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All abstracts by Jan Dirk Kramers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Detrital Zircon Age Populations and Provenance of the Cape- Karoo Succession in South Africa and Correlatives in Argentina
Vorster C, Kramers J, Beukes N & Van Niekerk H

(2009) Mantle and Crustal Helium in Ancient Mafic Rocks: Components, Sites and Mobilities
Tolstikhin I, Kamensky I, Tarakanov S, Kramers J, Pekala M, Skiba V & Gannibal M

(2009) Lessons from Failed Experiments on the U-Pb Dating of Fossils
Kramers J, Berger L, Rubidge B & Titschack J

(2008) Two High Resolution Snap Shots of Pleistocene Climate Change from U-Pb Dated South Africa Speleothems
Pickering R, Göktürk O, Kramers J, Steininger C, Fleitmann D & Badertscher S

(2007) Massive H2S Release to Surface Waters at the Precambrian-Cambrian (PC-C) Boundary: Evidence from Mo Isotopes
Wille M, Nägler TF, Schröder S, Lehmann B & Kramers JD

(2007) Climate Changes and Volcanic Signals during the Bronze Age: A Stalagmite Record
Siklosy Z, Demeny A, Vennemann TW, Hegner E, Kramers J & Leel-Ossy S

(2007) A c. 4.3 Ga U-Pb Age from Lunar Meteorite SaU169 and the Chondritic Sm/Nd of the Moon
Kramers J, Gnos E, Hofmann B & Al-Kathiri M

(2006) the strangest Hadean world
Kramers JD

(2006) Terrestrial Xe isotope systematics and the missing Xe problem can be resolved in a model of Giant Impact-related atmosphere loss
Kramers JD & Tolstikhin IN

(2006) Evidence for a gradual rise of oxygen between 2.6 and 2.5 Ga from Mo isotopes and Re-PGE signatures
Wille M, Kramers JD, Nägler TF, Beukes NJ, Meisel T, Voegelin AR, Schröder S & Lacassie JP

(2006) U-Pb dating of speleothems from Sterkfontein Cave, South Africa
Pickering R, Kramers JD, Partridge TC & Venneman TM

(2006) Mobility of long-lived U-series radionuclides at an interface between claystone hosting old reducing pore water and an aquifer carrying young meteoric water
Pekala M, Kramers J & Waber N

(2005) Uranium Series Disequilibrium in the Opalinus Clay – A Way to Assess the Effective Diffusion Coefficient for U-234
Pekala M, Kramers J & Waber N

(2004) Formation of D” Reservoir during Late Stages of Earth`s Accretion: Multi-Isotope-Systematic Geochemical Modelling
Tolstikhin I, Kramers J & Hofmann A

(2004) High Hf- and Nd-Initials: Early Differentiation in Crust and Mantle or Metamorphic Overprint?
Kleinhanns I, Naegler T & Kramers J

(2004) Mo Isotope Fractionation in the Marine Environment: Theoretical Considerations
Wille M, Nägler T & Kramers J

(2004) Was Hades Hot or Cold?
Kramers J

(2004) A Ghost Haunts Mass Spectrometry: Real Isotope Fractionation or Analytical Paradox?
Hippler D, Villa I, Nägler T & Kramers J

(2002) The Oceanic Mo Cycle over the Past 60Ma
Siebert C, N‰gler TF, von Blanckenburg F & Kramers JD

(2002) Sr Isotope Systematics in Two Glaciated Crystalline Catchments in the Swiss Alps
Arn K, Hosein R, Fˆllmi KB, Steinmann P, Kramers J & Aubert D

(2002) Re-Os Systematics of Archean Spherule Layers from the Barberton Greenstone Belt
Morel P, Byerly GR, Lowe DR & Kramers JD

(2002) What Controls Metamorphic De-Coupling of Lu-Hf from Sm-Nd?
Seth B, Meisel T, Kleinhanns IC, Kramers JD & Villa IM

(2002) H2O in the Mantle Drives Secular Change in Continetal Petrology
Kleinhanns I, Kramers J & Kamber B

(2002) Volatile Element Abundances Point to a H2O Ocean on Earth at > 4.4 Ga
Kramers JD

(2000) Natural Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation Determined by Double-Spike MC-ICP-MS Mo Isotope Ratio Measurements
Siebert C, Nagler TF & Kramers J

(2000) High Precision Re-Os Isotope Determinations of Natural Rock and Mineral Samples Using Multicollector ICP-MS
Schoenberg R, Nagler TF & Kramers J

(2000) Early Earth Evolution: Constraints from Combined Siderophile Element and Noble Gas Modeling
Kramers J & Tolstikhin I

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