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All abstracts by Joel E. Kostka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Controls of Microbial Nitrate/Nitrite Respiration in Polar Marine Sediments and Implications for Global Climate Change
Canion A & Kostka J

(2013) Metagenomic Insights into the Response of Indigenous Microbial Communities in Beach Sands to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Kostka J, Rodriguez-R LM, Overholt W, Lin X, Marks K, Konstantinidis K & Huettel M

(2013) Analytical Chemistry, Natural Organic Matter and Climate Change: Linking Chemical Signatures and Microbial Communities that Affect Carbon Cycling in Northern Peatlands
Cooper W, Tfaily M, Chanton J, Lin X, Chanton P, Steinweg J, Schadt C & Kostka J

(2012) Psychrophiles at the Seafloor: Temperature Response of the Microbial N Cycle in Arctic Fjord Sediments
Canion A, Kostka J & Chanton P

(2011) Penetration, Accumulation and Degradation of Deepwater Horizon Oil in Florida Sandy Beaches
Huettel M, Kostka J, Prakash O, Overholt W, Green S, Freyer G, Canion A, Delgardio J & Norton N

(2011) Extensive Denitrification in the Subsurface of the Oak Ridge Site, Tennessee
Horita J, Conrad M, Yoshida N, Bill M, Kostka J, Watson D, Brooks S & Jardine P

(2010) Changes in Microbial Community Structure and Activity during Amendment with Long-Term Electron Donor Sources for Bioreduction of Groundwater Contaminants
Gihring T, Schadt C, Zhang G, Yang Z, Carroll S, Lowe K, Mehlhorn T, Jardine P, Watson D, Brooks S, Wu W, Kostka J, Overholt W, Green S, Zhou J, Zhang P & Von Nostrand J

(2010) Organic Matter Degradation and Nutrient Remobilization in Permeable Coastal Sands
Huettel M, Chipman L, Podgorski D, Green S, Magen C, Niggemann J, Ziervogel K, Arnosti C, Berg P, Cooper W, Dittmar T, Kostka J & Hallas K

(2009) Identification of Active Microbial Communities Linked to Bioremediation and Natural Attenuation of Radionuclides and Heavy Metals in Contaminated Aquifers
Akob D, Burkhardt E-M, Sitte J, Kerkhof L, Küsel K, Watson D, Palumbo A & Kostka J

(2009) Mobilization of Toxic Metals Linked to Microbial Fe(III)-Reduction in Contaminated Creek Soils
Burkhardt E-M, Bischoff S, Akob DM, Kostka JE & Küsel K

(2009) Subsurface Microbial Community Structure Correlates with Uranium Redox Phases during in situ Field Manipulation in a Contaminated Aquifer
Kostka JE, Green S, Overholt W, Wu W-M, Criddle C, Watson D & Jardine P

(2009) Ecology of Fe(III)-reducing Prokaryotes that Catalyze Critical Geobiological Processes in Sedimentary Ecosystems
Kostka JE

(2003) Determination of Iron and Sulfur Cycling Rates in Bioturbated Saltmarsh Sediments with Multicomponent Inverse Modeling
Furukawa Y, Smith A & Kostka J

(2002) Multicomponent Inverse Modelling in Aquatic Sediments
Furukawa Y, Kostka J & Smith A

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