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All abstracts by Piotr Kowalski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Kinetics of 226Ra Incorporation into (Ba, Ra)SO4 Solid Solutions
Rudin S, Kowalski P, Klinkenberg M, Bornhake T, Bosbach D & Brandt F

(2022) Crystal Growth of the Barite (001)-Surface in Aqueous Solution via a Hybrid DFT- Continuum Solvation Approach
Rudin S, Kowalski P, Klinkenberg M, Bosbach D & Brandt F

(2021) Predicting the Thermal Conductivity of Pyrochlore and Defect Fluorite Nuclear Waste Forms Using Experimental Data and Density Functional Theory Simulations
Connor TML, Kowalski P & Finkeldei SC

(2020) Insights into the Fabrication and Structure of Plutonium Pyrochlores as Nuclear Waste Form
Finkeldei S, Stennett M, Kowalski P, Hyatt N, Bosbach D & Brandt F

(2020) From Repository Condition Behaviour to Advanced Functional Material Design: New Insights into the Reactivity of IO3-
Murphy G, Kegler P, Kowalski P, Wang Y & Wang S

(2019) Deep Geological Disposal of Used Nuclear Fuel: Studies on Irradiated MOX and Related Model Systems
Bosbach D, Kegler P, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Alekseev E, Kowalski P, Vinograd V, Verwerft M, Mennecart T & Lemmens K

(2016) Recovery or Reuse of Metals from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Residues
Michalik M, Kasina M, Kowalski PR & Wilczy┼äska-Michalik W

(2016) Influence of Metallic Fragments Magnetic Separation on the MSWI Bottom Ash Chemical Composition
Kowalski P, Kasina M & Michalik M

(2016) Municipal Sewage Slude Incineration Residues as a Source of Valuable Elements or Products of Environmental Concerns
Kasina M, Kowalski PR & Michalik M

(2016) Reliable Atomistic Modeling of Monazite and Pyrochlore Ceramics as Matrices for Immobilization of Nuclear Waste
Kowalski P, Li Y, Beridze G, Ji Y, Finkeldei S, Kegler P, Neumeier S, Vinograd V, Arinicheva Y & Bosbach D

(2016) Pyrochlore Disorder: A Combined Experimental and Atomistic Simulation Study
Finkeldei S, Kowalski P, Kegler P, Brandt F, Vinograd V, Shelyug A, Navrotsky A & Bosbach D

(2013) Characteristics of Metal Bearing Phases in MSWI Residues from Poland
Kowalski P & Michalik M

(2011) Computation of Li Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation between Minerals and Aqueous Solution
Kowalski P & Jahn S

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