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All abstracts by Stephan Jürgen Köhler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Conceptualizing Riparian Zone Biogeochemical Controls in Boreal Headwaters
Ledesma J, Futter M, Blackburn M, Lidman F, Grabs T, Sponseller R, Laudon H, Bishop K, Evans C, Schiff S & Köhler S

(2015) Sustainable Supply of Base Cations in Boreal Forests – The Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
Finlay R, Fahad Z, Ekblad A, Bolou-Bi E, Köhler S & Mahmood S

(2015) Spatial Variability of Weathering Rates in a Forested Hillslope
Erlandsson M, Köhler S, Belyazid S & Bishop K

(2014) Pathways of Mg Acquisition by Ectomycorrhizal Mycelia in Forest Soils: Weathering Versus Decomposition
Alazzawi ZF, Finlay RD, Mahmood S, Kohler S & Bolou-bi E

(2013) Calcium and Oxygen Isotope Fractionation during Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs
Niedermayr A, Eisenhauer A, Böhm F, Kisakürek B, Balzer I, Immenhauser A, Köhler SJ & Dietzel M

(2013) The Turnover Time of Organic Carbon in Boreal Riparian Zones – A Hydrological Approach
Ledesma J, Grabs T, Bishop K & Köhler S

(2013) Colloid-Associated Iron and Arsenic Transport in Streams
Neubauer E, von der Kammer F, Knorr K-H, Peiffer S, Reichert M, Köhler SJ, Laudon H & Hofmann T

(2012) Riparian Soils Control Metal Loading of Natural Organic Carrier Phases
Kohler SJ, Grabs T, L.J. Ledesma J, Bishop K, Lidman F & Laudon H

(2011) Trends in Buffer Capacity, pH and Al at the Swedish Integrated Monitoring Sites
Köhler SJ, Zetterberg T, Futter M, Fölster J & Löfgren S

(2011) Irreducible Uncertainty in Estimates of Silicate Mineral Weathering Rates
Futter M, Klaminder J, Lucas R & Köhler S

(2011) Formation and Inhibition of Calcite, Aragonite and Vaterite
Niedermayr A, Dietzel M & Köhler S

(2010) Precipitation Kinetics of Cerussite and Hydrocerussite in the Presence of Biogenic Carbonates
Cubillas P, Bucca M, Anderson M, Latal C, Dietzel M & Kohler S

(2009) Mg-, Sr-Incorporation and Calcium Isotopic Fractionation during Calcium Carbonate Precipitation
Niedermayr A, Dietzel M, Köhler SJ, Kisakürek B, Böhm F & Eisenhauer A

(2009) Coupled Precipitation and Dissolution Kinetics of Hydrocerussite in Presence of Aragonitic Shells
Bucca M, Cubillas P & Köhler SJ

(2009) Temporal Variations in the Export of REE in Boreal Catchments of Varying Character and Size
Köhler S, Lidman F, Hassellöv M, Stolpe B, Mörth M, Björkvald L & Laudon H

(2007) Co-precipitation of Sr2+ with Calcite from 5 to 40℃
Tang J, Dietzel M & Köhler S

(2005) The Role of Apatite in Controlling the REE Composition of Natural Waters
Oelkers E, Kohler S, Harouiya N & Chariat C

(2004) How do Mineral Coatings Affect Dissolution Rates?
Cubillas P, Prieto M, Oelkers E & Köhler S

(2004) Experimental Studies of REE Fractionation during Water-Mineral Interactions
Kohler S, Harouiya N, Chaïrat C & Oelkers E

(2002) An Experimental Study of the Dissolution Stoichiometry and Rates of a Natural Monazite as a Function of Temperature from 5 to 50° C and pH from 1 to 12.3
Montagnac P, Köhler S, Dufaud F & Oelkers E

(2002) An Experimental Study of Illite Dissolution Kinetics as a Function of pH from 1.4 to 12.4 and Temperature from 5 to 50° C
Köhler S, Dufaud F & Oelkers E

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