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All abstracts by Tsuyoshi Komiya in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Large Contribution of Oxygen to Organic Matter Degradation during the Ediacaran Shuram Excursion
Matsu'ura F, Sawaki Y, Komiya T, Ushikubo T, Shimizu K & Ueno Y

(2020) Behaviour of First-Row Transition Elements during Early Differentiation of Arc Magmas, Solomon Islands, SW Pacific: Implications for the Redox State of Sub-Arc Mantle
Pang K-N, Nguyen TT, Chung S-L, Maruyama S, Komiya T, Iizuka Y & Lee H-Y

(2020) Assessments of the Effects by Mass-Dependent Fractionation for 142Nd Compositions in Archean Rocks
Fukai R, Asanuma H, Komiya T, Yokoyama T & Hirata T

(2020) No Impact Signatures in Earth’s Oldest Rocks from Acasta Gneiss Complex, Canada
Ishikawa A, Koshida K, Suzuki K, Yokoyama T & Komiya T

(2019) Constrains on the Origin of Fluid Trapped in Hydrothermal Quartz from 2.4 Ga Ongeluk Fm., South Africa
Saito T, Qiu H-N, Shibuya T, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2019) Shift in Limiting Nutrients in Late Ediacaran-Early Cambrian Oceans
Nishizawa M, Tsuchiya Y, Du W, Sawaki Y, Matsui Y, Wang Y, Han J & Komiya T

(2018) Evidence from Archean Granitoids for Microbial Sulfate Reduction Before 4.0 Ga
Aoyama S, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Iizuka T, Kamei A & Satish-Kumar M

(2018) Rise of Ocean Sulfate Caused by Oxidative Weathering in the Ediacaran
Matsu'ura F, Sawaki Y, Saitoh M, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Ueno Y

(2017) Nitrogen/Carbon Isotope Ratios of Middle Proterozoic Sedimentary Rocks, McArthur Basin, Northern Australia
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Matsui Y, Nishizawa M, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2016) Re-Os Constraints on the Formation Age of Acasta Mafic Rocks
Koshida K, Ishikawa A, Suzuki K & Komiya T

(2016) The Related Granitic Intrusion Events of an Outcrop in Dongshan Area, Anshan of the North China Craton
Uehara H, Yamamoto S, Kon Y, Li Y, Jin W & Komiya T

(2016) Atmospheric CO2 Levels during the Paleoproterozoic Makganyene Glaciation
Shibuya T, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Nishizawa M, Kitajima K, Yamamoto S, Saito T, Matsui Y, Kawagucci S, Takai K, Yoshida N, Maruyama S & Russell M

(2016) The Nulliak Supracrustal Rocks, Labrador, Canada: Their Occurrence, Age, and the Oldest Evidence for Life
Komiya T, Aoki S, Koshiba K, Tashiro T, Yamamoto S, Ishikawa A, Ishida A, Hori M, Igisu M & Sano Y

(2016) Ancient Seawater Salinity Retained as Fluid Inclusions in Hydrothermal Quartz from the 2.2 Ga Ongeluk Formation, South Africa
Saito T, Shibuya T, Komiya T, Nishizawa M, Maruyama S & Kurosawa M

(2016) Shock-Metamorphosed Zircons Discovered in Jack Hills Metaconglomerate from the Narryer Gneiss Complex, Western Australia
Yamamoto S, Komiya T, Iizuka T, Shibuya T & Collerson K

(2016) Origins of Transition Elements of the BIFs: Implications for the Archean Seawater Chemistry
Aoki S, Sakata S, Kato Y, Hirata T & Komiya T

(2016) Secular Variation in 87Sr/86Sr Ratio of Seawater in the Ediacaran
Sawaki Y, Ohno T & Komiya T

(2015) In situ Iron Isotope Analysis of Pyrite and Carbon/Nitrogen Isotope Ratios from the Middle Proterozoic Sediments, McArthur Basin, Northern Australia
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Nishizawa M, Komiya T, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2013) Heavy Element-Stable Isotope Systematics for Metallomics Induced by the MC-ICPMS Technique
Hirata T, Okabayashi S, Ohno T, Yoshiya K, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2013) Archean Regional Metamorphism of the 3.8-3.7 Ga Isua Greenstone Belt, SW Greenland: Geothermal Gradient of the Archean Subduction Zone and Implication for Global Carbon Cycle
Arai T, Omori S, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2013) Ion Microprobe U-Pb Dating and Sr Isotope Measurement of a Protoconodont
Sano Y, Toyoshima K, Shirai K, Takahata N, Sato T & Komiya T

(2013) In situ Iron Isotope Analysis of Pyrite in ca. 3.8 Ga Metasediments from Isua Supracrustal Belt, Greenland
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2013) Occurrence of >3.9 Ga “Nanok” Gneiss from Saglek Block, Northern Labrador, Canada
Shimojo M, Yamamoto S, Aoki S, Sakata S, Maki K, Koshida K, Ishikawa A, Hirata T, Collerson KD & Komiya T

(2013) Geology, Lithostratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Oldest Eoarchaean BIFs, Northern Labrador
Aoki S, Masanori M, Sakata S, Yamamoto S, Ishikawa A, Hirata T & Komiya T

(2013) Petrology and Geochemistry of Mafic Rocks in the Acasta Gneiss Complex
Koshida K, Ishikawa A, Iwamori H & Komiya T

(2013) Apatite Inclusions in Hadean Zircon from Jack Hills, Australia
Yamamoto S, Komiya T, Shimojo M, Sakata S, Maki K & Hirata T

(2012) Search for Early Archean Mantle Lacking the Late-Veneer Component
Ishikawa A, Shimojo M, Suzuki K, Collerson K & Komiya T

(2012) Geology of the Nain Complex, Labrador, Canada: Occurrence of the Early Archean Supracrustals
Komiya T, Shimojo M, Yamamoto S, Sawaki Y, Ishikawa A, Aoki K & Kenneth C

(2012) U-Pb Zircon Ages of Early Archean Gneisses from Northern Labrador
Shimojo M, Yamamoto S, Maki K, Hirata T, Sawaki Y, Aoki K, Ishikawa A, Okada Y, Collerson KD & Komiya T

(2012) Ediacaran Carbon Isotope Anomaly Records Shallow Marine Event, not Entire Ocean
Tahata M, Ueno Y, Sawaki Y, Kikumoto R, Nishizawa M, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2011) In situ Iron Isotope Analyses of Pyrites from 3.5 to 3.2 Ga Sedimentary Rocks of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, Kaapvaal Craton
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Shibuya T, Yamamoto S, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2011) First Episode of Widespread Ocean Oxygenation 551 Myr ago
Kendall B, Komiya T, Lyons T, Bates S, Jiang G, Creaser R, Xiao S, McFadden K, Sawaki Y, Tahata M, Shu D, Han J, Li Y, Chu X & Anbar A

(2010) Highly Alkaline, High-Temperature Hydrothermal Fluid Generated by Archean CO2-rich Seawater
Shibuya T, Komiya T, Nakamura K, Takai K & Maruyama S

(2010) In situ Analyses of Sr Isotopes and REE of Phosphate Minerals in the Ediacaran Phosphorite of Weng'an Region, South China
Okada Y, Sawaki Y, Komiya T, Takahata N, Sano Y, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2010) Decoding Carbon Cycle and Climatic Change by C, O and N Isotopes of the Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks in South China
Tahata M, Ueno Y, Kikumoto R, Sawaki Y, Ishikawa T, Komiya T, Nishizawa M, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2009) Multi-Isotopic Chemostratigraphies of Drill Core Samples in the Ediacaran
Komiya T, Sawaki Y, Tahata M & Shimura T

(2009) Middle Archean CO2 Flux into Oceanic Crust from Ocean
Shibuya T, Tahata M, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2009) Iron Isotopic Distribution at Grain Scale Sugggests the Redox Fluctuation of the Archaean Shallow Ocean
Nishizawa M, Yamamoto H, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2009) Highly Saline Palaeoproterozoic Seawater Inferred from Fluid Inclusions in 2.4 Ga Ongeluk Formation
Saitou T, Shibuya T, Komiya T, Kitajima K, Yamamoto S, Nishizawa M, Ueno Y & Maruyama S

(2008) Quadruple Sulfur Isotope Analysis of ~2.9 Ga Pongola Supergroup
Tsuruoka S, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2007) Simultaneous Determination of Mass-Dependent Isotopic Fractionation and Ragiogenic Isotope Variation of Sr in Geochemical Samples
Wakabayashi T, Ohno T, Fukushi Y, Komiya T & Hirata T

(2006) Continental growth history deduced from zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotope systematics of river sands
Iizuka T, Komiya T, Rino S, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2006) Reworking of Hadean continental crust in the Acasta Gneiss Complex of NW Canada: Evidence from zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes
Iizuka T, Horie K, Komiya T, Maruyama S, Hirata T & Hidaka H

(2005) Occurrence of a 4.2<!s><$>Gyr Old Zircon in the Acasta Gneiss Complex of Northwestern Canada
Iizuka T, Horie K, Komiya T, Maruyama S, Hirata T, Hidaka H & Windley B

(2003) Lead, Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Geochemistry of Apatite-Bearing Metasediments from ~3.8 Ga Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland
Sano Y, Nishizawa M, Takahata N, Terada K, Komiya T & Ueno Y

(2003) Continental Growth History of the River Basin: Age Distribution of Detrital Zircons from Major Rivers
Rino S, Komiya T, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2003) Geology of the Acasta Gneiss Complex: New Evidence of the Oldest Rocks in the World
Uehara Y, Iizuka T, Katayama I, Ueno Y & Komiya T

(2003) In situ Hf Isotope Microanalysis of Zircon by LA-MC-ICPMS
Iizuka T, Komiya T, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2003) 3.0 Ga Ocean Floor Metamorphism in the Cleaverville Area, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
Shibuya T, Kitajima K, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2003) Secular Change of the Solid Earth
Komiya T

(2003) Zircons from Chromitites in Luobusa Ophiolite, Tibet
Yamamoto S, Komiya T, Hirose K & Maruyama S

(2001) Metamorphic Effect on Carbon Isotopic Composition of Graphite from ca. 3.8 Ga Metasediments, Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland
Ueno Y, Maruyama S, Yurimoto H, Yoshioka H & Komiya T

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