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All abstracts by Barry Kohn in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Laser Ablation Lu-Hf Geochronology of Mafic Igneous Apatite and Detrital Apatite
Kharkongor MBK, Glorie S, Mulder JA, Kirkland CL, Chew DM & Kohn B

(2023) AusGeochem: An Open-Access Platform for Geospatial Interrogation of Thermochronology Big Data Through Deep Time
Boone S, Kohlmann F, Noble W, Theile M, Beucher R, Kohn B, Glorie S, Danisik M, Zhou R, McMillan M, Nixon A, Zahirovic S, Müller RD & McInnes BIA

(2023) Developments in AusGeochem: A Platform for Geochemical Data Storage, Dissemination, Visualisation and Analysis
Dalton H, Ware B, Boone S, Gréau Y, Ananuer H, Nixon A, Hodgekiss S-A, Kohlmann F, Theile M, Noble W, Chen B, Dux F, Koutamanis D, Wang X, McMillan M, Stirling JE, Zhou R, Armistead S, McInnes BIA, Prent A & Kohn B

(2022) The AuScope Geochemistry Laboratory Network Project and the Building of the AusGeochem Data Repository
McInnes BIA, Gleadow A, O'Reilly SY, Kohn B, Rawling T, Kohlmann F, Prent AM, Boone S, Greau Y, Noble W, Ware B, Theile M, Dalton H, Hodgekiss S-A, Ananuer H, Alard O & Phillips D

(2022) A Digital End-To-End Solution for FAIR Geochemistry Data, from Field Collection to Publication
Kohlmann F, Noble W, Boone S, Greau Y, Dalton H, Ware B, Beucher R, McMillan M, Kohn B, Prent AM, McInnes BIA, Bedoya Mejia A & Theile M

(2022) Opening the Full Potential of Geochemical Big Data Utilising AusGeochem
Noble W, Kohlmann F, Prent AM, Boone S, Greau Y, Ware B, Dalton H, Beucher R, McMillan M, Kohn B, McInnes BIA, Bedoya Mejia A & Theile M

(2017) Southwestern Africa on the Burner: Pleistocene Carbonatite Volcanism Linked to Mantle Upwelling in Angola
Giuliani A, Campeny M, Kamenetsky VS, Maas R, Melgarejo JC, Kohn BP, Matchan EL, Mangas J, Goncalves AO & Manuel J

(2012) The Use of Coupled Image Analysis and Laser-Ablation ICP-MS in Fission Track Thermochronology
Gleadow A, Kohn B, Lugo-Zazueta R & Alimanovic A

(2009) Automated Analytical Techniques for Fission Track Thermochronology
Gleadow A, Gleadow S, Frei S, Kohlmann F & Kohn B

(2007) Low Temperature Thermochronology of Phanerozoic Kimberlites and Archaean Basement, Slave Province, Canada
Kohlmann F, Kohn B, Gleadow A & Osadetz K

(2007) Automated Fission Track Dating of Apatite and Monazite by Image Analysis and ICP-MS
Gleadow A, Gleadow S, Kohn B & Krochmal M

(2006) Re-evaluating low temperature apatite thermochronology in slowly cooled terranes
Kohn B, Gleadow A, Raza A, Kohlmann F & Brown R

(2006) Cenozoic exhumation history of the Oman margin of Arabia based on low-T thermochronology
Gray D, Kohn B, Gregory R & Raza A

(2006) Fission Track Analysis and the Problematic (U-Th)/He Thermochronology of the Shandong Province, NE China - a Rifted Cratonic Margin
Spencer S, Kohn B, Gleadow A, Hu S & Raza A

(2006) The effect of long-term low-temperature exposure on fission track stability and helium diffusion in apatite
Spiegel C, Kohn B, Donelick R, Belton D, Raza A & Gleadow A

(2006) Atomic Force Microscopy of Fission Tracks in Fluorapatite and Mica: a Tool for Nanoscale Investigations
Kohlmann F, Gleadow A, Kohn B, Alves A & Pakes C

(2006) Fully-automated counting for fission track dating and thermochronology
Gleadow A, Gleadow S, Belton D, Kohn B, Krochmal M & Brown R

(2006) Tectono-thermal history of the Kaoko Belt, Namibia: an integrated low temperature thermochronology study
Luft F, Raab M, Brown R, Kohn B & Gleadow A

(2005) The Potential of Monazite for Fission-Track Dating
Gleadow A, Raza A, Kohn B & Spencer S

(2003) Low-Temperature Thermochronology of Fundamental Structures in the Gulf Extensional Province, Baja California, Mexico
Gleadow A, Kohn B, Fletcher J, Brown R & Raza A

(2003) Combined Low Temperature Thermochronology in Slowly-Cooled Terranes: Challenges and Strategies
Kohn B, Gleadow A, Lorencak M & Belton D

(2002) Contrasting Regional Denudation Patterns in Southeastern Australia from Apatite Fission-Track Imaging
Gleadow A, Kohn B, Brown R & O'Sullivan P

(2002) Combining Low Temperature Apatite Thermochronology and Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis in Quantitative Landscape Evolution Studies
Brown R, Cockburn H, Kohn B, Belton D, Fink D & Gleadow A

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