphibole and Biotite Using the Flank Method
Li X, Zhang C, Almeev RR, Zhang X-C, Zhao X-F, Wang L-X, Koepke J & Holtz F

(2018) Origin of the Interlayered Series at Atlantis Bank (SWIR): New Insights on Lower Oceanic Crust Accretion Processes
Boulanger M, France L, Ildefonse B, Ghosh B, Sanfilippo A, Liu C, Morishita T & Koepke J

(2017) Igneous Sulfides in Gabbros of the Lower Oceanic Crust: IODP Hole U1473A, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge
Ciazela J, Koepke J, Strauss H, Bender M, Pieterek B, Kuhn T, Dick H & Muszynski A

(2016) Cu-Rich Serpentine at a Crust-Mantle Transition Zone – Remnants of Primary Sulfide Accumulation?
Ciazela J, Koepke J, Dick H, Muszynski A, Botcharnikov R, Kuhn T & Albrecht M

(2015) Trace Element Budget along a Section of Fast-Spread Oceanic Crust: Results from Drilling at the Hess Deep Rift (ODP Leg 147 and IODP Expedition 345)
Godard M, Falloon T, Gillis K, Akizawa N, Koepke J, Marks N, Saha A, Garbe-Schonberg D & Meyer R

(2015) Do MORBs Record the Oxidation State of Earth’s Upper Mantle?
France L, Mary B, Deloule E, Munoz M, Koepke J, Letourneur L, Ildefonse B, Bolfan Casanova N, Devouard B & Deschamps F

(2014) Plagiogranites from Oceanic Core Сomplex of MAR at 5°10’S: Dating and Possible Mechanism of Formation
Silantyev S, Koepke J, Ariskin A, Anosova M, Krasnova E, Dubinina E & Suhr G

(2014) Orthopyroxene in Primitive Layered Gabbros from Hess Deep (EPR) Drilled by IOD
Koepke J, Meyer R & Snow JE

(2014) Partial Melting Triggered by Water Migration on Grain Boundaries in Hot Gabbros: Details of the Reaction
Koepke J, Wolff PE & Feig ST

(2013) Crustal Evolution and Petrogenesis of Silicic Plutonic Rocks within the Oman Ophiolite – Petrological and Geochemical Investigations
Freund S, Erdmann M, Koepke J, Hauff F & Haase K

(2013) The Main MORB Crustal Contaminant: Geochemistry of Magma Chamber Roof Experimental Anatectic Melts, and Residues
France L, Koepke J, Ildefonse B, MacLeod CJ, Godard M & Deloule E

(2013) Geochemical Characteristics and Tectonic Significance of Mafic Cumulates in Kuluncak Ophiolite (Malatya), SE Turkey
Camuzcuoglu M, Bagci U, Koepke J & Wolff PE

(2011) Oceanic Plagiogranites as Products of Hydrothermal Activity at Slow-Spreading Ridges
Koepke J, Wolff E & Feig S

(2011) A Profile of Multiple Sulfur Isotopes for the Oman Ophiolite
Oeser M, Strauss H, Peters M, Wolff E, Koepke J, Garbe-Schönberg D & Dietrich M

(2011) High–Temperature Hydrothermal Activity in the Lower Oceanic Crust: Petrological and Geochemical Evidence for Fluid Pathways in the Oman Ophiolite
Wolff PE, Garbe-Schönberg D, Koepke J & Streuff K

(2011) Towards a Numerical Model to Constrain the Time Scales for Vertically Moving Axial Magma Chambers beneath Fast-Spreading Ocean Ridges
Kirchner C, Koepke J & Behrens H

(2011) Geothermobarometry of Basaltic Glasses from Tamu Massif, Shatsky Rise Oceanic Plateau
Husen A, Almeev R, Shimizu K, Sano T, Natland JH, Koepke J & Holtz F

(2010) Melting the Hydrothermally Altered Sheeted Dike Complex: Chemical Composition of the Main MORB Crustal Contaminant
France L, Ildefonse B, Koepke J, Godard M & MacLeod C

(2009) Experimental Constraints on the Phase Relations in Axial Magma Chambers Under Ocean Ridges
Koepke J, Berndt J, Feig S & Botcharnikov R

(2009) LREE-Enriched Plagiogranites from the Oman Ophiolite
Berndt J, Benaouda R, Mezger K & Koepke J

(2009) Experiments on the Effect of Oxygen Fugacity and Water on Tholeiitic Basalt Phase Equilibria
Feig ST, Koepke J & Snow JE

(2009) In situ Iron Isotope Analysis in Fe-Ti Oxides from IODP Hole 1256D (East Pacific Rise)
Dziony W, Koepke J, Horn I, Steinhöfel G & Holtz F

(2009) Cenozoic Ultramafic Intrusive Rocks in Upper Mantle beneath SW Poland
Puziewicz J, Gregoire M, Koepke J & Ntaflos T

(2007) The Effect of Minor H2O Content on Crystallization in MORB: Experiments, Model, Applications
Almeev R, Holtz F, Koepke J & Ariskin A

(2007) In situ Fe Isotope Measurements in Gabbros and Basalts from the Ocean Crust
Koepke J, Steinhoefel G, Schuessler J, Horn I, Dziony W & Botcharnikov R

(2007) Low-Ca Pyroxene Relics in Drilled Basalts from EPR Crust (IODP Site 1256D)
Dziony W, Koepke J & Holtz F

(2007) Experimental Study on Crustal Wehrlites of the Oman Ophiolite
Schoenborn S, Koepke J, Feig S, Boudier F & Hellebrandt E

(2007) The Late-Stage Evolution of Oceanic Gabbros – Combined Experimental and in situ Isotope Study on Gabbros from Southwest Indian Ridge
Botcharnikov R, Koepke J, Horn I & Holtz F

(2007) Root Zone of Sheeted Dike Complex in Oman Ophiolite-Petrological Model
Boudier F, Koepke J, France L & Mevel C

(2007) Field Relations and Petrography in the Wadi Haymiliyah, Oman Ophiolite: Evidence for a Very Heterogeneous Plutonic Lower Crust
Cichy SB, Ziaja K, Koepke J, Berndt J & Boudier F

(2007) Partitioning of Rb and Sr between Haplogranitic Melts and Aqueous Fluids: Information from in situ Experiments Using SR-Xrf
Borchert M, Wilke M, Schmidt C, Rickers-Appel K & Koepke J

(2007) In situ Sr Isotope Analyses in Fluid-Derived Late-Stage Parageneses in Gabbros from the Lower Oceanic Crust
Stichnothe J, Koepke J, Horn I, Berndt J & Boudier F

(2007) Seawater-Derived HT-Alteration in the Lower Oceanic Crust
Stichnothe J, Koepke J, Horn I, Berndt J & Boudier F

(2003) Enhanced Sulfur Solubility in Chlorine-Bearing Rhyodacitic Melt – A Key to the Excess Sulfur Problem?
Botcharnikov R, Holtz F, Behrens H, Koepke J & Sato H

(2002) Kinetic Studies on the Trace Element Distribution of Ca-Al-Rich Silicates
Wittenberg A, Schüßler J & Koepke J

(2001) Water — a Source of Systematic Error in Quantitative SIMS Analyses of Hydrous Glasses
Wiedenbeck M, Rocholl A & Koepke J

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