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All abstracts by István Kovács in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Pargasite in Fluid Inclusions of Mantle Xenoliths from Northeast Australia (Mt. Quincan): Sign of Interaction of Astenospheric Fluid
Berkesi M, Czuppon G, Szabó C, Kovács I, Ferrero S, Pfeiffert C & Boiron M-C

(2016) Effect of Iron and Trivalent Cations on OH-Defects in Olivine
Blanchard M, Ingrin J, Balan E, Kovács I & Withers A

(2015) Results of Caprock and Reservoir Studies in the Mihályi-Répcelak Area, Western Hungary
Király C, Szamosfalvi Á, Sendula E, Kovács I, Kónya P, Szabó C & Falus G

(2015) Experimental Study of the CO2 Saturated Water – Clay System at 70-180 Bars and 80-100℃
Sendula E, Páles M, Kovács I, Udvardi B, Kónya P, Besnyi A, Freiler Á, Péter Szabó B, Király C, Székely E, Szabó C & Falus G

(2015) Insight into the Evolution of Lithosphere beneath Pannonian Basin Through Studying H2O Content in NAMs from Füzes-Tó Upper Mantle Xenoliths (Hungary)
Pintér Z, Kovács I & Szabó C

(2015) Very Dry Lower Crust beneath the Central Part of the Carpathian-Pannonian Region: The Role of Miocene Extension Induced Melting
Kovács I, Németh B, Török K, Dégi J & Fancsik T

(2015) Effect of Fe on the Nature of OH-Defects in Olivine
Ingrin J, Blanchard M, Balan E & Kovács I

(2015) 'Water' in Quartz from Various Rhyolitic Pyroclastic Horizons: A New Correlation Tool?
Biró T, Kovács I, Király E, Falus G, Karátson D, Bendő Z, Fancsik T & Sándorné Kovács J

(2013) Geochemistry and Crystal Preferred Orientation of Upper Mantle Peridotite Xenoliths from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)
Liptai N, Patkó L, Aradi L, Szabó C, Kovács I, Hidas K, Falus G, Vaselli O, Tommasi A & Barou F

(2013) Insights into a Volatile Rich Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle: Lherzolithe Xenoliths from the Cameroon Volcanic Line, Africa
Pintér Z, Kovács I, Konc Z, Berkesi M, Szabó C, Perucchi A & Patkó L

(2013) Predicting the Depth of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary from Surface Heat Flow in the Carpathian-Pannonian Region: The Role of Pargasitic Amphibole
Lenkey L, Kovács I, Orosz L, Angyal J & Vikor Z

(2013) Integrated Geological and Geophysical Probing of Lithospheric Dynamics in a Young Extensional Basin (Carpathian-Pannonian Region)
Kovács I, Falus G, Szabó C, Kiss J, Fancsik T, Hegedűs E & Pintér Z

(2013) Evolution of the Lower Crust in the Point of View of Fluid-Rock Interaction Under the Bakony-Balaton Highland Volcanic Field
Németh B, Török K, Kovács I & Szabó C

(2011) A New Methodology to Experimentally Determine Water Incorporation into Upper Mantle Olivine and Pyroxene
Kovacs I, Green D, Rosenthal A, Hermann J, O'Neill H, Hibberson W & Udvardi B

(2009) O-H Absorption Coefficients of Four Common Mechanisms for Water Substitution in Olivine
Kovacs I, O'Neill H, Hermann J & Hauri E

(2009) Water in Xenoliths from the Lithospheric Mantle of the Carpathian-Pannonian Region: Implications for a Subduction Imprint?
Falus G, Kovács I, Hidas K & Szabó C

(2007) Melt/wallrock Interaction Shown by Silicate Melt Inclusions in Peridotite Xenoliths from Pannonian Basin
Hidas K, Szabó C, Guzmics T, Bali E, Zajacz Z & Kovács I

(2006) Water solubility in forsterite and enstatite: implications for the secular evolution of mantle convection
Kovacs I, Hermann J & O`Neill H

(2004) Petrogenesis of Cumulate Xenoliths from Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field: Results from Olivine Hosted Melt Inclusions
Zajacz Z, Kovács I, Szabó C, Halter W & Pettke T

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