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All abstracts by Alfred Kröner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Fluid Induced Formation of Garnet Coronas Around Scapolite: A Petrological, Geochemical and Mass-Balance Approach
Sommer H, Jacob D & Kröner A

(2019) A 3.2 Ga Hotspot in the Kaapvaal Craton? Evidence from High-Temperature Magmatism and Extremely 18O-Depleted Metamorphism
Wang H, Yang J-H & Kröner A

(2019) Re-Os and PGE Systematics of 3.46 Ga Meta-Komatiites from the Dwalile Greenstone Remnant, Swaziland
Hoffmann JE, Gans P & Kröner A

(2018) An Abrupt Increase of Oxygen Isotopes at ca. 3230 Ma in Archean TTGs from the Barberton Granite-Greenstone Terrane, South Africa
Wang X, Wang D, Kröner A, Xia X & Li J

(2017) A Comprehensive Formation Model of the Lower Onverwacht Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt
Hoffmann JE, Schneider KP, Münker C, Sprung P, Patyniak M & Kröner A

(2017) Reworking of Enriched 142Nd Signatures in Early Archean Crustal Rocks from the Eastern Kaapvaal Craton (South Africa)
Schneider KP, Hoffmann JE, Boyet M, Münker C & Kröner A

(2015) Alternative Ways to Produce TTGs: Insights from the 3.43-3.48 Ga Tsawela Gneisses, Ancient Gneiss Complex (Swaziland)
Hoffmann JE & Kröner A

(2015) Zircon Inheritance in a Young Intra-Oceanic Arc System: The Southern Lesser Antilles Arc
Rojas-Agramonte Y, Kröner A, García-Casco A, Buhre S & Wong J

(2015) A Felsic Basement beneath the Barberton Greenstone Belt? – Constraints from Hf-Nd Isotope and Trace Element Data
Schneider KP, Hoffmann JE, Münker C & Kröner A

(2014) Differences in the Composition of Ancient Gneiss Complexes – A Matter of Crustal Level?
Hoffmann JE & Kröner A

(2007) Records of A-Type and I-Type Plutonism from the Northern Aravalli Craton, NW India: Age, Petrogenesis and Regional Tectonic Implications
Kaur P, Chaudhri N, Raczek I, Kröner A, Okrusch M & Hofmann AW

(2007) Zircon M257 – A New Standard for SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology
Nasdala L, Hofmeister W, Mattinson J, Dörr W, Corfu F, Reiners P, Kronz A, Norberg N & Kröner A

(2002) Melt-Host Rock Interaction and Zircon Growth during High Grade Metamorphism
Möller A, O'Brien PJ, Hellebrand E, Mocek B & Kröner A

(2000) Tracing Ancient Mantle Sources: Origin of Gabbros and Peridotites from the ATC Ophiolite in Central Asia – Petrological, Trace Element and Isotopic Constraints
Pfänder J, Jochum KP, Todt W & Kröner A

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