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All abstracts by Bohdan Kříbek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Quantitative Mineralogy of Mining- and Smelter-Derived Particles in Contaminated Soils
Tuhý M, Ettler V, Hrstka T, Mihaljevič M, Kříbek B & Mapani B

(2019) Critical Elements and Emerging Contaminants in Smelting Slags from Northern Namibia
Ettler V, Mihaljevic M, Jedlicka R, Kribek B, Mapani B & Kamona F

(2018) Assessment of the Impact of Ore Processing in the Kabwe Area to the Environment and Human Health
Kříbek B, Knésl I, Majer V, Nyambe I, Mihaljevič M, Ettler V & Sracek O

(2017) Bioextraction, Isotope Composition, and Water Leaching of Cu and Zn from a Burnt Coal Waste Pile: The Novátor Mine, Czech Republic
Kříbek B, Míková J, Knésl I & Sýkorová I

(2017) Fate of Smelter Particulates in Soils
Ettler V, Jarosikova A, Mihaljevic M, Kribek B, Veselovsky F, Penizek V, Vanek A, Sracek O & Matousek T

(2015) Contaminant Bioaccessibility from Dusts in Mining and Smelting Districts of Namibia
Ettler V, Mihaljevic M, Kribek B, Sebek O, Vanek A, Penizek V, Sracek O, Kamona F & Mapani B

(2015) Using Soils and Geochemical Archives to Understand Spatial and Temporal Distribution Patterns of Metal(loid)s Near Metal Smelters
Ettler V, Mihaljevic M, Kribek B, Sebek O, Vanek A, Penizek V, Sracek O, Nyambe I & Mapani B

(2014) Metals and Arsenic in Cassava in the Zambian Copperbelt Mining District: Potential Hazard Linked with their Intake by Human Being
Kribek B, Knésl I, Mihaljevič M, Ettler V & Sracek O

(2013) Dusts from Metal Smelters in Africa: Mineralogy, Leaching and Contaminant Bioaccessibility
Ettler V, Vitkova M, Mihaljevic M & Kribek B

(2013) Copper and Lead Isotope Ratios as Tracers of Soils Pollution from the Kombat Mining Area, Namibia
Mihaljevic M, Ettler V, Kribek B, Chrastny V, Vanek A & Penizek V

(2011) Paleoenvironmental Evolution of the Lower Miocene Organic Clays (the Sokolov Basin, Eger Graben, Czech Republic): Anorganic Proxies
Knesl I, Kribek B, Martinek K, Rojik P & Francu J

(2011) Heavy Minerals in the Kafue River Sediments, Copperbelt Mining District, Zambia: Indicators of Industrial Contamination
Kribek B, Veselovsky F, Malec J, Knesl I, Sracek O, Mihaljevic M & Ettler V

(2011) Dust from Copper Smelters in the Zambian Copperbelt
Vitkova M, Ettler V, Veselovsky F, Kribek B & Sebek O

(2011) Molecular Fossils and Organic Proxies Evidencing the Facial Evolution of the Lower Miocene Sokolov Basin, Eger Graben
Francu J, Mácová D, Sýkorová I, Havelcová M, Kribek B, Martínek K & Rojík P

(2010) Soil Contamination and Health Risks Associated with Former Smelting of Pb – Zn Ores at Kabwe, Zambia
Kribek B, Majer V, Knesl I, Mihaljevic M, Ettler V & Sracek O

(2009) Chemical and Mineralogical Investigation of Smelting Slags from the Copperbelt District, Zambia
Vítková M, Ettler V, Šebek O, Mihaljevič M & Kříbek B

(2007) Organometallic Complexes from Ni-Mo-Pge Black Shales in South China – Combination of Bioactivities, Hydrothermal Venting and Phosphate Deposition during Global Cambrian Biological Explosion
Pašava J, Sklodowska A, Vymazalová A, Biernat A, Kribek B & Orberger B

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