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All abstracts by Joachim Krause in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All: Diversity of Critical Elements Distribution in Sphalerite at the Nanoscale
Fougerouse D, Cugerone A, Luo K, Krause J, Reddy SM, Saxey DW & Rickard WDA

(2023) Mineralogical and Isotopic Investigations of the 2019 Stromboli Paroxysm
Renggli CJ, Krause J, Genske F, Gilbricht S, Gattuso A, Berndt J & Giuffrida G

(2019) 2.05 Ga A1-type Felsic to Intermediate Igneous Suite and Related Nb-Zr-Ree Mineralization at Otanmäki, Central Finland
Kärenlampi K, Hanski E, Kontinen A, Huhma H, Krause J, Heinig T & Lahaye Y

(2019) Nanoscale Compositional Segregation in Complex In-Bearing Sulfides
Krause J, Reddy SM, Rickard WDA, Saxey DW, Fougerouse D, Bauer ME, Seifert T & Gutzmer J

(2017) Efficient Search for Accessory Phases and Chemical Characterisation of Major Rock Forming Minerals for Petrologic Applications by Combining Electron Probe Microanalysis and SEM Automated Mineralogy
Krause J & Schulz B

(2017) Indium-Bearing Sulphides from the Hämmerlein Polymetallic Skarn Deposit, Germany – Evidence for Late Stage Diffusion of Indium into Sphalerite
Bauer ME, Seifert T, Krause J, Burisch M, Richter N & Gutzmer J

(2015) Distinguishing Magmatic and Metamorphic Processes in the Norra Kärr Alkaline Complex, Southern Sweden
Atanasova P, Marks M, Krause J, Markl G & Gutzmer J

(2015) Identification and Quantification of PGMs by Combining MLA and EPMA with a New Approach to the Offline Overlap Correction of Major and Trace PGE Concentrations
Osbahr I, Krause J, Bachmann K & Gutzmer J

(2015) Challenges and Solutions on the Major and Trace Element Analysis of Eudialyte Group Minerals with the Electron Microprobe
Krause J, Atanasova P, Möckel R, Osbahr I, Rudolph M & Gutzmer J

(2011) Composition of Hippopotamid Enamel: Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction and Enamel Formation
Brügmann G, Krause J, Brachert T, Kulmer O & Ssemmanda I

(2007) Sr-Isotopes and Trace Elements in Feldspar and Clinopyroxene: Tracer of Magma Mixing in Gabbros from Uralian-Alaskan-Type Complexes in the Ural Mountains, Russia
Krause J, Brügmann G & Pushkarev E

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