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All abstracts by Jana Kotková in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Character and Timing of Mantle Metasomatism in Orogenic Settings: Trace-Element Zonation and U-Pb Dating of Garnet
Kotkova J, Copjakova R, Millonig LJ, Marschall H & Gerdes A

(2020) Crust-Mantle Interactions in a Hot Subduction Zone: Geochemical and Stable Isotope Evidence
Kotková J & Čopjaková R

(2019) Kimberlite-Like Melts Trapped in Mantle Wedge Peridotites in Subduction Setting
Kotková J, Čopjaková R & Acosta-Vigil A

(2019) Character and Evolution of Fluids Metasomatizing Mantle Wedge: Insight from Minerals in Multiphase Solid Inclusions
Copjakova R & Kotkova J

(2017) Evaluating the Extent of Cr(VI) Reduction in Polluted Groundwater: Toward Better δ53Cr Fingerprinting of Sources
Novak M, Sebek O, Andronikov A, Kotkova J, Chrastny V, Prechova E, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Stepanova M, Farkas J, Martinkova E & Kram P

(2017) UHP-Uht Melting and Diamond Formation
Kotkova J, Fedortchouk Y, Wirth R, Whitehouse M & Jakubová P

(2015) From What Media Were North Bohemian Microdiamonds Formed?
Kotkova J, Wirth R, Fedortchouk Y, Whitehouse M & Jakubova P

(2011) Discovery of Diamond and Coesite in Bohemian Granulites
Kotková J, O'Brien PJ & Ziemann MA

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