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All abstracts by Stepan Krasheninnikov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) The Fe-Loop Experiments Provide New Constraints for the Olivine-Melt Fe2+-Mg Partitioning Model Improvement
Krasheninnikov S, Borisov A, Koshlyakova A, Batanova VG & Sobolev AV

(2021) EPMA Analyses of Olivine Near the Boundary with a Basaltic Glass – The Secondary Fluorescence Effect Quantification
Gavrilenko M, Batanova VG, Krasheninnikov S & Sobolev AV

(2018) Deep Mantle H2O Recycling at 3.3 Ga?
Sobolev A, Asafov E, Gurenko A, Arndt N, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schönberg D, Krasheninnikov S, Wilson A & Byerly G

(2017) The Influence of Potassium on Nickel Partitioning between Olivine and Silicate Melt
Koshlyakova A, Sobolev A, Krasheninnikov S, Batanova V & Borisov A

(2017) Water in the 2.7 Ga Belingwe Komatiite Magma Inferred from the Melt Inclusions in Olivine
Asafov E, Sobolev A, Gurenko A, Arndt N, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schonberg D & Krasheninnikov S

(2017) New Experiments and Komatiites Vindicate Nickel in Magmatic Olivine as a Monitor of Mantle Lithology
Sobolev A, Hofmann A, Krasheninnikov S, Batanova V, Asafov E, Arndt N, Koshlyakova A & Borisov A

(2016) A Hydrous Mantle Reservoir in the Paleoarchean?
Asafov E, Sobolev A, Gurenko A, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schönberg D, Krasheninnikov S, Wilson A & Byerly G

(2016) Evidence for Neoarchean Hydrous Deep-Mantle Reservoir Provided by Abitibi Komatiites
Sobolev A, Asafov E, Gurenko A, Arndt N, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schoenberg D & Krasheninnikov S

(2011) Parental Melts of Avachinsky Volcano (Kamchatka) Recorded in Melt Inclusions
Krasheninnikov S & Portnyagin M

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