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All abstracts by Tetsu Kogiso in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) A Peridotite Xenolith from Garnet-Stability Field beneath Aitutaki: An Implication for Small-Scale Convection
Akizawa N, Ozawa K, Wallis S, Tamura A, Ishikawa A & Kogiso T

(2020) Tectonic Control on Melting Condition of Heterogeneous Plume: Implications for the Cause of High 3He/4He Ratio of FOZO
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2019) Micro X-Ray Fluorescence Mapping to Charactarize Layers of Fe–Mn Nodules in the Western North Pacific
Machida S, Shimomura R, Horinouchi K, Kogiso T, Nakamura K & Kato Y

(2019) Role of Serpentinite Dehydration for Production of Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Mantle
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2018) Major Element Composition of the Hadean Crust: Constraints from Sm-Nd Isotope Systematics and High-Pressure Melting Experiments
Kondo N & Kogiso T

(2017) Re-Os and Highly Siderophile Element Systematics of Peridotite Xenoliths from Hawaii
Ishikawa A, Akizawa N, Kogiso T & Suzuki K

(2017) An Estimation of Chemical Variation of Altered Oceanic Crsut: Implocation for Isotoic Heterogeniety of Recycled Materials
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2017) Major Element Composition of the Hadean Crust: Constraints from High-Pressure Melting Experiments
Kondo N & Kogiso T

(2017) CO2-rich Melt in the Asthenosphere
Machida S, Kogiso T & Hirano N

(2016) Partitioning Behavior of Volatiles between Apatite and Melt in Natural Andesitic-Rhyolitic Magmas
Dokyu M, Kogiso T, Sano Y, Takahata N, Ishida A, Koike M, Kawakami T & Yasuda A

(2016) Hydrous Melting Experiments of Komatiites: Investigation for the Compositions of the Hadean Oceanic and Continental Crust
Kondo N & Kogiso T

(2016) Effect of Slab Melting for the Production of EMs Isotopic Signature
Shimdoa G, Shinjoe H, Kogiso T, Ishizuka O, Yamashita K, Yoshitake M, Itho J & Ogasawara M

(2015) Major Element Composition of the Missing Reservoir and the Early Earth Differentiation
Kondo N, Yoshino T, Matsukage K, Yoshida K & Kogiso T

(2015) Geochemical Linkage between HIMU-Fozo-Prema OIB and Compositional Diversity of Recycled Oceanic Crust
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2014) Forming Condition and Major Element Composition of the Hidden Reservoir
Kondo N & Kogiso T

(2013) Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Aqueous Fluids and High-Mg Andesite Melt Under High-Temperature and High-Pressure Conditions
Kawamoto T, Mibe K, Kuroiwa K-I & Kogiso T

(2013) Progress of Serpentinization Reactions Triggered by Silica Addition: Petrological Evidence from Iwanai-Dake Ultramafic Body, Hokkaido, Japan
Miyoshi A & Kogiso T

(2013) FOZO-Himu Connection: Link to Chemical Heterogeneity of MORB and Variable Degree of Dehydration
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2011) Two- and Three-Dimensional Imaging of Platinum-Group Minerals at Submicrometer Scale with Synchrotron X-Ray
Kogiso T, Suzuki K, Suzuki T & Uesugi K

(2008) Sulfur Solubility to Basaltic Magma and Fractional Crystallization of Silicate Minerals: Clues to the Origin of HIMU and FOZO Sources
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2008) Detection of Sub-Micro Scale Highly Siderophile Element Nugget in Kimberlite by Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
Senda R, Kogiso T, Suzuki K, Suzuki T, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A & Suzuki Y

(2007) In situ Detection of Highly Siderophile Element Micronuggets in Peridotite by Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Mapping
Kogiso T, Suzuki K, Suzuki T, Shinotsuka K, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A & Suzuki Y

(2004) Li-Sr-Nd Isotopic Compositions of Polynesian OIBs: Implications for the Origin of HIMU Source
Nishio Y, Nakai S, Kogiso T & Barsczus H

(2003) Major-Element Diversity of Ocean Island Basalts: Constraints from Melting Phase Relations of Pyroxenite
Kogiso T, Pertermann M & Hirschmann M

(2003) Partial Melting of Heterogeneous Mantle in OIB Source Regions
Hirschmann M & Kogiso T

(2002) The Subduction Factory: Its Role in the Evolution of the Mantle Reservoirs
Tatsumi Y & Kogiso T

(2001) Are Ultra-Calcic Liquids Fractional Melts of Harzburgite? Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamic Considerations
Hirschmann M & Kogiso T

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